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Excellent work, Kiria. Thank you for faithfully serving under me, nya! Princess is the happiest in all of 4 Goddesses Online
— †‎Black Cat Princess†‎

†‎Black Cat Princess†‎ is a player participating in the beta test of 4 Goddesses Online.

Her last guild recently collapsed because of her. It's for this reason that the only one currently following her is Kiria. [2]



Human Form

†‎Black Cat Princess†‎ has light mauve eyes and long, off-white hair worn in twin-tails held by black ribbon. Her choppy bangs and forelocks frame her face. She also has black cat ears and a tail, and she wears a pink and gold crown with black detail. Her attire consists of a black mini-dress with a bodice and white chest that has black string laced through the center of ruffled strips. The white frilly petticoat to match those sticking out of the bell sleeves, the tiny bow beneath the shoulder, and scalloped collar lining. There is gold designs all over the dress, and at the center of the navel is a white ribbon with long ruffled tails that wrap around the skirt. At the middle of the neck is a gold cross with a pink gem and two frilly white to pink gradient pieces of fabric. Her black boots with gold designs and a white cuff.

Cheetah Form

Cheetah has a tall bipedal cheetah body. She wears a black skintight clothing that covers the arms but not the palms of her paws, majority of the legs but the sides of her knees and sides of her body . The clothing has a large collar which is cyan on the inside. On the back of Cheetah is a device with blue segmented hexagonal patterns. Cheetah also wears a metallic futuristic belt which holds some other rectangular devices. She wears ankle high dark boots with metallic heals and soles.


Those around her find her absolutely adorable and love her very much... but that is all very superficial. Her true nature is caustic and cunning. She loves herself and is fully aware of the kinds of characters that are easily loved by others. Since she's always surrounded by strong groups in any games she's in, she's never had to work very hard until now. Despite this, however, she's actually a very capable and strong gamer.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In Logi Mountain, †Black Cat Princess† and Kiria sees Neptune fall down from a cliff. †Black Cat Princess† thinks Neptune has bad gaming skills. Kiria says she won't catch anyone but †Black Cat Princess† as she is the angel that fell to her side.

In Yiear Forest, †Black Cat Princess† and Kiria are trying to get the second Sacred Treasure. Black Cat Princess† notices a group of players and wonders if they have seen there before. Kiria thinks so but tells her to pay them no mind.

One of the players. She thinks it is impressive that they made it this far with just 2 people. Kiria cuts her off stating there is no time for her and urges †Black Cat Princess† to go ahead. †Black Cat Princess† knows it is dangerous but relies on Kiria's protection. Kiria promises to wash away her sadness and take her pain. The two leave. The two defeat the boss, obtain the Sacred Treasure and wait for the group of players.

They arrive and †Black Cat Princess† notes they took their sweet time. Another one of the players thought they were lucky and passed the couple but they got here first. Kiria brags that they didn't just get here first, the two of them defeated the boss and they have the Sacred Treasure as proof. †Black Cat Princess† thanks Kiria for her hard work and making her happy. She wants to reward her for her faithful service and asks what she wants.

As her faithful servant, Kiria says her words eternally reward her soul. †Black Cat Princess† just loves how Kiria is. Kiria promises to be with †Black Cat Princess† forever. Another one of the players wonders what business the princess and her knight has with them. Kiria has no business with them other than bragging and laughs. †Black Cat Princess† wants to go back to shop. Kiria apologizes for boring her and asks to be her escort back. †Black Cat Princess† agrees.

In Wishuel, †Black Cat Princess† approaches Noire and asks for a moment of her time. Noire remembers her from the dungeon earlier. †Black Cat Princess† is happy that Noire remembers. She knows this is sudden but she has a request. Noire wonders what it is. †Black Cat Princess† tells her it really doesn't matter and is super trivial but she asks that Noire stop wearing twin pigtails. Noire is flabbergasted. †Black Cat Princess† thinks Noire did not hear that so she repeats herself slowly so Noire clarifies that she heard her the first time and does not understand why she would ask that.

†Black Cat Princess† admits she got ahead of herself. She explains that twin pigtails are reserved for heroines or princesses. †Black Cat Princess† herself already has twin pigtails and they really only need one person on this server with twin pigtails. She asks Noire to remove her hairstyle and bows. Noire is not going for that look. Besides everyone is free to design their character as they please. There is no rule. †Black Cat Princess† understands this as Noire won't do what she wants. She complains that they already have similar color schemes in their outfits and begins to cry. Noire tells her she has somewhere important to be and takes off.

†Black Cat Princess† asks her to wait and wonders why she won't listen to her request. She is sad. Kiria runs into her and is happy to see her before noticing that †Black Cat Princess† is crying. She asks her what happened and to hold her head high as such a look does not suit her. †Black Cat Princess† explains that she had a small request that was ignored and the person that they were requesting was cold. Kiria gets upset that anyone would not listen to her princess. She gets angry that anyone would harass her princess.

†Black Cat Princess† tells her there is no need to blame anyone. She is fine. Kiria thinks the princess is being very gallant. She will follow her for as long as she lives. †Black Cat Princess† thanks Kiria.

In Oneiro Corridor, the couple is seeking the third Sacred Treasure. Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† notices the group of 8 players in the distance. Neptune decides to greet them and notes that they havent't introduced themselves yet. Neptune introduces herself but she realizes that it doesn't matter as players can see each other screens. Neptune reads Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†'s name. She praises them for being sweet names. Vert tells Neptune that the symbols in the princess' name are not crosses but daggers. They are only decorations so Neptune does not need to pronounce them. Neptune still likes how cute the crosses are and overall it shouldn't matter.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad that Neptune understands her naming sense. Kiria notices that the 8 players uses the name of the Goddesses of Gamindustri. †Black Cat Princess† also notices that their appearances are the same. She asks if they are impersonating them. The four Goddesses decide to discuss this between themselves.

†Black Cat Princess† is amused that the 8 even imitates the way the Goddesses talk but she notes they need more research to roleplay as them. For example, the real Lady Neptune is much squishier and cuter. Neptune wonders if she be offended by that statement. At least she is cute. Noire guesses that could be the case but she did call Neptune a cheap knock off. Neptune gets upset as she is the real one. Kiria tells them dressing up is fine but warns them not impersonate as the Goddesses.

Besides the other Goddesses are completely different. †Black Cat Princess† thinks that the real Lady Blanc has a flatter chest. Blanc gets annoyed by that. Kiria thinks the real Lady Noire would have more aura and the one in front of her is just a cheap cosplay. Noire is shocked that she would mention cosplay but asks the couple ever saw any of the real Goddesses in person or are they just big talk. Kiria admits that she saw her in a national event in the distance only.

Kiria apologizes but asks CPU to let the two of them to go. They are a bit busy. Vert stops them and purposes that they work together to clear this game together. The other Goddesses favor this alliance. Kiria thinks this is a foolish question as she has no intention of wielding this sword for anyone but the princess. †Black Cat Princess† finds this a wonderful suggestion. Kiria is shocked. †Black Cat Princess† explains that she is a sickly girl at birth who can't do anything without other's help. In addition, CPU does look strong especially Vert the Enchanter. †Black Cat Princess† wants to be her younger sister. Vert is shocked. †Black Cat Princess† tells her she will be admiring her from the shadows so if she could look out for her...

Vert tells †Black Cat Princess† this is a little too sudden. †Black Cat Princess† implores Vert. Vert protests as being an older sister is different from being just sisters. †Black Cat Princess† pleads with Vert not to say such terrible things. She wants Vert to spoil her like a real younger sister. Kiria voices her firm disapproval against this and brings up the fact that she promised to protect her.

†Black Cat Princess† thinks its fine as in the previous game, they were in a guild that held a lot of members surrounding her. †Black Cat Princess† admits it was dissolved in the end but still Kiria was a member of that guild so what is Kiria really saying. Kiria tries to saying something but †Black Cat Princess† deduces that Kiria is jealous and finds her adorable. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that she acts like an angel but agitates her heart like a devil. Kiria admits that she wants to monopolize the princess for herself, she will go through fire and to the limits for her affection. †Black Cat Princess† understands the problem of being so loved. It caused their previous guild to come crashing and now it makes Kiria burn with jealousy. †Black Cat Princess† admits that she is a sinful woman.

†Black Cat Princess† admits it can't be helped and understands how Kiria feels so for today, she agrees to her request. Kiria is glad that she won't be giving up her role as the princess' herald. †Black Cat Princess† apologizes to Vert for today and asks for attention the next time they meet. Vert understands.

Nepgear and Uni go up to Kiria and show an interest in her weapon. They praise her so Kiria wants to demonstrate her combat style to them. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria there is no need to accommodate them so much. Kiria apologizes as she can't help herself. They have stayed for too long and they must hurry to the boss as soon as possible. Uni is sad as she wanted to look at the sword longer. Kiria says she will save it for next time, she can't give up the position at the very top after all. †Black Cat Princess† says her goodbyes to everyone and the two leave.

At the end of the dungeon, †Black Cat Princess† wonders why her attacks work on the boss. Kiria tells the princess she will hold the boss of and she should escape. †Black Cat Princess† can't possibly abandon her. Kiria tells the princess she won't be able to forgive herself if the princess were to fall. †Black Cat Princess† guesses it is okay to leave.

The 8 players arrive and Neptune calls for them and wonders if they are okay. Neptune tells they will take it from here and asks them to stand back. Kiria does not want them to steal their kill as they already weakened it significantly. †Black Cat Princess† agrees even if its them, she cannot allow them to take this from them. Vert assures them that they would never steal a kill. At this rate, the two of them would pass out. Wouldn't it be advantageous for them to work together. †Black Cat Princess† still can't accept this. The larger the group, the less experience there is to go around.

Noire understands and CPU will sit out. She asks them to hurry and do something about the boss before it knocks them out. †Black Cat Princess† does not know what to say to that. Kiria understands the situation and will swallow her pride and urges the princess to borrow CPU's strength. †Black Cat Princess† admits it is unavoidable but still wants to have the final blow. Kiria swears on her love for the princess that she'll... Neptune urges CPU to Nep the boss up.

Grr.. To need help from those 8

The 8 players defeats the boss and everyone acquires the Moonstone Hairpin. Ram is glad they were first this time. Neptune reports that if there are 10 people in first place then that means the next person is 11th. Blanc wonders who is counting. †Black Cat Princess† is upset that even the final strike was taken from them. Kiria apologizes but that just angers †Black Cat Princess† even further. She lashes out at Kiria and accuses CPU of gloating therefore being horrible people before leaving. Kiria follows after her. Neptune wonders why they are leaving so soon. She was hoping to a victory toast together.

†Black Cat Princess† and Kiria are taking their leave from the ruins. †Black Cat Princess† is supposed to be the world's heroine so how could she lose to such two-bit players. This is so annoying. Kiria asks her to calm her anger as such an expression does not suit her lovely face. †Black Cat Princess† already knows that she is beautiful and she will not stand the fact that they are behind others.

Kiria praises her for being a supreme existence. She promises that she will obtain the treasure first and offer it to the princess. Kiria knows the princess' face is hidden in this sadness and she will cause her smile to bloom. †Black Cat Princess† says Kiria can say that but those 8 players have grown way stronger since they first met. Kiria says that she has taken this into account but they have also grown at the same pace. Before Kiria can continue, she notices someone watching them.

The mysterious person appears and is glad that the two of them are so energetic. †Black Cat Princess† wonders what this mysterious person wants. The mysterious person explains that they overheard them and as a gesture of good will, they thought they would show them a handy tool. Kiria tells the mysterious person to get out of here, there is no way the two of them would lend their ear to such a suspicious offer. †Black Cat Princess† asks Kiria to wait and tells the mysterious person, she doesn't know what this is all about but her attention is piqued. Kiria calls out to the princess. †Black Cat Princess† tells the mysterious person that if this isn't a stupid joke, she wants to see the tool then they will talk.

Some time later, †Black Cat Princess† arrives in Wishuel. Kiria is surprised the princess has returned so early. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria she finished her errands early. She came to see Kiria's face but the princess notices the woman and asks Kiria who she is. †Black Cat Princess† finds her cute and wonders if she is a friend of her. Kiria tells her she is not, she is a stranger that thought Kiria was someone else. †Black Cat Princess† wonders if that really is the case. Kiria grabs the princess' hand and urges her to go hunting with her in a high level place where beginners cannot bother them. Kiria says goodbye to the stranger she does not know. †Black Cat Princess† asks her not to pull.

In Wishuel, †Black Cat Princess† sees Uni and asks if she can talk to her. Uni tells her before asking anything, Uni has a request of her own. †Black Cat Princess† is caught off guard. Uni explains that her sister told her that the princess was bugging her and being persistent about it. Uni asks †Black Cat Princess† to stop being so annoying. Uni knows that the princess came here to say something to her but for her information, she does not have twin pigtails, she has half-up pigtails.

†Black Cat Princess† and Uni are silent. †Black Cat Princess† breaks the silent and begins trembling about how frightening this is. She hasn't said anything yet. Uni gets confused by her reaction. Kiria shows up and notes that the princess just left her side again. Still Kiria likes the mischievous side from her but... Kiria notices that the princess is crying and asks what is wrong. †Black Cat Princess† cries and tells Kiria that she is depressed. She asks Kiria to comfort her. Kiria comforts her and asks if Uni is bullying the princess. She warns Uni if she keeps that up, she will report her for harassment.

Uni gets upset and tells Kiria she has got it all wrong. Firstly, the princess started if all by bothering Noire and... †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria it is alright and decides to log off.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† are in Yiear Sea of Trees to get the Sacred Treasure. †Black Cat Princess† thinks they should try out that item. Kiria knows there is no point in asking but is she referring to *that* item. †Black Cat Princess† says that she is and wonders why she has to spell everything out for Kiria. Would she die if the princess didn't do that. Kiria wonders if it just her but the princess' language has gotten coarse.

†Black Cat Princess† feigns ignorance and coughs. She explains that her heart is constantly wavering and she is just lonely. She can't help it but rely on Kiria. Because she trusts Kiria, she can show her the real Princess. †Black Cat Princess† urges Kiria to stay by her side. Kiria would never leave the princess and hearing those words is an honor. There is no need to hide her true self, as Kiria promises to always accept her.

†Black Cat Princess† is glad and asks her to bring out that item. Kiria does so and a group of monsters appears. Kiria warns the princess to watch out. She will handle it. †Black Cat Princess† is glad a group of test subjects showed up and orders Kiria to show them how effective the item is.

Kiria uses the item to attack and is amazed by her hit count and damage. She describes the feeling as strong rapids, surging waves, destiny and power is flowing. †Black Cat Princess† thinks that is not bad. More monsters arrive. Kiria thinks they are moths attracted to a flame.

†Black Cat Princess† wants her turn to use the item. She attacks using the item. Kiria is amazed as the princess performed a triple jump, quadruple jump and triangle jump. †Black Cat Princess† wonders if she really did that. Kiria tells her she undoubtedly did. †Black Cat Princess† is impressed with the unity of her controls and her characters' movements. A tailwind is beginning to blow in their direction. †Black Cat Princess†'s ambition of being worshiped by all is near.

Later in the dungeon, Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† see the 8 players having trouble with the boss. Kiria notes that they meet again. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and remarks that they are in a pickle. Neptune recognizes Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Vert tells the couple to be careful that the boss does not wipe them out. It is a quite a difficult event.

Hahaha, we win!

Kiria laughs and cannot believe that she will be wiped out. †Black Cat Princess† also laughs. Noire gets upset as they are genuinely concerned with their safety. Kiria apologizes for being rude and tells them to sit back and watch this round. †Black Cat Princess† tells them those that stand in their way will end up like this. The two make short work of the boss.

Neptune is surprised they were able to defeat it as she thought that boss fight was unwinnable. Was all they had to do to knock that thing out was raise their level? Kiria reports that this should do it and they have obtained the Sacred Treasure. The two of them will be going on ahead. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and leaves them with a parting gift.

Later at the confessional in the Cathedral, Sister asks the next person to enter. †Black Cat Princess† enters and asks if Sister is supposed to listen while she just talks. Sister confirms this and if that will suffice... †Black Cat Princess† is unimpressed with that. She wants Sister to solve her problems. Sister confirms that she is and that is why the confessional is here. Experts say that vocalizing your problems is a great way to gain a new perspective and mitigates stress.

†Black Cat Princess† guesses she can get something out of this and relieve some stress by telling her story. Lately, her partner has been rather annoying. Before, she was cool but now it is exhausting to be around. She goes on and on about her "eyes filled with sadness" and "droopy ears". †Black Cat Princess† is annoyed as her ears don't droop.

Sister thinks her friend means this metaphorically. Her face must have looked that sad. †Black Cat Princess† thinks the Sister is pretty mouthy for someone who is supposed to just be listening. Sister explains that she is only reiterating what †Black Cat Princess† told her.

†Black Cat Princess† admits that Sister is not trying to tell her what to do. She sighs, it is true that †Black Cat Princess† would need to find someone else to replace her friend. †Black Cat Princess† realizes that losing her temper would not help her situation so she decides to stick with her partner longer. Sister agrees that †Black Cat Princess†'s haste would make waste in this situation. †Black Cat Princess† is satisfied and says her farewells and leaves.

†Black Cat Princess† and Kiria are in Yiear Sea of Trees to watch the 8 players defeat the boss and obtain the Emerald Mirror. The 8 players succeed and †Black Cat Princess† says she already knew they could do it. Neptune is happy to see the couple and notes they have not seen each other in a while but she was thinking about them here and there. Last time things got pretty messy with that monster. Neptune asks if they have been doing alright.

†Black Cat Princess† assures Neptune that they are. In fact there isn't a fragment of a possibility of them losing to someone else so her worry is needless. In fact it isn't her damn business. Neptune notices the grim expression and asks †Black Cat Princess† if she is feeling okay. Vert does not really need to ask but the two of them already obtained the Emerald Mirror. Noire finds it weird that they are wondering around a dungeon they already cleared. Blanc is sure they are just going to gloat in their face again.

†Black Cat Princess† agrees with Blanc, as they need to learn that she is much greater than them all. In fact she is going to beat this knowledge into their bones. Nepgear wonders if that means she hates them now. Uni does not get where this is going but wonders if they did something. Rom panics as she wonders if that means they are going to fight. Ram thinks that is not right as Blanc told them they need to be nice when playing games.

Neptune understands people can get heated when they are being competitive but that is no reason to not be friends. Vert agrees with Neptune that it is best for fellow gamers to enjoy the game by helping each other out and competing on occasionally. †Black Cat Princess† laughs at the idea that they are fellow gamers that will help each other. She declares that she is supreme in this world and there is no one who can compete on her level. She asks if they don't understand that there is a wall between a princess and a common player. They cannot overcome it.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that to try out the new function of the tool now. Kiria does not feel right using it on actual players. †Black Cat Princess† tells her to stop grumbling and do it already. Kiria understands and will do everything for her sake. The two use the tool. Neptune notices that they have fused and transformed. The new form they have looks like that animal. Nepgear thinks her sister is talking about a cheetah.

Vert remembers that monster from the main 4 Goddesses Online. It sparked a lot of controversy with the players which is why it was removed in patch 1.02. It is known as Cheetah. Noire thinks that is way too straightforward and thinks Vert is pulling her leg. Vert assures Noire it is that straightforward. It was meant as a joke that uses a cheetah as a motif. It was a play on the word "cheater". Back when admins were working on countermeasures for cheaters, they used Cheetah as a sandbag monster in events. At the end of the festival, the GM would fire the Cheetah and explode it as fireworks. That was their cheat eradication campaign.

Neptune gets worried as from the gist of that, it means the couple are... Vert praises Neptune for being perceptive, she did catch on one word in their conversation she won't let go. Blanc is sure she heard them use the word "tool". She wonders if they have access to a cheat tool. Rom is angry knows what that is. Blanc told them that it a bad thing and they shouldn't use it. Ram is not happy to follow that train of thought to conclude that the prince and princess are bad guys. Uni summarizes this as the two are cheaters who have turned into... a cheetah. Are they seriously doing this for the sake of a pun?

Neptune begins to snicker but tries to hold it in. Noire can't contain her laughter as she asks Neptune what is she laughing about as this is hardly the time to... Blanc also can't contain her laughter agrees with Noire and they will make her... Vert can't contain her laughter as she scolds the other Goddesses for being rude. The two of them went through quite the spirited transformation. Neptune deflects this onto Uni as she started it. Uni thinks she should not have said anything. Neptune thinks it was just such an awful joke and she can't take it. She asks if she can just laugh a bit.

†Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them not to laugh as their tool could not change how they look. It is not their fault. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them that they should really watch their mouths. The two of them aren't going to be so kind like before. Kiria in Cheetah tries to reason with the princess as she does not think this is a good idea. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells Kiria to shut up and just control the thing. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah declares that they are truly unparalleled in 4 Goddesses Online and releases a burst of electricity.

Rom and Ram tell Cheetah to stay back. Neptune tells them to look alive. They should stop staring and start fighting. Neptune assures that it will work out, asks that it will work out and hopes it will work out. Alright, Neptune leads the charge against Cheetah.

CPU defeats Cheetah and their body begins crumble. Grim Reaper arrives and picks up Cheetah.

Elsewhere, †Black Cat Princess† throws a tantrum on how much the 8 players have gotten on her way. Princess declares that she has not lost yet and will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. She no longer cares for the story and as long as she has the tool, the power of the Goddesses is nothing.

She predicts that the players will be coming to Chrono Wasteland next. She plans to plant monsters there to beat them all up. †Black Cat Princess† wants to have them and the Goddesses grovel at her feet. They will recognize her as the True Queen. the true ruler of 4 Goddesses Online. At this rate, the game title might as well be changed to †Black Cat Princess† Online and †Black Cat Princess† laughs.

Kiria calls out to †Black Cat Princess†. †Black Cat Princess† wonders what Kiria wants. Does she have a problem with what †Black Cat Princess† is saying. If so, then †Black Cat Princess† threatens to leave Kiria. Kiria tells her not say that but refuses to be dragged into her pace. She collects her thoughts and urges the princess to end this. This isn't the kind of game where players should fight one another especially with cheats. It is only a matter of time until the GM finds them. Kiria thinks they should surrender while they still have the chance.

†Black Cat Princess† can't believe this. She tells Kiria to think before she speaks. They have gone too far to back down and have run miles around the GM's security. Soon they will control Cheetah's power properly. There is no problem at all. Kiria tells the †Black Cat Princess† that is not right. They can't cheat anymore. Kiria loves †Black Cat Princess† and that is why she must stop her. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† to throw the tool away at once.

†Black Cat Princess† refuses and tells Kiria her hands aren't clean about this either. Kiria knows and she regrets being unable to stop her from using the tool in the first place and regrets cheating. Kiria offers to assist †Black Cat Princess† in challenging the 8 players fair and square. †Black Cat Princess† gets mad and tells her that is not what she wants. †Black Cat Princess† accuses Kiria of not listening to her. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that she cares about her and that is why she but the princess cuts her off.

†Black Cat Princess† tells her to shut up and accuses Kiria of being a coward. She decides to use the tool on her own. †Black Cat Princess† transforms into Cheetah but its body is still damaged from before and †Black Cat Princess† is in pain. Kiria asks the princess to stop as anymore of this and she'll... †Black Cat Princess† notices that she hasn't moved yet and yet there are gross displays on her screen. †Black Cat Princess† notices that her admin privileges have been revoked. Cheetah takes over and †Black Cat Princess† becomes unconscious.

Kiria was able to get †Black Cat Princess†'s avatar back and returns to Wishuel. There, the GM explains to Kiria that †Black Cat Princess† has safely logged out but someone is still controlling her avatar. Luckily the GM was able to block it.

Vert tells Mine, her character's name was †Green_Heart†. Mine can't believe that she is the legendary player †Green_Heart†. †Black Cat Princess† suddenly asks if she said †Green_Heart†. Mine and Neptune are surprised. Neptune wonders when she got back. Noire thought she was not going to show up in the end. Mine does not like getting another shout at point blank and that freaks her out. †Black Cat Princess† recognizes Mine as the one who gave her that tool. She cannot believe Mine tricked her. Her display and controls got messed up because of her. She was scolded by her mother for breaking the family console. It was such a mess.

Nepgear and Uni guess that means †Black Cat Princess† really was a girl in real life. Kiria shows up recognizing the princess' voice. Neptune notes that everyone has now shown up. Kiria is glad that †Black Cat Princess† showed up. She has always believed in her. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that can wait. She wants to know where †Green_Heart† is. Kiria confirms that †Black Cat Princess† is talking about the †Green_Heart† who defeated the legendary player that she admires, two-sword Kirio. There is no one who doesn't know of her in the online world. Kiria should have known that the princess knows of her. †Black Cat Princess† reveals that she point daggers in her name because she was a fan of †Green_Heart†.

Vert thinks this is all beginning to feel slightly embarrassing. Neptune is impressed by how popular Vert is. Mine remembers †Green_Heart† as the legendary player who was the top of World Break Online, by being the top of 40 elites including four kings and seven sages. She was the first to max her level, clear all the dungeons, undefeated in all Guild battles, solo'd a boss that showed up once a month that required 8 people and dual wielded the ultimate weapon Liddie of which there are only 2 copies of.

Mine tries to calm down and she refuses to believe that she is meeting †Green_Heart†. Vert asks Miss Mastermind but decides to address as Miss Mine if she was the ultimate GM of World Break Online admins, "Miney". She had several fights with her and the current score is two to two. She would like to challenge Mine once more.

Mine wonders if she is talking about the battles she proposed out of curiosity. She knows the battles were kept a secret so she believes Vert is †Green_Heart†. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised to learn that Vert, her "older sister" is †Green_Heart†. Vert tells Miss Mine that she would like to go to World Break Online. She asks that Mine atone for her crimes by restarting World Break services. She can help her too.

Mine tells her not to say that haphazardly. Her company is already... Since her company is already gone, Noire wonders if that means she is in between jobs or whatever they call it. She tells Mine that if she atones for her crimes, she doesn't have to go to Leanbox. Lastation is looking for engineers. Mine is surprised. Blanc asks this of Mine as well. She justifies that there are lots of times when people take in crackers as security personnel. She asks Mine to come to Lowee. Neptune asks Mine to come to Planeptune as Nepgear always wanted to see her tech seminars. She would Mine to talk to her sister.

Mine starts crying. She wonders how can she can be headhunted after everything that has happened. Mine never knew there were players who waited for her return. She should have just continued to make games. All she has done is pull others down. All that should be asked of her is to leave. No one should have any need for her anymore.

Vert reminds her that offer only stands only when she does atone for her crimes. She asks Mine to consider it. Mine does not know what company Vert represents and her offer is gracious but if she does restart, she wants to stand on her own two feet in the world, she created herself. Mine then tells GM she would like to continue to be her rival from now on. GM tells Miss Mine she would like to meet again in another stage. Mine agrees and leaves 4 Goddesses Online for good.

GM decides to deal with one final problem. †Black Cat Princess† understands. She admits she got scared and hid under her blanket for a long time. She did think a lot of things through though. Her console broke earlier and it was thanks to everyone fixing the world that the console is working again. Thanks to that, she was able to return. †Black Cat Princess† then apologizes. Noire thinks †Black Cat Princess†'s humility makes her seem like a completely different person. Vert says she always believed †Black Cat Princess† was a good person. Blanc remembers Vert being all stiff when †Black Cat Princess† called her "older sister". Neptune thinks that all that matters is that she came around.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† explains that they are both ready to accept their punishment. GM decides to freeze their account as punishment. This surprises Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† as they thought, they would have been arrested or fined. They were ready for anything. The GM admits she could have branded them as criminals and take away their equipment before making the avatars jump down from a high place but banning their accounts suffices. She admits that the situation was not all that bad, as she was able to patch security holes around the game but she will not give them a second chance.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† understand. †Black Cat Princess† explains that online games to her were a utopia. She can get a cute avatar and act cute and get everyone to fawn over her. Her selfishness then grew until she was not satisfied unless she was first. She stopped thinking about other people at that point. Kiria admits that they both forgot that there are people behind the players in this virtual world. Vert finds what the two are saying rather touching.

Kiria tells CPU if they meet again in another world and are able to work together in the same goal, that would be lovely. Neptune agrees and looks forward to that. GM announces she will now freeze their accounts. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that she is sorry as even if she said horrible things to her, Kiria always stood by her side. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that her soul and fiery passion is for her. That is why even in the last moments, she wants to be with her. †Black Cat Princess† thanks her and if they are reborn again, she would like to adventure with her. Kiria agrees and says this is a promise. †Black Cat Princess† says she will see them all again someday. Both the accounts of Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† are now frozen.

Some time later, Kiria notes that this city never changes. †Black Cat Princess† agrees as if anything changed, it was them. That's what she'd like to believe at least. Kiria agrees as the new access ticket they received from the admins means that the GM believed in them. They have to respond to their feelings. It is time for them to begin at level 1. She asks †Black Cat Princess† if she is ready. †Black Cat Princess† asks Kiria who she thinks she is talking to. There is no way Princess wouldn't be ready. They have to finish the tutorial and get the first Sacred Treasure. †Black Cat Princess† urges Kiria to go as she runs off. Kiria tells the Princess to wait as she follows.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. CPU and their friends, enemies and the Goddesses say a few words.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† arrive and asks if they can have a word. Neptune is happy to see them noting that it has been a while. Kiria recounts how she stained her hands with cheats and caused a massive uproar and regrets those actions. She hopes the player never stray path and that's all. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and tells the player they were cool. She asks them if they will go on an adventure with a princess who has reformed. Kiria protests that.

Noire notes that even if they reformed, she guesses that those 2 will always act like that. Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.

†Black Cat Princess† rushes into the Cathedral to tell Sister that she finally got the CD she wanted for a really long time! Sister thinks that is wonderful and wonders what kind of music it is. †Black Cat Princess† laughs as she explains that its not music, it's "Spend a Day with the Goddesses CD". Sister wonders if the CD acts as an invitation to actually spend time with the Goddesses. †Black Cat Princess† explains that it is a drama CD. They are usually included in otome games but this is a special case. It features all the CPUs of Gamindustri. It would have been enough for to have the CPUs whisper into †Black Cat Princess†'s ear but there is a part that bothers her.

†Black Cat Princess† explains that she got nice couple-like settings and scenarios but all the food that appears is junk food, like hamburgers and cup ramen. If †Black Cat Princess† could go on a date with a Goddess, they would sweep through all the fancy restaurants in Planeptune and dine while enjoying a beautiful view. It seems that a Goddess is addicted to chili dogs lately, so it might just be personal preference. †Black Cat Princess† can't imagine how fun it would be to go on a date with the Goddesses. They would buy clothes, get stickers or enjoy a triple tiered afternoon set.

†Black Cat Princess† declares that dates really should be between girls. Sister sees and asks if a date with a boy be any different. †Black Cat Princess†'s tone darkens. She has never dated a guy so how the heck would she know. Besides, †Black Cat Princess† believes that real love could never be established between a guy and a girl. Yuri is supreme. Sister does not know what Yuri means so she will have to look up the term later. Sister ends this session by asking Goddesses to guide this lost, little lamb.

In Wishuel, †Black Cat Princess† is late as she runs around. †Black Cat Princess† thinks to herself. She introduces herself as the princess of a certain guild. One day, however, everyone stated fighting over her which lead to the guild crashing. The only person to remain was Kiria. †Black Cat Princess† wonders what is going to happen to her. As she continues to run, she hits someone.

Adventurer C was hit but she asks if †Black Cat Princess† is alright. She warns the princess not to be spacing out while rounding corners. Adventurer C asks if she is okay to walk as she offers the princess her hand. †Black Cat Princess† thinks that she caught a high-level player. She notes that the player is pretty as well, she will keep her as a potential follower. †Black Cat Princess† thanks Adventurer C and shows Adventurer C her guild card. †Black Cat Princess† tells Adventurer C if she wishes, †Black Cat Princess† will support her in the future as an apology.

Adventurer C thanks her for that and shows †Black Cat Princess† her guild card. She explains that she has plans to go hunting so she takes her leave and says good bye to †Black Cat Princess†. †Black Cat Princess† tells Adventurer C she will be waiting for Adventurer C to contact her. †Black Cat Princess† learns that Adventurer C is called C-Sha. She felt like an older sister and pretty cool as well.

Kiria arrives and worriedly asks who is that woman. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised Kiria is watching but her friendships are not Kiria's concern. She tells Kiria to escort her in their hunt together. Kiria agrees and asks †Black Cat Princess† to take her hand.

†Black Cat Princess† is running late again. She thinks to herself that she is the princess of this server. Today she made a promise to go hunting with Kiria, but lately her lack of followers is really bumming her out. However, the more people there are, the more likely they fight over her. She really doesn't want that. †Black Cat Princess† bumps into Adventurer K.

Adventurer K apologizes and asks if the Princess is hurt. She realizes that this is not real life so no one would actually get hurt by bumping into them. How silly of her to think that. †Black Cat Princess† is annoyed with Adventurer K. Her speech and looks make her look like the protagonist of some dating sim. She's clearly pandering to otakus. However, her gun is really cool. The person on the other side must be an old man and he's probably into military stuff. If that is the case, this person might want to give me a lot of support. Her character looks strong too. †Black Cat Princess† guesses she could keep her around.

Adventurer K tells †Black Cat Princess† that she has been staring at her weapon for a while. Is something the matter? †Black Cat Princess† laughs and says no, she just thought that her weapon was really cool. It must be fate that they bumped into each other. †Black Cat Princess† asks Adventurer K to hunt with some time. †Black Cat Princess† would love to see Adventurer K use that gun. †Black Cat Princess† shows Adventurer K her guild card and tells Adventurer K she will send her support. Adventurer K thanks the Princess and tells her she is going to meet up with a friend so she would happy to play together another time.

In Wishuel, †Black Cat Princess† is once again late for a meeting with Kiria. In her mind, she introduces herself as †Black Cat Princess†, an idol of a certain server. She is aiming for top Cinderella. †Black Cat Princess† realizes that at this point, she can leave out her introduction now. †Black Cat Princess† needs to hurry up and in her hurry, she bumps into someone.

Adventurer S says nothing. †Black Cat Princess† apologizes for running into Adventurer S as she was spacing out. Adventurer S is not interested. †Black Cat Princess† thinks Adventurer S is cold but that is not a bad thing. She was getting tired of being sought after. †Black Cat Princess† admits that Adventurer S seems like a chuunibyou but she is a high level player with a great sword. In addition she did stop for her so this is her chance.

†Black Cat Princess† pretends to fawn over Adventurer S noting that she is high level and her sword is nice. She asks if it is made of crystal. Adventurer S is surprised that †Black Cat Princess† understands the merit of crystals. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised that crystals get Adventurer S interested. Well whatever. †Black Cat Princess† pretends to like crystals and wants a set of crystal equipment. She asks Adventurer S to help her gather some materials. She knows a good harvesting place.

Adventurer S wonders if that is true. Nevertheless, she has a prior engagement today so perhaps another time. For now, she shows †Black Cat Princess† her guild card and tells her if she needs anything to find her. †Black Cat Princess† thinks it is so nice of Adventurer S to give her card first. †Black Cat Princess† tells Adventurer S they should definitely meet up again.

†Black Cat Princess† is late once again. In her mind, she introduces herself as the only princess in this world. Lately her follower knight, Kiria has been extremely persistent in trying to get her attention. It is such a pain. On top of that, †Black Cat Princess† has not gotten contact from her follower candidates at all. She wonders what is going to happen to her.

In the distance, someone is screaming as they are late. The stranger bumps into †Black Cat Princess†. Adventurer B realizes that she has run into something. She wonders why it doesn't hurt if she did but realizes that she is in a game. If she did get hurt, she would have charged †Black Cat Princess† for the treatment costs. Adventurer B quickly realizes that she can't stop like this. She will be late for the meeting.

†Black Cat Princess† feels like this is a let down. This is just a kid character. Today might be a bust for the princess. Adventurer B tells †Black Cat Princess† sorry but she promised to go hunting with C-Sha and the others. She can't hang around and talk. †Black Cat Princess† realizes she knows C-Sha and tells her to wait. Adventurer B stops but tells †Black Cat Princess† she is in a hurry.

†Black Cat Princess† confirms that Adventurer B is in the same part as C-Sha. †Black Cat Princess† explains that she made a promise to go hunting with C-Sha but she has been waiting for C-Sha to contact her. If it's alright, †Black Cat Princess† requests to be taken along with Adventurer B. Adventurer B isn't sure as all 4 of them were going to play together today. This is a multiplayer game up to 4 players. She tells †Black Cat Princess† that she will ask everyone so she asks †Black Cat Princess† to wait until next time.

†Black Cat Princess† guesses it can't be helped so she asks Adventurer B to asks her friends.

Some time has passed and †Black Cat Princess† spends some time with the 4 adventurers. However, today she has plans to hunt with Kiria. †Black Cat Princess† arrives noting that she is late. Kiria says nothing. †Black Cat Princess† is surprised to see Kiria and wonders if it is her imagination but was Kiria lying in wait for her. Kiria is glad that †Black Cat Princess† came because if she was a little later, then Kiria admits she might not be alive. †Black Cat Princess† worriedly asks if something is wrong. Kiria is acting very strange. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† she wants an explanation. Why is †Black Cat Princess† increasing her number of followers.

†Black Cat Princess† asks there is some kind of problem with that? Kiria says that is quite a large problem. Does that mean she is not good enough for Princess? Is she not a suitable cavalier and has she been discarded? Kiria concludes that if it has come to this then she will take those 4 down with her. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria to wait a minute and asks since when did she go all yandere on her.

Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† there is no point in being evasive, she is serious. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria to calm down as she hasn't even seen the 4 adventurers today. Kiria is confused. †Black Cat Princess† explains that in the end, they were more interested in other things besides her. †Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria she is the type of person who would refuse such people anyways. †Black Cat Princess† recounts that one of them was obsessed with a lonely tsundere and didn't even see her, another was too chunni, so †Black Cat Princess† couldn't communicate, another only had the brains for hunting and the last was just too stingy. It was extremely disappointing.

†Black Cat Princess† praises Kiria for really being her number one. Kiria is surprised that she is actually number one. †Black Cat Princess† admits she can't go on without Kiria. Kiria is glad but she admits she is embarrassed to hear her say so definitely. †Black Cat Princess† is glad Kiria is back to normal and asks her to continue to protect Princess. Kiria assures †Black Cat Princess† that she will.



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  • Given the similarity to the name and the fact that Kiria is based on Kirito and Bouquet seems to be based on Yui of Sword Art Online, it can be presumed that she is a reference to Reki Kawahara's other work Accel World, particularly the character Kuroyukihime, a character who also has wears gothic lolilita fashion and her name translates to Black Snow Princess.


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