This page lists all the accessories, called attachments (in this game) that can be obtained in Megadimension Neptunia VII. Accessories can be obtained from the shop, Item Development, dungeons, quest rewards, colosseum battles and DLC. Accessories do not provide a statistic bonus to characters unless it is DLC, which will be denoted with an asterisk.

Neptune's Accessories

Noire's Accessories

Blanc's Accessories

Vert's Accessories

Nepgear's Accessories

Uni's Accessories

Rom's Accessories

Ram's Accessories

IF's Accessories

Compa's Accessories

Uzume's Accessories

Older Neptune's Accessories

S-Sha's Accessories

B-Sha's Accessories

C-Sha's Accessories

K-Sha's Accessories

Million Arthur's Accessories

God Eater's Accessories

Nitroplus' Accessories

Umio's Accessories

Nepgya's Accessories


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