It'll be 1000 Credits for helping you out one time! Thanks for your business!
— B-Sha

B-Sha is a member of the Gold Third. A bright innocent girl.
Her hobbies include building robots and collecting as many hero toys as she can.
She loves money to an even greater extent, though.

She transforms into the mysterious hero known as Presto Mask to fight evil and protect the children. Everyone already knows she's the one behind Presto Mask but entertains her dreams of being a hero anyway.



B-Sha is a little girl with big, dark blue eyes and blond hair worn in pigtails held by a loose red loop. Her bangs are split in the center to frame her face. She wears an orange dress with two white lines on the torso and a red and white pocket on the left side. Spiked red material sticks out of the bottom, while red material stretches from the chest to the neck with an orange sphere in the center.  

Her boots are red with two white straps on the toe and red bottom, with translucent orange material on the top half lined in white exposing her pale orange socks. Her gloves are red with loose orange translucent cuffs lined in white with a single button, along with pale orange sleeves that end below her shoulder. On her head is a white and orange cap with a big red button on the side. 



After the Four Goddesses fall at the hands of Gold Third, B-Sha takes over Planeptune and doubles not only as the new goddess, but also a masked hero who will only help if the price is right. However, because of her phobia of monsters, whenever something monster related comes up, she runs away.

After she is encountered again by Neptune and co. she is forced to reveal her identity and battle in her Gold gear. After being defeated, she refuses to surrender Planeptune to Neptune but changes her mind after hearing a giant monster is attacking. Neptune, as Purple Heart, gives her courage to fight her fear and after the battle, the two become fast friends.


B-Sha's name is created by taking the very first letter of Bandai Namco and adding Sha which is Japanese for the word company.


  • B-Sha has several indirect references to former Bandai Namco subsidiary best known for it's SD Gundam G Generation, Super Robot Wars and Compati Hero franchises Banpresto, which was merged into Bandai Namco Games in 2008.
    • Her domino mask could be a reference to Banpresto's company logo and she introduces her play hero persona as "Presto Kamen".
  • B-Sha also seems to reference Bandai's tokusatsu superhero licenses such as Kamen Rider and Super Sentai with her play hero persona.


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