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I am the Seven Sages' wizard, working behind the curtain... The unstoppable hacker, Anonydeath!
— Anonydeath

Anonydeath, known as Anonedeath in the Japanese version, is the genius hacker of the Seven Sages. While his biological sex is male, in his mind he believes that he has the heart of a pure maiden. His primary duty as a member of the Seven Sages is gathering knowledge.



Anonydeath has rather flamboyant personality to say the least. He is obsessed with teasing Noire, going so far as to hide cameras in her room and watch her work while taking pictures. Despite his biological sex being male, he truly believes that he has the heart of a pure maiden. Anonydeath in general is not a bad person; he repays his debt to Noire and somewhat defends Rei during the Seven Sages' meetings.

He has no true ill will against goddesses; he simply joined because he found the organization interesting.

Anonydeath is also deceptive and manipulative to some degree. He manages to save his own life by manipulating Noire into sparing him by stating that his death would result in videos of her being leaked, and brainwashed Peashy to believe that he was her father and that Rei was her mother.


While Anonydeath's true physical appearance is unknown and then only thing shown of it was a silhouette, his Mech Suit is cranberry-jello pink in color with several other parts on his shoulders, arms, legs, back, and feet that are green in color and glowing. He also has a hint of yellow-orange on his suit in the mid-torso and arm regions.



Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Anonydeath is the final member of the Seven Sages to appear before Neptune and her party members. He makes his first appearance in front of the party when he is tracked down by Noire with the accompaniment of Neptune, Nepgear, and Plutia. When they find him, he reveals himself to be the one responsible for the hacking in Lastation and also admits to being the one who was watching Noire through a camera placed in her room. He finds pleasure in teasing Noire and even jokes around saying he'll broadcast his videos of her worldwide before battling them with the assistance of several jammer pods.

Upon his defeat, Noire has Plutia try to finish off Anonydeath, but he stops her, claiming that if he dies, his videos of Noire will be leaked to all of Gamindustri. Noire has Plutia back off; when she does, Anonydeath reveals that it was just a ruse, claiming that while the videos were true, he would never release it to the public, and quickly flees. When he is out of the CPUs' sight, he is relieved to have escaped and that he has stalled for enough time.

During the events of the children being kidnapped and being forced to use CPU Memories to turn into goddesses only to become monsters instead, when Peashy accidentally eats the CPU Memory and it is revealed to be compatible with her, Anonydeath visits Planeptune and claims himself to be Peashy's real father, taking her away. Later on it is revealed that he has brainwashed her into believing that he and Rei are her mother and father and uses her to establish the nation of Eden.

Yellow Heart becomes an extreme threat on the other nations and the other Console Patron Units (CPUs) find her extremely powerful and difficult to defeat. However, when they learn that Yellow Heart's power is coming from an external source located in Anonydeath's Lab in Lastation, they immediately head there to destroy the machine. Anonydeath realizes that they are coming and asks Mr. Badd to come help, but is unable to get his help as Mr. Badd is spending time with his "daughters". When the CPUs confront Anonydeath, he attempts to sway Nepgear to his side by describing the machine, but is unable to due to Iris Heart's presence.

Anonydeath battles the CPUs one final time, and is eventually defeated by them. Iris Heart tries to torture him, but Anonydeath tells her that he's somewhat of a sadist himself and that he can flick a switch to avoid feeling pain so she decides not to. Anonydeath requests to be spared so he can see "one final thing". When Yellow Heart arrives and is defeated by the CPUs, she reverts back to Peashy, shocking them. Anonydeath is delighted to see their faces and tells them the laboratory is about to explode, prompting the CPUs to flee. He grabs Peashy and heads back to Eden; the CPUs escape the laboratory only to realize that they've been duped by him again.

The CPUs later arrive to rescue Peashy again. Anonydeath subjects Peashy to another mind erase, and when they get closer, Mr. Badd confronts them. When Mr. Badd defects the Seven Sages, Anonydeath is somewhat upset, but remarks that his "long conversation" gave them enough time. He sends Peashy after them and watches, only to be disappointed when Peashy regains her memory and joins the CPUs again. As a result, he leaves the Seven Sages.

When the Ultra Dimension Rei makes duplicates of the CPUs and sends them out to cause chaos, Anonydeath contacts the CPUs, who are having a party with most of the Seven Sages. He reveals that after leaving, he went back to the old hideout to get some data he had accidentally left behind, only to find a completely different Rei who took him hostage. While the CPUs believe it to be a trap, Anonydeath simply tells them that it is a trap, since he is being used as bait to lure the CPUs out.

Before ending the conversation, he lets Noire know that he is surrounded by four fake Noires and is having some "fun" with them, which prompts Noire to accompany the rest of the group. When they arrive at the Extradimensional Space, they find Anonydeath and the fake Noires. He watches from the sidelines after being threatened by the real Noire if he tried to join in. Not wanting to get into such affairs anymore, he decides to go home and tells Peashy to take care of Rei. While going back home, he feels indebted to the CPUs and decides to repay them.

In the true end of the game, Anonydeath somehow restores the girls who had been turned into monsters through the CPU Memories back to normal while Mr. Badd was out grocery shopping.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

Anonydeath's role is largely the same as in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

When the CPUs gathered together to fight AffimaX, Histoire claimed "a certain hacker" just happened to be visiting the Hyper Dimension and helped her locate the headquarters of the organization. While it was never stated it was him, both Noire and Uni assumed it was Anonydeath.

Other Appearances

Anime & Books

Hyperdimension Neptunia: Megami Tsuushin

Anonydeath is a minor villain first appearing in Chapter 28. He attempts to stop Neptune, Plutia and Peashy from going back in time with a flying Warechu squadron. He is unable to stop them.

He makes a final appearance in Chapter 37. He and Abnes form an alliance with ASIC to defeat Planeptune. When ASIC takes Planeptune's Basilicom, Anonydeath and Abnes gets in the way of Noire, Blanc and Vert trying to reinforce. Anonydeath and Abnes will let them go if they give them Rei Ryghts. However, they are eventually defeated.

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation


Anonydeath is a portmanteau of Anonymous and the Japanese copula "desu" (です).

Anonymous is a hacker group that hacked the Playstation Network back in 2011, as mirrored in the game when Anonydeath hacks into Lastation's network.

"Desu" stems from the heyday of Anonymous's roots from imageboards such as 4chan, where users are identified by default as "Anonymous", would sometimes flood the boards with the word "desu".


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  • Anonydeath represents the hacker group Anonymous, which is known to be not a single person, but a collective of people, most of whom cover up their identity. Just as Anonydeath does whatever he likes for his own reasons, Anonymous was known to do things "for the lulz".
  • According to his identification card, Anonydeath once resided in Planeptune.
  • Anonydeath doesn't like Noire's Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) form, specifically her white hair which he thinks makes Noire look "old and like a grandma".
  • In comparison to the other name changes among the Seven Sages, his name name change is very small. In the Japanese version, he is called Anonedeath, while in the English version he is called Anonydeath. It should be noted that not only the spelling of his name has been changed, but also the pronunciation, thus his name change does not fall into the same category as Abnes/Abness.
  • Anonydeath's true form appears to be a person with blonde hair, and blue eyes. In one cutscene in Victory with Vert, the two compare themselves to each other.


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