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Hehe... wanna play a game? Hahaha! You guys are gonna love this! It's so... hellish.
— Artura

Artura Arrima, also known as Mai Kamimura in the Japanese version, is one of the Three Musketeers and one of the antagonist in Super Neptunia RPG. She was the overseer of the Trial Grounds, where Bombyx Mori sends criminals and the citizens have taken to calling her the "Mad King" because of the insane trials she puts innocent people through. She aggressively pursues Neptune with the intent of taking her to the Trial Grounds.



Artura has short spiked red hair worn in pigtails, with similar shaped bangs and forelocks. Her sharp red eyes are worn with light red eye-shadow, and on her head is a top hat with goggles. She has gold and silver mechanical arms and hands, with black accents, dark red and blue wires, and goldenrod spheres on the hand and wrist areas. She wears a slightly ripped dark grey and gold buttoned dress with two tails in the front and one in the back, and black string laced through the sides. At the neck is red fabric to accent the detail on the black cropped shirt worn over this, which is held shut by four gold buttons. She also wears sheer stockings with a black and red cuff, and a pair of dark grey boots with pointed gold toe and heel, a red band around the top, and four black straps held by gold buckles.


Artura is an aggressive person who only seeks out good fights. When she finds someone interesting and strong, she gets the desire to constantly clash with them. She has a tendency of calling people she wishes to clash with mice and sees them as a form of prey for her. She dislikes boring tasks that are handed to her by Paix St. Gliss.


Super Neptunia RPG

Investigate Akoop Ancient Archive once more
Artura was sent by Paix St. Gliss to watch over the Lowee archives as they sort out and remove books that are damaging to Bombyx Mori. During which she comes across a spy who is able to give her a good fight. While this spy tries to plead that she is no spy but just got lost, Artura knows better and fights her.

The spy was able to put up a good fight but Artura is able to capture her. She notes that she thought her mission by that music snob to watch over the Archives was going to boring. However, she found a rat that put up such a good fight. Artura admits she is now in a great mood. She asks her soldiers if this is great. They agree. The spy asks the commander who is she?

Since the spy is going to be taken away, she decides to tell her. She introduces herself as Artura and welcomes the spy to the Mad King's Trial Grounds. She hopes the spy likes to fight. She does not and screams out in fear.

Head to FC Land
Artura eventually returns to their base FC Land in Lowee. During which an alarm is sounded with two unidentified persons detected, likely Resistance members. The intruders are quickly surrounded by guards and Artura arrives with the rest of the Musketeers. Paix is the first to comment on the situation disliking it due to the discord.

Bombyx Mori's Three Musketeers

An energetic intruder is curious about Paix. Paix decides to introduce herself as the number one, the lead Musketeer on a quest for the ultimate tone. Artura starts laughing. She is happy to see more mice and thinks it is great the idiots are taking the bait. Artura's laugh annoys Paix, to which Artura does not care one bit about. Artura wonders if the "Resistance scum" and asks if they know of her, the Mad King. A calmer intruder has no idea who she is.

The Mad King explains that she Bombyx Mori's number two. Artura snickers and asks if they want to play a game. She thinks they will love it, as it is... hellish. Ester notes that Arty likes it when things get difficult. Mad King Arty tells Ester not to call her that or she will kill her. Ester is amused by that response. The energetic intruder recognizes Ester. Ester realizes that Neptune is the newbie, she met earlier. The calmer intruder asks Neptune if they know each other.

Neptune snickers and admits she sort of knows her. Ester agrees with Neptune that they are acquainted and introduces herself as Ester Zira, the third Musketeer. Ester asks Neptune if she lied to her. Neptune tells her it is not like that. Neptune then realizes if these are the Three Musketeers then they are Bombyx Mori elite. Paix tells Neptune she is correct. Paix notes that they place is overrun by ugly sounds and she must hurry and tune it.

Ester tells the intruders they are under arrest! Mad King Arty laughs and tells the mice to give up. The calmer intruder notes that Bombyx Mori are not going to let them go. Neptune notes that usually Goddesses lose this first boss battle but she is going to win! She asks if they know why? It is because she is no Goddess, but a Hero and charges in. Neptune and the other intruder are defeated.

Mad King Arty tells them she is going to turn them to a pile of bones. Neptune is upset that they lost, while the other intruder screams out in pain. Neptune calls for a tactical retreat! The two run off. Ester notes that those two girls are fast. Paix thinks that is repulsive and orders Bombyx Mori to follow them. The guards salute Paix before chasing after the pair. Mad King Arty laughs and asks Paix if she remembers that mouse that she was saving for the Trial Grounds that she took. Paix asks if she is talking about the spy, Noire? She does remember her but tells Artura that they have a more appropriate for her.

Artura tells Paix that she didn't want her anyways, as she has now found a better mouse, Neptune.

Escape Yanderella Castle
At the end of the Lowee special comic market, Bombyx Mori inspector arrives to inspect then confiscate everyone's goods that don't meet their guidelines. Artura accompanies the inspectors.

Artura's mood sours, as she is sure she smelled Neptune around here. Since she cannot find her, she is unhappy. Artura begins looking for her. Neptune cannot believe that Artura is looking for her specifically. The Bombyx Mori inspector meekly says that they cannot find her but they still have to do their inspections. Artura tells the inspector to do whatever he wants. Meanwhile, Artura says she will hunt down that mouse to give her some TLC.

After a futile search, Artura notes that distance only makes the heart grow fonder. She laughs as she will get her soon enough. She asks the inspector if he agrees. The inspector quickly agrees with Artura.

Explore inside the tower
Artura Arrima was mentioned to be in the tower looking for Neptune before she got upset that she could not find her and left. She effectively missed Neptune's party who did in fact later show up in the tower.



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  • Just like Ester, unlike Paix, Artura never mentions her full name, her full name is shown when Neptune and Blanc meet the Three Musketeers.
  • Most people are commonly called her the Mad King or Arty, rather than her name.