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Starting now, this is totally my stage!
— Ai Masujima

Ai Masujima makes her first appearance in Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart. Her goal is to become the number one idol in Gamarket.



Ai is a fair-skinned girl with blue eyes and long, curly brown hair worn with a big gold star shaped piece, where her hair is worn in a knotted bun with most of it flowing loosely as a side ponytail with a single star clip. Ai wears a white, gold lined tube top under a powder blue vest with white accenting, a matching pleat skirt with a layer of blue pleats underneath and a white belt with a gold star in the center. She also wears blue bracelets with powder blue and white pieces, and a pair of powder blue boots with clasps and bottoms of indigo and the foot part being white, which are worn with white socks, one of which is longer then the other and has a heart on the knee.


Ai aims for the top and is an active newcomer idol in Gamarket. At a first glance, she looks innocent, but just out of sight her real, dark true personality can be spotted. However, she doesn't follow through, because it is not the result she generally wants.




Lovely Mic - 30 17 - 25 - - -5 - - - - Shot Initial -
A weapon for Ai Masujima's exclusive use. Her favorite cutesy rehearsal mic. A must-have for idols!
Mighty ★ Star Mic - 60 78 - 156 - - -30 - - - - Shot Item Development -
This high-end mic has sound resonation features that belie its rather flamboyant design. Perfect for any rising star!
Sweet ☆ Replica Mic - 100 120 - 220 15 15 -42 - - - - Shot Item Development -
This totally adorable mic mixes modern functions with a classical appearance. Draws out an idol's hidden potential.
Pretty ☆ Replica Mic - 100 120 - 270 65 65 -42 50 - - - Shot DLC -
It's classic! It's pretty! It's an idol's microphone! This mic draws out the cutest aspects of its owner... somehow.



  • Magical Defense Lv2
  • Null Sleep

Leader Effect

Ai Will Always Win!

  • Null Love
  • VS Human Resist Lv4

Normal Skills

LV Name SP Attribute Type Target Power Firing Range Vertical Range Special Effect
Initial Vocal lessons! 50 None Support Fan 3 135 1 ± 99 STR, INT 25% ↑
Ai's power comes from praticing!
Initial Vocal Exercises! 50 None Magic Fan 3 100 1 ± 99 Round and round (50%)
Ai projects her foice to damage foes
Initial Microphone Performance 50 None Support Fan 4 185 1 ± 99 VIT, MEN, LUK 25% ↑
Ai cheers her allies on.
27 Love Lullaby 50 None Magic Fan 4 180 1 ± 99 30% Sleep1

15% HP Absorption & 5% SP Absorption

A sleep-inducing lullaby.
40 Idol Sunshine! 125 None Magic Range 3 285 0 ± 99 LOVE 50%

VIT, MEN 5% ↓

Attack usiung Ai's idol aura.

1 In game description says 50% Love wrongly

Special Moves

LV Name Attribute Type Target Power Firing Range Vertical Range Special Effect
Initial Live performance! Support Magic Range 4 200 + 4 * Level 0 ± 99 All Stats 25% ↑

MOV +1

Ai's best performance!


  • Ai's character design is based off of Mami Futami from IdolM@ster 2, as indicated by the way she wears her ponytail.


Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart Characters
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