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I'd like to form an alliance with your party of heroes.
— Artisan

Artisan is the leader of the Resistance and a supporting character in Super Neptunia RPG.



Artisan has slanted azure eyes with thick lashes and curly shoulder-length auburn hair. Her gold horns curve downward. She wears a white top resembling a trench-coat with red lining the middle and held together by a gold diamond resting beneath a gold curved piece resembling her horns. Gold accents her top, with black coloring on the collarbone to match her belt, which has gold straps and circular piece. Her black short-shorts have gold lining and connect to her pointed black stockings, with her curved ornament hanging from the middle. She also wears dark grey and gold boots with the same ornament and a black sole, matching gloves with a trim of white point fabric, and black and grey sleeves. Over her shoulders is a white and purple jacket with gold accents.



Super Neptunia RPG

For your first job, go to Lastation Outskirts
Artisan sneaks into Lastation Outskirts after hearing rumors about a newbie who lost her memory. Artisan disguises herself as a member of Bombyx Mori. She sees an officer supervising the newbie and lies that he is needed elsewhere. She offers to trade positions with him and he accepts.

The newbie happily says goodbye to the officer. Artisan praises the newbie for her lively greeting thinking that she is a good girl.

She asks if she is talking to the the newbie with the memory loss that she has been hearing about. The newbie is excited that she has already gotten a reputation and soon she will be legend. Artisan thinks reputation is a strong word, it is more of a rumor. The newbie then happily introduces herself as Neptune and finds it nice to meet Artisan.

Artisan notices that the newbie still remembers her name. Neptune notes that the title of this game does have Neptunia in it. Over the distance, Ester Zira praises a citizen as their cartridge was given a 4 star rating by Filyn. The citizen is pleased that their cartridge was good and hails Filyn.

Neptune notes that Filyn is a good one as everyone seems to be happy to get her approval. Artisan wonders about that. She leaves Neptune with some advice, to stay away from Bombyx Mori, as it won't be around much longer.

Escape Akoop Archive
Artisan sneaked into Akoop Ancient Archive for a Resistance Mission. This alerted Bombyx Mori who captured the wrong person altogether. Artisan returned to Leanbox where the Resistance HQ was.

Head to the Resistance Base
Artisan walks up to see some strangers at the base. Neptune turns around and thinks she has seen this lady before. Artisan remembers Neptune as that newbie from Lastation. The resistance member then worries that the two of them are with Bombyx Mori. Neptune now completely remembers the lady from before. Blanc asks Neptune what is going on. Neptune begins to explain herself and assures Artisan that she has it wrong.

Vert asks Artisan what is the meaning of this. Artisan remarks that Bombyx Mori is smarter than she thought if they could find their base. She draws her brush and notes while they may have found their way in. They won't find their way out. Artisan tells them they will regret this, the Resistance will be threatened by those Bombyx Morons. Neptune continues to explain that she has it all wrong. Artisan tells the party to prepare themselves.

Vert is able to stop the fight and tries to explain to Artisan what is going on. Artisan asks Vert if they are with her. Vert confirms this and explains that Bombyx Mori has captured their friend and they are here to ask for help. Neptune further adds that Noire was captured when they were looking for something in the Archive. Blanc adds that she was mistaken for a spy that snuck in at the same time they did. Artisan understands and agrees to talk about this inside.

Inside the base, Artisan collects what she has heard and notes that it worries her. Neptune wonders why. Artisan explains that she was the spy they were looking for as she snuck in the same they did. Neptune can't believe this. Artisan explains that she feels partially responsible for Noire's capture. Blanc asks if she is sure because she saw a spy that looked nothing like her.

Artisan guesses she saw her handiwork and says with a stroke of her brush... she transforms into her Bombyx Mori disguise. Artisan then swipes her brush again and turns back. Neptune is impressed with what she is seeing. Artisan notes that it is her fault that their friend was taken. She will help the two of them. However, Artisan notes that she is responsible for the base as well. Neptune is glad that Artisan will help them. Neptune invites Vert to help out as well.

Vert wants to help but she is busy. Blanc notes that the amusement park is selling limited edition of new games tomorrow. Vert asks if this is true. Neptune thinks that is cool and asks Blanc how she knows this. Blanc reminds Neptune it was on the flyer. Vert gulps and notes that she wants to thank them for helping her so she has decided to join them. Neptune is glad that she now has the last party member. Neptune declares that this party will now head to Lowee. Blanc agrees. Vert also agrees. Artisan also agrees but she notes that she can't help in battle as her brush has been acting up. Neptune wants these tropes to stop as she has heard that one too many times.

Head to FC Land (2)
The party makes it to Twin Mountains on their way to FC Land when they come before a man who is concerned with something. Neptune asks the man what is wrong. He explains that his friend, an engineer was taken. He asks them to rescue her. The engineer was working at the park and they were supposed to make a game together. The fact that it was an engineer catches Vert and Artisan's interest. Neptune wonders what she should do.

Neptune decides to help the man as she is a hero after all. Blanc tells the man she is no hero but since he needs the help, she will give it. Artisan agrees. The man thanks them and explains his friend was taken to the Harbor. Neptune understands and the party decides to check it out.

Head to Lowee Harbor
In the harbor, they see Bombyx Mori soldiers with a lady. Neptune wonders if that lady is the man's friend. The man takes a look and says that she is. The lady is being loaded onto a boat so he calls out to her. Neptune declares that the Hero has appeared. She demands they release that citizen. A Bombyx Mori captain tells his soldiers to get them. Neptune tells them to behold the mighty Hero's sword.

After defeating Bombyx Mori, Neptune declares it was an easy victory. The engineer thanks them for saving her. The man is relieved that his friend was saved. Vert is sorry that the engineer had to go through that. The engineer explains that Bombyx Mori tried to take her because she wouldn't stop developing games. Artisan confirms her suspicions about Bombyx Mori.

Blanc is confused, Bombyx Mori takes games as payment yet they would take someone away for developing new games. Vert suggests that they may have had a falling out. Neptune thinks it would be simple if it were that simple. For now, Blanc suggests that they head to FC Land first and worry about this later. The man thanks them for all their help. The engineer does not know what is going on but tells them to take care of themselves.

Neptune assures the engineer that they will and is glad that she is safe as well. They say their goodbyes.

Head to FC Land (3)
Near FC Land, the party runs into Chrome. Neptune apologizes for making Chrome wait. Chrome is surprised to see Vert and guesses that they are now all here. Vert is confused and asks if she knows her. Chrome says that Vert might know her. Neptune asks Chrome to stop with the mysterious one-liners. Blanc asks about Noire. Chrome says that she is safe but they don't have much time.

Artisan seems to recognize Chrome. Chrome understands that seeing Artisan that Neptune was able to enlist the help of the Resistance. Neptune wonders if the two of them know each other. Artisan chuckles and says that Neptune can see that. While Neptune would love details, she wants to focus on saving Noire. Vert agrees. Chrome explains that they are holding Noire in Yanderella Castle. Blanc says they need to save her and urges the party to go. Neptune likes it when Blanc is all fired up. Neptune leads the way. Chrome joins the party.

Charge into Yanderella Castle
Inside Yanderella Castle, Neptune can't believe something so pretty outside can be so creepy on the inside. Artisan notes that based on intel, Noire is held in an underground cell. Blanc tells Noire to hold on a little more.

Search for Noire in the basement of Yanderella Castle
Eventually the party was able to find Noire. Noire is surprised that Neptune actually came for her. Blanc says she is here too. Noire thanks Blanc. Noire notes that the door is locked. Artisan tells her to leave it to her and unlocks the door. Noire is finally freed. She asks Chrome who these two new faces are. Vert walks up and is introduces herself as Vert. Neptune explains that Vert is the last piece of the puzzle according to Histoire and the other person is...

Artisan notes that Noire has been through a lot. Neptune continues that she is with the Resistance and the spy they were accusing Noire of being. Noire then says that means this would be her fault. Artisan apologizes for that. Noire is about to say her mind but holds back. First they need to get out of here. Neptune agrees. Seeing how dirty Neptune's face is, Noire is about get her handkerchief but she notices she already used it. Neptune is confused. Noire remembers she used it as a bandage for that kitty.

Vert thinks they must bring that injured kitty with them. Noire does not know where the cat is. As soon as she took her eyes of the kitty, it was gone. Chrome notes that they don't have time for this and must go.

Escape Yanderella Castle
The party are almost out of Yanderella Castle and Neptune can see the exit. Someone tells them not so fast. Chrome recognizes this voice. It is Filyn, and she tells them they cannot just break out of her castle on her watch. Chrome notes that it really is Filyn. Noire warns everyone that this is the leader of Bombyx Mori. Filyn confirms Noire's warning.

Neptune can't believe that it is the loli... Filyn. Neptune can't believe she let that slip but looking at Filyn, there is no other way to describe her. Filyn asks if Neptune just called her a loli. Neptune quickly explains that she was just coughing, and notes that she is just Filyn. Blanc notes that she is such a little girl. Vert thinks she is adorable. Filyn can't believe what she is hearing.

Chrome warns the party that there is a reason why she is the leader of Bombyx Mori. They cannot fight her right now. Filyn is glad that Chrome is always the voice of reason. Filyn demands that they surrthender... surrender quickly. Neptune wonders if Filyn just bit her tongue. Noire, Blanc, Vert, Artisan and Chrome confirms that she did bite her tongue.

Filyn tells them she did not bite tongue. Filyn tells them not to make fun of her and she won't forgive them. She is going to blow them all up. Neptune is surprised. Chrome tells the party to leave this to her. Blanc can't believe Chrome is going to handle this. Chrome tells the party to make a run for this. She will handle this alone. The party is in shock. Even Filyn can't believe this.

Filyn wonders if she will have a date with Chrome. Filyn wants to go on a Ferris Wheel first. Chrome refuses to go on any rides with her. Filyn then suggests they go on one of those spinning cups first then. She is cool with that and wants to go. Chrome tells her she is not going. Filyn is shocked by her refusal. Filyn thinks Chrome wants to go the funhouse then.

Vert believes no battle will be happening so they should just leave. Blanc and Noire agree. Besides, Noire does have something amazing that she saw when she was brought here that she wants to tell the party about. Noire also wants to properly get acquainted with Vert. Vert agrees. Neptune remarks that Filyn seems to be obsessed with Chrome. Neptune agrees with running away while Filyn is distracted. Artisan agrees.

Back in Lowee, Artisan thinks they should be safe now. Artisan wants to know the amazing thing Noire saw earlier. Noire says it was an image projected to an area that seemed three dimensional. Noire remembers it was so lifelike and she could hardly tell that it wasn't real. Noire concludes that it was very pretty. Artisan thinks that was a super pretty 3D movie.

Noire has never heard of the term "3D". Noire notes that Bombyx Mori was trying to hide that image or the device that displays it. Noire asks if they saw the scaffolding and covers. She notes that those were not there before. Blanc notes that they only heard that they bought the park and began repairs. She guesses all they worked on was the castle. Neptune wonders if that means they bought it only to hide these three-dimensional pictures. Artisan thinks it is likely they plan on destroying them.

Neptune wonders why they would do that. Vert is also confused as to why they would destroy such a beautiful image. Noire admits she does not know why but what she does know is that when she first saw it, it did not feel new. For some reason, Noire seems to know about it already. Neptune remembers about that engineer they saved earlier. She was working on the park. Vert confirms that this is true. They were making some new game and Bombyx Mori wanted them to stop. Artisan thinks they were making a new kind of game, not a 2D one but one with three dimensional imaging.

Neptune is impressed as she can't even imagine what it would look like. She thinks it is unfair that Noire is the only one who can see it and she wants to see it as well. Noire notes that there isn't much she can do about that. Blanc notes that this 3D game has her curious. Vert thinks this sounds fun. Artisan agrees with Vert and she adds that it might be possible for them to make one. This surprises the party. Artisan invites them to Resistance HQ. She wants to show them something. Noire is okay with that. Vert says she was planning on heading that way anyways. Neptune thinks they have unlocked a super cool part of the story.

Neptune suggests that they use a Return Spell to zoom in on Resistance HQ. Noire tells Neptune that does not exist. Neptune is sad that does not exist. Neptune wonders if anyone has any Chimaera Wings around. Noire reminds Neptune that does not exist. Vert thinks the two of them must have some lovely conversations. Noire notes that it is not like... Noire brushes that aside and introduces herself to Vert. Vert, likewise introduces herself to Noire.

Noire asks if Vert also lacks her memories. Vert confirms this but thanks to that, she can enjoy games new and fresh again. Noire can't believe what she is hearing from Vert. Blanc blankly stares away. Neptune notices that Blanc has been very quiet. She is thinking about Leanbox. Neptune notes that they are headed to Leanbox. Blanc is also thinking of Lowee. Noire notes they are currently in Lowee and wonders about it.

Blanc notes there is an event happening Lowee tomorrow. Neptune asks what kind of event it is. Blanc notes that it is a special comic market, a Lowee tradition that happens 3 times a year. Blanc wants to attend this event. Neptune notes that she can hear the passion from Blanc's quiet voice. Blanc asks the party what they think of this. Artisan has no issue with it. Vert also has no objections. Neptune is in on this as well. Noire is okay as long as they keep an eye of Bombyx Mori. Blanc thinks it is settled then. Neptune suggests that they find an inn and get some rest for the night.

Blanc doubts she will be able to sleep. She has a lot of research to do and notes that the battle has just begun. Neptune can't believe how serious Blanc is about this. Artisan notes that she has to meet with some Resistance members so they should meet up at the inn tomorrow.

The day after Lowee's special comic market, Artisan welcomes them back and asks them how was the event. Neptune asks why Artisan has to bring it up. Blanc says she will never forgive them. Artisan asks what happened and if they ran into trouble. Vert wonders how she should explain this. Noire explains that there was a scary lady hellbent on finding Neptune. Artisan is surprised. Neptune wonders why the crazy lady is after her. Blanc says that does not matter compared to the inspection. Neptune asks Blanc what she means by that does not matter. Neptune wonders if Blanc has no heart.

Artisan wonders what Blanc means by inspection. Blanc notes that if they don't defeat Bombyx Mori, they will take all the spoils of war. Vert admits she is worried about her games. Artisan laughs and thinks there is something they can agree on. She suggests they rest for today and tomorrow they head for Leanbox. Noire that sounds good to her as she is tired. Vert thinks rest is an adequate way to pass the time as she does not have her console. Blanc declares she will unwind with a good book. Noire warns her not to stay up too late. Neptune thinks she won't be able to get any sleep.

Head to Leanbox from Lowee Harbor (2)
At Lowee Harbor, Vert notes they were able to leave the harbor undetected by Bombyx Mori and praises everyone. Neptune breathes a sigh of relief. Blanc has just finished reading a book and is on to the next one. Noire warns Blanc that she will strain her eyes if she reads too much. Blanc ignores her and continues reading. Neptune finally remembers she has a book that she wants Blanc to read.

This surprises Noire. Neptune notes that it is Histoire's dictionary from Lowee's Archive. Neptune calls out to Blanc. Blanc ignores Neptune. Neptune calls out Blanc again. Blanc continues to ignore everyone around her. Noire tells Neptune she won't be able to get through to her right now while she is reading. Neptune whines as this is actually important.

Neptune has an idea and just takes away Blanc's book. Blanc snaps and asks Neptune if she has a death wish. Neptune cries in fear. Blanc calms down a little and asks Neptune what she wants. Neptune gives Blanc, Histoire's dictionary and explains that she wants her to take a look at it. Blanc wonders why Neptune did not tell her something so important earlier. Neptune guesses she was too busy saving Noire earlier and forgot to tell her.

Neptune notes that she found another book for Blanc. Everyone comes in to take a look at the book. Noire wonders what is that. Blanc reads the title "The Book of Restoration" and it seems to be a novel. Neptune notes that it wasn't interesting to her but she thought Blanc might like it. Blanc thanks Neptune. Vert tells Blanc that she knows she is excited but she asks her to wait before starting the second book.

Blanc knows but she says a little peek won't hurt. Noire tells her not to. Blanc sighs and says she will look at the dictionary first. Neptune hopes that they can figure out what Histoire is saying with this. Blanc is not sure about this but she tells Neptune to bring Histoire out. Neptune brings Histoire out. Blanc asks Neptune to ask her something. Noire suggests asking her something about their memories.

Noire asks Histoire why they lost their memories. Histoire replies in cryptic symbols and emoticons. Neptune says this is a job for the dictionary. Blanc notes that some of these symbols are not listed so she can't read it. Neptune is disappointed. Blanc notes that the tome was spread across 7 books so she assumes they need them all. However a few words are here though, hard...save...time...memories.

Vert notes that while helpful she wishes they knew exactly what she was saying. Neptune understands and she says she will solve the puzzle. Neptune thinks Histoire said "It was hard, but to save ourselves from doing work, we erased our memories!". Histoire has an angry reply. Noire thinks Neptune completely missed the mark. Neptune responds with the fact that she is trying.

Noire thinks this is disappointing. She thought they would figure out something. Neptune notes that did find something, now they know they need to find the other dictionaries. Noire admits Neptune is correct.

At Leanbox, Artisan announces they are here. Vert then announces that she will be... Neptune understands and thanks Vert for helping them save Noire. Vert accepts Neptune's thanks and notes that she is relieved that Noire is safe. Neptune asks Vert if with that, does she want to join their party for real? Vert hesitates but apologizes to Neptune. Neptune sadly asks if that is no.

Neptune remembers that there was something important that Vert had to do. Vert confirms that is correct, as she must shut herself in and play through all her games. Neptune can't believe that was the important thing that Vert has to do. Vert clarifies that she has to provide supplies to the Resistance so of course, she must stay behind.

Blanc reminds Vert that she does that so she can play their games. Noire calls out to Neptune. Neptune asks Noire what's up. Noire notes that Bombyx Mori is after them so Vert will be in danger if she joined them. Vert is touched by Noire's concern. Neptune remembers that is true. Neptune tells Vert that the offer is always open for her to join their party. Neptune decides to leave it at that.

Vert asks if Neptune is really okay with her staying behind. Neptune says that she is. Vert is guesses with that, if she ever gets the desire to join Neptune, she will seek Neptune out to join the party. Artisan asks if Vert is going to head back to the Resistance base now. Vert confirms that she is.

Head to the Resistance Base
As the party returns to the Resistance base, a member of the Resistance happily welcomes the big kahuna's return. Artisan told the member she doesn't like being called that. Regardless she welcomes everyone inside. Neptune happily accepts and wonders where's the food. Noire and Blanc politely excuse themselves inside. Inside, Vert greets all the resistance members.

Artisan tells Neptune she has something to show her before their meal. She hands them something. Blanc notes that was in the Archives. Artisan confirms Blanc's observation and explains it was a magazine from the Archives. Noire says that if features 3D and VR games. Neptune notes they just heard of 3D games but she has no idea what VR is.

Blanc asks if she can take a look. Artisan allows her to. Blanc reads "A G***tsu special report1 A new game using brand-new technology! Don't Worry!" Blanc has no idea why the magazine tells people not to worry. Neptune has a feeling that this isn't new. Noire agrees with Neptune's hunch. Neptune adds that she feels she has seen these games before. Blanc and Vert agrees.

Noire notes that she felt the same way when she saw those 3D images at the castle. Artisan explains that the Resistance got wind of these games when they were investigating Bombyx Mori. For some reason, their organization believes these games don't exist. Based on what they have gathered, 3D and VR games once existed in this world. However, the games and the console that run them have been lost.

Vert ponders about what Artisan says. Artisan explains that the Resistance's goal is to get those games and consoles back to the people. Neptune wonders if that is what the Resistance is about. Artisan confirms this. Neptune is surprised that the Resistance was doing proper work. Artisan snickers and wonders what Neptune thinks Artisan and the Resistance were up to.

Seeing Artisan's mood change, Neptune realizes her mistake. Cornered, Neptune shyly admits she thought the Resistance just played a lot of games like Vert does. Vert reminds Neptune that she was not a member of the Resistance. Artisan tells Neptune that their work is serious. 3D and VR games exist and Bombyx Mori is hiding it.

Blanc ponders on why. Artisan declares that they need new games for the sake of the world, for the sake of Gamindustri. Otherwise, Gamindustri's growth will halt and the tax regulations will get ridiculous. Neptune wonders what she means by ridiculous. Artisan explains that the demands will be too much for the people and the evaluations will be unfair.

Neptune remembers that in Lastation, they're already being forced to make the same kinds of games. She retells the story of the old couple who got low ratings then had their store trashed with their only consolation that they did not get punished. Artisan laments that Bombyx Mori rejects new ideas and that any creative will lose motivation working like that. Blanc agrees with Artisan's sentiment. Vert was surprised that people in Lastation get punished. Artisan confirms that this is true.

Artisan notes that Vert spent a lot of time gaming so she probably did not hear too much about it. Vert can't believe this and is saddened by such injustice. Artisan notes that while Leanbox is under the control of Bombyx Mori, they know that the citizens of Leanbox do not support them and that the Resistance base is here. Despite how much pressure they put on other nations, they aren't strict in Leanbox.

Noire notes that this attitude is strategic, if they push Leanbox too hard, they will birth a rebellion. Artisan agrees with Noire observation and concludes for those reasons are Leanbox's tax regulations and overall treatment of citizens are much better. However, Artisan is also aware that Bombyx Mori is plotting against the Resistance and keeping tabs on them.

Neptune thinks that is scary and doesn't want to know about that. Vert thinks that is horrible and for them to deny the development of new games. Artisan thinks this is unforgivable and asks Vert if she feels the same way. Vert wholeheartedly agrees.

After all that, the party have a meal. Neptune praises the pudding. Blanc quietly continues to read her book. Neptune sees that Blanc is still reading the Book of Restoration and asks how is it? Blanc thinks it's really fun. Neptune is surprised books can be fun. Blanc notes that she would have preferred reading the magazine but Vert took it. Vert continues to read the magazine. Noire notes that Artisan's story must have been a shock to Vert since she didn't know anything.

Vert asks for everyone's attention. Neptune wonder what is up. Vert tells everyone to look at this page. It shows a purple console which was manufactured in Planeptune. She thinks that some information is held in Planeptune and that they should investigate. Neptune is upset that she has to travel again and thinks this is such a pain. Suddenly Histoire starts glowing as brightly as possible. She angrily says something in emoticons.

Neptune tries to tell Histoire she can't read that. Vert observes that Histoire is very upset. Neptune agrees that they will be going to Planeptune. Histoire gets super excited. Neptune finishes her pudding so she is ready to go. Vert declares that if Bombyx Mori is oppressing innovation in gaming, she will obliterate them. Blanc reads until something surprises her.

Noticing Blanc is not paying attention, Neptune asks Blanc if she is listening to her and explains that they are going to Planeptune. Noire tells Neptune to have fun. Neptune starts to realize something is wrong. Noire explains to Neptune that her priority is her memories not lost games. Since there is probably nothing in Planeptune, she thinks it is best that they split up.

Neptune gets angry at that. Noire wonders what's wrong. Neptune asks Histoire how Noire can get her memories back. Histoire explains in unintelligible emoticons. Neptune can't read that. Regardless, Neptune tells Noire that Histoire knows something and that Histoire's tome can be in Planeptune. Noire should come with them to find it. Noire realizes that Neptune is not going to let her leave the party.

Blanc then voices her complaints. They just saved Noire and she does not feel up for another adventure. Neptune can't believe Blanc is like this too, but in her case, Neptune struggles to find something to convince her. That being said, Neptune would like Blanc to return the Book of Restoration to her. Blanc notes that she has not finished reading it yet. Since that is the case, Blanc agrees to travel with Neptune.

With that Neptune is ready to head to Planeptune. However, Neptune then remembers Vert. She wonders if Vert is coming with them. Vert is happy to come along with Neptune. Neptune is worried she is taking Vert away from her life. Vert gulps and declares that she will be the one to ask this. Vert asks Neptune if she can join her party. Neptune's eyes sparkle and declares that Vert has joined the party.

Neptune declares that the Hero Party is complete! Neptune thinks that having a party of four people feels great! Artisan is happy for Neptune. She then has a proposal for Neptune. Neptune wonders what is up. Artisan notes that both her party and Artisan's Resistance is against Bombyx Mori so why don't they team up. Neptune wonders if Artisan means... Artisan formerly requests to form an alliance with Neptune's party of Heroes.

Noire is not sure about this Hero title, however she was hoping the Resistance would help them. Blanc says that she is grateful for the Resistance's help. Neptune accepts Artisan's request. Artisan is glad she accepted but notes that this wasn't just a request to be buddies though. She requests that Neptune gets intel on Bombyx Mori and the Resistance will assist them whenever they run into trouble. Artisan asks Neptune how it sounds to her, she will help take down Bombyx Mori and save the world.

Neptune thinks that is perfect and that they'll save the world in no time. Vert laughs and thinks Neptune says it like it'll be so easy. Noire observes that Neptun really is into this Hero thing, and hopes they'll be okay. Artisan thinks this is promising. Neptune declares they are now offwards to Planeptune. Blanc tells Neptune the word is "onwards". Neptune tells Blanc this was on purpose. Noire really hopes they will be okay.

Gathering Eggplants
Artisan calls Neptune and her party asking them how they are doing. Neptune tells her that they are doing well. She asks Artisan how's it is going. Artisan says it is good, and wants to tell them all about a rumor that might interest them. There are delicious eggplants near Lowee. Artisan wants to get her hands on some but can't. She asks if the party can help her.

Neptune is taken aback by eggplants, and wonders why Artisan would ever call her about eggplants. She tells Artisan that she does not like this and asks if Artisan is new here. Chrome is interested in eggplants and agrees that they can help. Noire thinks Chrome is too eager to help and asks if she likes eggplants. Chrome says that they are here favorite food in the world and perhaps the universe. Neptune sees how eager Chrome is and decides to help her find some. She wonders if eggplants are possibly good. If they are then...

Artisan is happy that they will help her. She says that she will be at the base so asks them to call her when they arrive. Chrome wants to head to the base now.

Later, Artisan is happy that the party has actually arrived seeing how Neptune was hesistant during the call. Chrome excitedly assures that the party would arrive as she likes eggplants. Neptune says that Chrome only speaks for herself because... Artisan wonders if that means Neptune is no longer up to the task. Chrome gives Neptune the stink eye. Cornered, Neptune says that was just a joke. She actually likes eggplants.

Artisan says that is great and begins to fill the party on the details. Artisan says that these eggplants aren't regular eggplants, they are Maximum Eggplants. They are becoming hard to find in Lowee so once they find them, they should bring them to the Resistance base. She wants them to gather 3 Maximum Eggplants. Noire asks how they are supposed to tell the difference between those eggplants and regular ones.

Blanc believe she has heard of something like that before. Artisan thinks that since Blanc is aware of what they look like, they should be able to find them quickly. Blanc corrects Artisan as she was not referring to eggplants but tomoat-. Chrome silences Blanc as they don't have the budget to win this legal battle. Blanc apologizes for that mishap. Chrome says they have all the info they need and they should go. Artisan tells them to be careful out there as they leave

Neptune's party returns to Resistance HQ with Chrome happily reporting that they have the three Maximum Eggplants. Artisan says that was quick and is happy to eat them right away. Blanc asks Artisan if she is actually to going to eat them raw. Artisan explains that apparently they are best served raw. She takes one of the eggplants and tries it. It is delicious and Artisan is sure being as juicy as it is, it would be a great summer snack. Chrome asks if she can have one as well. Artisan happily hands some to Chrome as her party brought them over anyways. Chrome thanks Artisan and tries the eggplant. Chrome enjoys the eggplant praising it as the best eggplant she ever had.

Neptune covers her face and groans. She does not see the appeal of the eggplants at all. Vert asks Neptune how she knows she won't like eggplants. Artisan gives Neptune an eggplant for her to try. Neptune asks if she has to try it. Artisan tells Neptune she will not force her to but vouches that the eggplant is delicious. Neptune says she will think about it.

Noire notes that she did not know that Chrome likes eggplants that much. Vert agrees and thought Chrome was a standard meat lover. Blanc says they are done now and should get going. Before they leave, Artisan wants the party to take this as a token of her apperciation. She'll contact them if something else comes up. Neptune tells Artisan that it better not be eggplant-related and says her goodbyes.






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Artisan's name comes from the video game company Artisan Studios, an independent developer from Canada who created Super Neptunia RPG.


  • Artisan is the first maker in the Neptunia series to reference a western video game company.