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5pb. is the stage name for Lyrica, the best pop idol in Leanbox. She is very energetic and confident on the stage, but in a more private setting, she grows self-conscious and shy, after arguing with herself to make decisions. She's also the radio MC for Hi-Five Radio♪.



5pb. is a young girl with white skin, long blue hair, and magenta eyes. On her head she wears a pair of Speaker-embedded headphones made on Planeptune that receives sound from a guitar wirelessly. On the left side of her stomach she has a treble-clef tattoo with a pink heart attached to it. Her outfit is a handmade stage costume with a black base and pink accents. Around her neck is a choker with a pink heart pendant attached, and the black and pink belt around her waist has a pink checkered box on the back, lined with black.


5pb. is a very timid and shy girl. She is awkward around others and is very soft spoken and suffers from confidence issues. However, onstage, she becomes an entirely different person. Her insecurities and shyness are non-existent, almost as if she is a different person entirely. However, when she's not performing, she reverts back to her usual timid self. She also has somewhat of a shoulder angel and a shoulder devil, who appear when she is conflicted on making decisions.



Hyperdimension Neptunia

Moonlight Show

IF wakes up at five-thirty in the morning and hears the sounds of someone singing. She goes off to investigate and sees that the person singing is 5pb... She wonders what she's doing so early in the morning, thinking it may be secret vocal training. As IF gets closer to hear her, 5pb.. takes notice of her and quickly runs away.

Wrong Person?

IF goes looking for 5pb.. in the same location that she saw her in the morning before. She finds her practicing yet again and tries to approach her casually. 5pb.. screams at the sight of IF, and IF tries to calm her down. When 5pb.. finally calms down, IF states that she's pretty different from her radio personality, and asks why she's so tense. 5pb. tells her to go away, despite IF's efforts to make her feel more comfortable around her. When IF tries to get to know her, 5pb. says she has the wrong person and runs away.

I Dislike Me

5pb. finishes of her shows and IF arrives just as she's wrapping up. IF notices 5pb. and asks her if her show is over. 5pb. is surprised to see IF again and accidentally exposes that she was indeed the girl in the forest. 5pb. asks if IF was at the show today, and IF says she didn't make it in time, but wishes she did. 5pb. tries tor run off but IF manages to convince to her keep talking as they walk. 5pb. admits that when she's singing or talking on the radio, she gets so into it that she doesn't even notice, which is the reason behind her disappearing after her live shows, and for practicing in an isolated location so early in the morning. IF says she'll help her out with her problem, and promises not to lead her astray.

The Mentor, IF

IF asks 5pb. if the number of people doesn't matter, and if she's nervous around just people in general. 5pb. says yes, and that the only reason she's fine during shows or when she's on the radio is because she's focused, almost as if there's a personality switch inside her head. IF deduces that 5pb. may just be uncomfortable with her normal self, when she casts her performer persona aside. She tells 5pb. to east into the fact that she has two facets of her life for now, and that she'll keep thinking about what 5pb. can do to improve herself.

Tough Love

IF asks if 5pb. would like to accompany her to a festival. 5pb. is hesitant at first, but agrees but says that IF better stay with her the whole time. IF accepts this and says they should work on her anxiety issue somehow. IF tells 5pb. to close her eyes and leads her out into the middle of a crowd, leaving her there. When 5pb. returns to the inn, she tells IF that the experience was horrifying and can't believe she left her all alone like that, she also thinks IF's mentoring isn't going in the right direction. IF tells her that she can't become confident in a single day and just as room service comes to deliver their food, 5pb. hides under the bed. 5pb. apologizes, as hiding is a reflex for her.

Will You Buy It?

People have not been paying attention to 5pb. as much anymore, and she doesn't understand why. She is under the assumption that her songs are no longer reaching the heart's of people, but IF doubts it. However, IF does find it odd that people are acting differently all of a sudden, so she says she'll come to 5pb..'s next show to gauge her fan's reactions. When 5pb. preforms, IF notices how she sang five songs and not a single person stopped to listen. IF believes that people are actively trying to ignore her. A man walks by and complains about the cost of 5pb..'s CD, and 5pb.'s believes its her fault that her CDs aren't selling. IF tries her best to defend her, but to no avail. When they return to the inn and IF goes to bed, 5pb., thanks her for trying to protect her.

Dampened Spirits

5pb. contemplates on how she can reduce the price of her CDs, believing her songs aren't worth their price. She asks her guitar what it thinks, knowing full well it can't talk. However, much to her surprise her guitar begins speak, telling her to keep doing what she does ad her songs will soon reach the hearts of all people. This cheers her up, and she thanks the guitar. IF pops up, revealing herself to be the one who was speaking for the guitar and tells her not to doubt herself. Later that night, thanks to her Guild connections, she finds out that 5pb..'s CDs are being illegally copied and sold by black market dealers. The only rule for becoming a member is to never purchase an official disc. She concludes that this is the reason 5pb..'s CDs aren't selling anymore.

Sprouting Conspiracy

IF and 5pb. go to investigate the location of where the black market operations are being held. They meet a black marketer who has actually been taken over by a monster after responding to it's ad about getting music for next to five-finger discounts. The monster states that this was all just to add money to Overlord Momus's war funds. IF defeats the monster, and the man returns to his senses. He apologizes to 5pb. and helps them destroy the illegal disc copies.

Protecting the Future

5pb. thinks of the possibility of more monsters being the world, controlling people and distributing illegal discs. She can't believe that someone would take advantage and twist people's love for music. IF asks if 5pb. wishes to save the people in trouble and help the musicians as well. 5pb. says yes, because she can't sit around as other artists get abused and sacrificed. 5pb. decides to join the party and travel with IF and her friends.

Voice Training

5pb. contemplates on how Noire wanting her to mentor her in voice acting, trying to remember how she trained her vocals. She tries to do a tongue twister but fails, saying she has no idea what she's even doing.

Converting Black Heart

5pb. is amazed that Noire is so good at playing the guitar, and wonders if she's performed a live show. She also wonders if Noire would let her be the vocalist, and says she would make their own costumes as well. 5pb. thinks of an outfit that Noire would look good in, but realizes Noire is a goddess and that she's probably getting ahead of herself. However, she still wonders if Noire will at least let her take her measurements.

Unexpected Side

5pb. has learned that Noire likes to play the guitar, cosplay, and do voice acting, which is something she would have never expected from her. She takes note on how she doesn't seem thrilled to share her interests with other, and assumes she should stay quiet about them as well. She feels happy at the fact that it's like a secret between just the two of them.

Enduring 99 Years

5pb. is extremely tired after staying up all night playing a board game with Vert. She realizes that staying up and doing things she's not used to is harder than she thought, and remembers how IF completely zoned out after the 50th turn. She hopes it doesn't happen the next time they play. She reflects on how she was cursed with bad money luck the whole time and could never get out of the red while playing the game.

Online for Dummies

5pb. receives a voucher for Four Goddesses Online from Vert. She's never played and online game before so she doesn't even know what she's supposed to do after logging on. She meets up with Vert online who greets her. 5pb. takes note of her using a male character, but since it's online she figures Vert can do whatever she wants. Vert invites her to a Guild Raid, which is supposed to happen in three days. Having no idea what a Guild Raid is, 5pb. says she'll sing back on around that time. IF tells 5pb. that she should really think it over.

Lady White Heart

5pb. thinks about adorable Blanc is, saying she's really quiet and shy, but also stern and mature. She says whenever Blanc is focused on a book, she looks like an innocent child. She wishes she had a little sister like her. IF tells her she should really think it over.

Suspicious Novel

5pb. receives a novel from Blanc, who wants her to give feedback on it after she reads it. She is very anxious to read it as it will be the first book she has read in a while, believing it will be good because a CPU wrote it. Nisa watches her, wearing an awkward smile.

Transforming Functions

5pb. is impressed by Neptune's ability to transform. She questions if Neptune can also turn into things like animals or monsters, but thinks it's not really suitable for a goddess. 5pb. is more surprised at the fact that those around her treat her like a normal girl and don't seem to care at all that's she a goddess. She then wonders if the other goddesses can transform, and is surprised when IF tells her they can.

Dilemma 1: For Neptune

5pb. is having difficult coming up with a new song and wonders if there is anything sweet she can eat to stimulate her brain. She looks in the fridge and sees juice and an expired cup of pudding, and notices that the pudding is labeled with Neptune's name. She is tempted to eat it despite it belonging to her. She then begins to have inner conflict with herself. Her bad side tells her to just go ahead and eat it while her good side tells her not to. 5pb. becomes extremely confused on what to do as both sides tell her to do two different things. IF pops up and tells her to just go and buy another pudding cup, unless she wants to get stuck in the bathroom.

Dilemma 2: For Someone

5pb. needs to release a new song soon, but it having trouble thinking of something. She tries to find something sweet to eat to stimulate her brain, and feels as though the situation is familiar. She finds a single slice of strawberry shortcake, but can't make out the name on it due to it being smudged. Her good and bad side begin to argue back and forth again about whether or not she should eat the cake. They eventually come to the conclusion that they should just leave it alone in case it's Blanc's. 5pb. because frustrated, trying to find out who's cake it is, and IF pops up saying they saved a slice for her.


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Musical Themes

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Name Game Description Audio
Ryuusei no Bifröst Hyperdimension Neptunia The opening song for Hyperdimension Neptunia. 5pb. sings this the first two times IF meets her.




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