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My name is Arfoire... a name that will signal your demise, and ring the bell of destruction for this hopeless world!
— Arfoire

Arfoire is a woman who brings destruction to the Zero Dimension. She has the appearance of a witch and is met in the Zero Dimension by Neptune and the others. Everything about her is shrouded in mystery, save for her goal of destroying the world.



Arfoire maintains her pale light purple skin and overall witch appearance. Her outfit however, is slightly different. She retains her black witch hat decorated with a light purple rose with golden thorns. On her neck is black cloth held with a golden moon pin that is decorated with a red gem in the middle. She wears a black dress similar to her Super Dimension counter part held with a belt. She also has a purple ragged cape. She wears black high heels with cuffs. Her pants are black with a cross decoration.


Arfoire is still melodramatic with her signature laugh. She still despises Neptune heavily. She is cunning and manipulative in the sense that she has lured the party into traps while preparing countermeasures to their own plans. Like the Deity of Sin, she is still driven to destroy everything without the slightest regard for the lives of her allies or herself when she took Rei Ryghts' power. However, unlike her previous incarnations, her personality and mannerisms are the same in all her forms. Being a creation of Kurome Ankokuboshi, she is also loyal to her.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU

Arfoire has been tailing the group since they rescued Umio from the monsters.

She finally reveals herself after they get a large amount of share crystals and unleashes Dark Purple at them. She also destroys the share crystal as she knows their plan. She then introduces herself to the group. Neptune is quite annoyed with Arfoire as she has already beaten her through multiple games and other adaptions. Nepgear notes that since they killed the Diety of Sin in the Hyper Dimension and the Arfoire in the Ultra Dimension is now an eggplant farmer, this has to be another Arfoire.

She laughs are their inability to do anything against Dark Purple. But she stops when the Dogoos start giving their faith to the Planeptune sisters who then transform. She is surprised by the fact they are CPUs. Uzume Tennouboshi then also transforms and seals Dark Purple in the sharing field. In the field Arfoire is unable to gather strength and can only watch as Dark Purple is destroyed.

After that she is forced to retreat as the CPUs outnumber her. She does leave them with a threat though.

Arfoire discovers the location of the CPUs' transport facility and marches a horde of monsters to destroy the place and bring the girls into the "depths of despair". She finds is an annoyed Neptune wondering if she wants to steal her spotlight. Arfoire actually enjoys the idea of stealing Neptune's spotlight and dubs herself "Megadimension Destructor Arfoire". Neptune finds the nickname absolutely hilarious. The party also find the clothing she wears not fit for her age.

Unable to take anymore insults, she orders her monsters to attack. They manage to force the girls back with sheer numbers. She rushes into the facility and launches an attack at Uzume. Nepgear leaves the terminal so at the very least she succeeded in preventing one of the CPUs from leaving the Zero Dimension.

Arfoire tracks the group down as she was unable to finish them off in the facility. She finds them entering a cave and laughs as they are walking into a trap. When they reach a dead end, she confronts them. Umio wonders how she was able to find them as this cave is not on the map. She explains to them that she simply followed their tracks which they did not cover up.

Nepgear says "Arfoire, prepare yourself! Your life will end here!". Arfoire asks her to repeat that and with more politeness. Nepgear then says "Miss Arfoire". Arfoire cries tears of joys as she has been insulted by the group so many times and yet she finally gets some respect from Nepgear. Nepgear wonders if the group can go and she allows them to. As Nepgear takes her up on the offer, Arfoire changes her mind upsetting Nepgear. Arfoire fights the two girls and is forced to use her Deity of Sin form. With that form she is easily able to defeat the girls.

Nepgear then hears a fimiliar voice and Arfoire does not believe her. However an older looking Neptune does fall down. Neptune introduces herself as a dimension traveling bug catcher. She starts chatting with the group while ignoring Arfoire. When she finally gets Neptune's attention, Neptune joins the group to fight against Arfoire while mispronouncing Arfoire's name much to her displeasure. Arfoire promises to kill all 4 of them. Neptune heals up the group and the fight begins.

Arfoire is defeated and pleads for Uzume not to hurt her any further. Uzume refuses and approaches her so Neptune defends her. Arfoire is surprised that Neptune would try to defend her but finds out Neptune simply wants her in bug collection as a rare poisonous butterfly. Arfoire tries to flee but is sucked into the book. She demands to be freed but Neptune just tapes her in and shuts the book silencing Arfoire.

Arfoire wakes Neptune up complaining about the lack of food. She cannot escape Neptune's specimen book, the Nep Note without strength. Neptune decides to give her some weeds to eat but Arfoire hears this and refuses. Neptune then goes to eat breakfast but can't stand the eggplants. Arfoire offers to eat it instead. Neptune happily allows her to do so.

Next, Neptune announces Arfoire's torture session. Arfoire is shocked by this but the group clarifes that it is an interrogation session. The group wants to know everything about her. She explains that she is here to kill the CPUs then destroy the world. Neptune says she will die and that her plan is stupid. Arfoire says Neptune is stupid for not understanding her goal. The two argue and Arfoire decides to never talk to Neptune again.

Neptune finds out lunch is the same as breakfast and cannot stand the eggplants. Arfoire makes her the same offer as before breaking her vow of silence. Neptune happily agrees and she gathers all the raw eggplants and gives it Arfoire. Arfoire has trouble eating it raw but manages. Next, she tricks Uzume and Umio into give her shiitake mushrooms and freshwater fish respectively. With that she has satisfied her hunger and busts out of the Nep Note.

She mocks and gives her thanks to Neptune, Uzume and Umio for their stupidity. Afterwards, she flees understanding that it is pointless to fight them again.

Arfoire finds Croire. The two talk for a bit and Croire finds her interesting. Croire mentions that she has a CPU's power from another dimension. The two decide to team and use a share crystal Croire found to lure the group over.

It works. Arfoire transforms to her True Deity of Sin form and battles the group. She ends up defeated and asks Croire for the power she mentioned earlier. Neptune and Uzume try to stop her but fail. With her newfound power, she revives Dark Purple. Uzume then makes one last ditch effort to stop her but ends up mortally wounded. Arfoire orders Dark Purple to destroy everything and Croire tells her that is a bad idea as the two of them will be caught in the attack. Arfoire states she does not care as her goal to bring destruction to this world.

Arfoire somehow manages to survive Dark Purple's attack and has fused with the Dark CPU. She approaches the main base but that will take a day.

Arfoire has been ambushed by Uzume who tries to trap her in sharing field. She nullifies the share energy and laughs. She prepares to kill the girls. The monsters led by Umio arrive with a large amount of share crystals. She is able to nullify that as well. Then the smaller Neptune and Histoire lend Planeptune's shares into the cause. With that she is trapped in the sharing field.

The smaller Neptune also arrives. With that Arfoire begins her final fight with the girls. She finds herself defeated and her body crumbles.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
In Planeptune, Arfoire was involved in a bunch of burglaries and IF was tasked with tracking her down and stopping her. Luckily for Arfoire, she manages to capture IF. She gloats about how she can kill her quickly or slowly torture her. However, she will spare IF if she begs for her life and swears obedience to Arfoire. IF refuses, so Arfoire tries to kill her but Neptune interferes. Arfoire promises to get revenge on Neptune for the events of the Zero Dimension.

Neptune and IF defeat Arfoire. Neptune wants answers on how she survived but Arfoire refuses to talk, she also taunts IF by telling her to beat to try to beat the information out of her regarding her burglaries. IF approaches her but Steamax arrives to help Arfoire retreat. Arfoire asks for his assistance in killing the pair, however Steamax's orders are to retreat. Arfoire leaves behind a monster and retreats with Steamax.

Arfoire is happy to hear that Steamax has found the console. She now wishes to retrieve it but Affimojas refuses and gives Steamax the job. She demands to know why and Affimojas explains that she has failed in Planeptune and Leanbox. He wants reliability that Steamax can deliver. Arfoire allows this but threatens Steamax to not fail.

Arfoire shows up in front of S-Sha alone. S-Sha wonders if she is trying to assassinate her but she is not. She is simply here to led her help with S-Sha's goals. It turns out she suggested S-Sha the plan to sacrifice 1000000 ran-pigs.

In the summit Arfoire reports to S-Sha that Vert and Nepgear have entered and are likely trying to stop the ritual. She tells Neptune to stall the two. After that, Arfoire has retrieved a cable and scolds Neptune for failing to count 1000000 ran-pigs for the ritual.

She then awaits the other members of AffimaX in collecting all the parts of the Swirl Console.

Affimojas is happy that his site's monthly revenue has increased by 10 times the amount. Arfoire is bewildered by the fact that Affimojas bought a battleship on a loan. He explains that it is impossible to pay off a battleship in a single payment. Arfoire does not care about that but asks him if he has all the parts of the Swirl Console.

He does but demands 5 trillion credits in advance. Arfoire says that was not part of the deal and calls him greedy. He takes that as a compliment since he likes money. Arfoire orders Neptune to steal the console parts. She steals all but one part. Arfoire is angry at her failure but decides to do the job herself. She gets ready to fight the general.

Steamax shows up and Arfoire is angry at the moody ninja. She asks Neptune to open a portal. The two retreat.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend
Arfoire is ordered by the fake Uzume to eliminate Neptune corners Neptune in a dungeon. Neptune mispronouncing her name asks her to ease up. Arfoire ignores her pleas and admits normally the mispronunciation would have enraged her but she is glad to be rid of Neptune. She mocks Neptune for even attempting to trick Uzume but now she is without Croire and cannot escape. She would love to torture Neptune for all eternity but an order by Uzume is not something she can disobey. Arfoire goes in for the kill but Nepgear, Uni and Uzume show up transformed to stop her.

Arfoire is glad of the opportunity to get rid of 3 CPUs and Neptune. She goes all out transforming to her True Deity of Sin form. The three CPUs prove too much for Arfoire. She wonders why she cannot defeat them. Umio, tagging along with the CPUs replies that Neptune has always said that she is destined to be defeated by them. Arfoire tells the group she does not want to die and asks Uzume to save her as she dies.


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  • In Arfoire's bonus voice clip Other 1, she asks the player to marry her.
  • Arfoire introduces both of her forms as her "true form", despite only one of them fulfilling the title.


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