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I cultivated this eggplant myself near, the edge of this city. Here, since you've been so nice, you may have one.
— Arfoire

The representative of all villains who is seen quite often in this series.

She has chosen the Farmer as her class within this game. Uninterested in the story of this game, she has decided to focus on mastering the art of growing eggplants. If one only considered the passion and the prowess she put into growing eggplants, one might think they could never win against her in this lifetime...[1]



Arfoire's figure remains the same but her outfit makes her look a lot less menacing than in the rest of the series. She wears a straw hat, an earring on her left ear, an eggplant on her right ear, a red cloth around her neck, a black dress underneath her brown apron which has a picture of an eggplant in the middle. On her back, is a basket of eggplants.


Arfoire is currently addicted to 4 Goddesses Online, it seems that she no longer has any time for evil. Her fate is somehow linked to Neptune, and she harbors a deep hostility towards her. She always seems to pair up with Warechu, despite how often he calls her an old lady. Rarely does she get along with anyone at all, so it's surprising to see their friendship has endured.


Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In Wishuel, Arfoire has finished planting her eggplants and hopes they grow well. Warechu wonders why Arfoire would take up farming in the game as well. He tells her he will not help her this time around. Arfoire does not want him touching her eggplants anyways but points Warechu to the eggplants' item description. Eggplants are forbidden meaning they must be an important item. She encourages Warechu to learn the Cultivation Skill and get his own field. The city has quite a bit of space still.

Warechu admits he is interested in cultivating a few eggplants just because they are taboo, however he is too busy selling recovery items at marked up prices in remote areas. Arfoire acknowledges that he will make money but she points out that it may not be worth the cost and effort to stockpile items and make it to remote areas in the first place. Arfoire declares that she will amass a massive amount of wealth by mass producing the ultimate Forbidden Fruit and selling it without leaving the city then laughs.

Warechu points out that the item can actually be worthless. All Arfoire can do is pray that it isn't.

Later, Arfoire harvests her first batch of eggplants. They turn out to be normal quality. She can't sell this and wonders if the items she used did not align or if her timing for harvesting was wrong. In any case, she should not be disheartened by this. She will keep this batch to remind her never to fail again. Arfoire promises to improve her process and eventually create the ultimate eggplant of which she will mass produce and sell at high prices. Arfoire laughs maniacally.

It's time for Arfoire's second harvest. She obtains the Item Rank Legendary. Arfoire notices its color, shine and size. She declares that this is the pinnacle of eggplants. According to rumors, placing this at the Altar of the Goddesses will unlock a hidden boss. This will be explosive to hardcore gamers. Arfoire plans to sell this immediately and demands Warechu's assistance. He agrees on the condition that he gets 30% of the profits.

Later, the two have failed to sell the eggplants and Warechu is the first to complain. Arfoire wonders why the populace do not understand the value of eggplants. Warechu notes that eggplants cannot be materials and there aren't many people looking for hidden bosses just yet. Arfoire gets angry at the gamers and calls them spineless. She decides to let the eggplants sleep for now. Luckily, freshness is not a concern in a game. Warechu thinks so too as it'd be a problem if Arfoire harvested too much. Warechu decides to leave and go back to selling random items.

Arfoire and Warechu decide to head to the Fancy Shop. Arfoire has never seen this store before. Warechu think the selection is so random, like a blackmarket but the prices here make no sense. Arfoire knows if someone isn't interested in actually selling their product, the prices are up only to show the produce however... A young clerk welcomes the two of them. Peashy eyes light up as she asks the old lady, if she has eggplants.

Arfoire angrily tells her she is not old but asks her if she likes eggplants. The clerk really likes them as they are both yummy and pretty. Arfoire tells the clerk she has a good eye, and explains that she cultivated this eggplant on the edge of the city. Since she is so nice, Arfoire decides to give her one. The clerk is really happy and decides to give her this. Arfoire notices that the clerk is trying to give her a really rare item.

Warechu warns Arfoire that trading such a rare material for some eggplant is really weird. Warechu does not want any trouble. Arfoire thinks it would be best if they just kept an eye on her sp she tells the clerk to take the eggplant on her as she will take her leave for today.

Near the pond, Warechu thinks this is it. Arfoire notes that they are at the pond of which a spirit lives that will grant any wish. Even if this is within a game, to have it limitless is quite generous. Apparently by offering it some item causes it to appear but the specific conditions are completely unknown. Warechu think they should monopolize it so no else can use it. He wants to take his relationship with Compa to the next level and kiss her.

Arfoire wonders why he would use that. It would be more useful to make vegetables grow faster than to ask for such a worldly desire. Warechu does not care about vegetables but asks that Arfoire does not complain about her Compa. Arfoire says to be honest, he does not care about who Warechu pines for.

Near a pond, Warechu and Arfoire wait in silence. Warechu breaks the silence declaring that he is tired of waiting. Arfoire has gathered as many materials and food as she could but there are no signs of the spirit appearing. Arfoire admits that she is starting to lose her temper. Warechu asks Arfoire what she is doing. Arfoire explains if the spirit won't come out then she'll have to to do something to make it come out.

Arfoire tells the spirit she will throw these delicious eggplants. She tells the spirit to eat up. A paladin is nearby, wondering what is that noise before noticing Arsnore. Arfoire gets irritated by this and tells the little brat her name is Ar- Arfoire takes a moment to look at the brat's appearance and name and laughs. To think they would run into each other in a game like this. Neptune can't stand the eggplants everywhere and she decides to run away. Warechu notes that Arfoire was somehow able to make the Goddess of Planeptune appear instead of the spirit. Perhaps this is what Arfoire was wishing for. Arfoire tells him not to say something so ridiculous.

Near the pond, Warechu is upset that they have been coming to the pond with no results. They have to consider the idea that the rumor might be a complete lie. Arfoire thinks it is good at times like this to imagine your dream coming true. Warechu decides to imagine that and in his delusion tells Compa no. They have to keep their relationship pure until their marriage. Arfoire thinks Warechu is incredibly guillible but that does make him easy to handle.

Neptune is nearby and points out Arbore to her friends, IF and Compa. She hopes Arbore has no eggplants today. Warechu is glad that instead of a spirit, an angel has shown up. Is it possible his wish has come true. IF sighs and asks if they are looking for the spirit as well. She bursts their bubble telling them that the spirit likely does not exist.

Arfoire asks IF how can she be so sure. IF explains that there have been no actual reports of people meeting it from her close friends to random customers at her shop. Neptune supposes that it isn't very nice to complain to people who are just taking a break from their job to pursue a mystery. Arfoire is saddened that she was fooled by false info. She supposes she has to recover all her eggplants.

Later, Arfoire, Warechu and Nepgear have gathered all the eggplants from the pond. Warechu is happy that they were able to get some good eggplants out of all of this and decides to give Nepgear one as a present. Nepgear asks if they are sure. Warechu tells her there is no need to hold back and just accept it. Arfoire regrets after chasing an impossible dream, they used up most of their game time. All they have left is the eggplants she hand-picked every day. Warechu adds that even if they were warned, they were just too stubborn and ended up like this. Arfoire concludes that they were truly fools.

Warechu tells Nepgear if she takes the eggplant and roast or boil it then it is some sort of recompense for them. Nepgear laughs to lighten the mood as she notes they really seem worn out. Arfoire thinks it is time to return to her farm.

In a farm in Wishuel, Arfoire is glad, players are now strong enough to challenge hidden bosses. This is a prime business opportunity. Vert is taking a stroll when she notices Arfoire's shop. She notes that the shop has an item she has not seen before. However, it seems to be a simple eggplant. Arfoire tells Vert she has good eyes. She tells her that this is a forbidden vegetable, said to bring chaos in this world. Arfoire allows Vert to look at it if she wishes. Vert is interested in the fact that it is forbidden but worried about the price.

Arfoire tells Vert that she is having a special. The first eggplant is free but she is sure Vert will be a repeat customer however. Vert accepts Arfoire's offer and acquires the Eggplant. She leaves. Warechu tells Arfoire that it is such a waste to offer the eggplant for free. She could have gotten at least 10 bells for it. Arfoire explains that the eggplants are not being sold at any other stores. She worries that selling it at 10 bells would cause them to misunderstand the eggplants are actually worth only 10 bells. Arfoire concludes that they can just squeeze more money the next time around.

Some time later, Arfoire and Warechu take a trip to Tetyu Temple. They offer eggplants to the Altar of the Goddesses. A guardian arrives and defeats them quickly.





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