Artisan is the leader of the Resistance and a supporting character in Super Neptunia RPG.



Artisan has slanted azure eyes with thick lashes and curly shoulder-length auburn hair. Her gold horns curve downward. She wears a white top resembling a trench-coat with red lining the middle and held together by a gold diamond resting beneath a gold curved piece resembling her horns. Gold accents her top, with black coloring on the collarbone to match her belt, which has gold straps and circular piece. Her black short-shorts have gold lining and connect to her pointed black stockings, with her curved ornament hanging from the middle. She also wears dark grey and gold boots with the same ornament and a black sole, matching gloves with a trim of white point fabric, and black and grey sleeves. Over her shoulders is a white and purple jacket with gold accents.



Super Neptunia RPG

For your first job, go to Lastation Outskirts
Artisan sneaks into Lastation Outskirts after hearing rumors about a newbie who lost her memory. Artisan disguises herself as a member of Bombyx Mori. She sees an officer supervising the newbie and lies that he is needed elsewhere. She offers to trade positions with him and he accepts.

The newbie happily says goodbye to the officer. Artisan praises the newbie for her lively greeting thinking that she is a good girl.

She asks if she is talking to the the newbie with the memory loss that she has been hearing about. The newbie is excited that she has already gotten a reputation and soon she will be legend. Artisan thinks reputation is a strong word, it is more of a rumor. The newbie then happily introduces herself as Neptune and finds it nice to meet Artisan.

Artisan notices that the newbie still remembers her name. Neptune notes that the title of this game does have Neptunia in it. Over the distance, Ester Zira praises a citizen as their cartridge was given a 4 star rating by Filyn. The citizen is pleased that their cartridge was good and hails Filyn.

Neptune notes that Filyn is a good one as everyone seems to be happy to get her approval. Artisan wonders about that. She leaves Neptune with some advice, to stay away from Bombyx Mori, as it won't be around much longer.






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Artisan's name comes from the video game company Artisan Studios, an independent developer from Canada who created Super Neptunia RPG.


  • Artisan is the first maker in the Neptunia series to reference a western video game company.


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