The battle system in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 is turn-based by unit, where each character's turn comes based on their speed. Characters roam around the established battlefield within their movement range. Players can choose for the characters to either attack, guard, or use skills. Depending on what option is chosen, the range of an attack or skill's effect will depend on the skill or the equipment the character has. Characters also spend AP to attack enemies or use an item. When executing Skills, they expend both AP and SP.

Area of Effect

The Area of Effect (AoE) element is present in the game. Combo attacks have an area measured in square grids. Certain Skills have a longer area range or have an AoE effect measured in a circle with the targeted enemy as the center point. Any character or enemy present within the AoE may be subjected to the attack. This also pertains to certain Skills.

Battle Commands

During a character's turn, the player can command the character to do various types of moves.

Command Description
Skill Characters can use one Skill per turn.
HDD CPUs and CPU Candidates can activate Hard Drive Divinity by pressing the Ps3 square button button.
Note: CPU and CPU Candidates can only do this command.
Regular Attack The player's character can perform regular attacks by closing in on an enemy unit and pressing the Ps3 x button button. The player can do this as many times as he/she want until the character's AP is depleted.
End Turn End the unit's turn.
Switch Use SP to Switch between Front and Back partners. The currently fighting member will exit the battle, and her replacement will come out to take her place.
Escape When a character contacts the edge of the battlefield, the player can choose "Escape" to run away from an enemy. If the character's LUK is too low, the player may not be able to escape.
Item Use items.

Commands and Skills

There are two types of attacks that can be performed in battle. Some Commands and Skills can be acquired by leveling a character up, seeing certain events, or partnering up a character with a certain character.


Combos are consecutive attacks that expend AP. The 1st Command will always be fixed, which is dependent on the character's weapon. The 2nd to 4th Commands can be customized by the player according to his/her preferences. If a Command is left blank, the character will automatically end the combo after the last one utilized. If there are no Commands set for a character, the character will only perform their initial attack.

Combos can be created by setting up Commands for 3 types of attacks:

Command Type Description
Rush This type uses low AP, allowing the player to create a high-count combo, but the damage per hit is much lower.
Heavy hit This type uses a higher amount of AP, but the damage per hit is much higher.
Break This type focuses more on dealing damage to GP rather than HP.

EX Finish

If the layer executes a combo in a certain sequence and spend more than a certain amount of AP, an EX Finish will automatically activate at the end of the combo. If the player keeps using the Commands marked with the EX icon, the character will be led to the execution of a powerful EX Finish.


Skills are unique commands a character has that expend both AP and SP. They can either be debuffs, stat enhancements, attacks with an effect radius (AoE), or a very powerful move. Once the executed Skill is performed, the character's turn automatically ends, regardless of the amount of AP and SP the character has left.


There are four elements present in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2. The affinity for an element affects the damage output of an elemental attack and elemental resistance a character/enemy has against elemental attacks. The higher percentage of affinity a character/enemy has for an element, the higher the damage output and resistance a character/enemy have for that particular element.

Mk2 Fire Element Mk2 Ice Element Mk2 Wind Element Mk2 Earth Element
Fire Ice Wind Earth


Guard Break allows the player to deal more damage to an enemy if its guard guage (GP) is depleted. Aside from HP, dealing damage to enemies will also decrease their GP. If the GP is completely depleted, the enemy will enter into a Guardbreak status, increasing the damage output and leaving the enemy vulnerable to all attacks. The guard gauge recovers gradually when the enemy takes action, and Guardbreak will be removed once the gauge refills.

Hard Drive Divinity

Main article: Hard Drive Divinity

A CPU can transform to HDD form once the character has 100 SP. The transformed CPU will consume 15 SP per turn in order to maintain HDD form. If there's insufficient SP, the character will revert back to human form. If the CPU is hit with the Virus status ailment, the character will revert back to human form.


Area movement

The movable area of a character in a single turn is measured in a circle with the character acting as the center point. Mobility is determined by the character's MOV stat and may move a certain distance within the radius in a single turn. Even if the character had only moved a certain distance, the area may shrink if the player takes action that uses AP.


If a character is near the boundary of the playable area, the player has an option to escape the battle. The chance of escape is determined by the character's AGI and LUK stat. Scripted encounters, including boss battles, are inescapable.


The player may assign a partner to a character. By pairing certain characters with the right Lily Rank for each, the player may gain access to joint attacks and support effects during battle.

When a new character joins the player's party, that character will automatically take any open Partner spot. The Front position is prioritized over Back openings.

Passive Abilities

There are two types of passive abilities that are present in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.


Each character has a set of passive abilities that they gain as they level up. They are always active during a battle.

Character Passive Ability 1 Passive Ability 2 Passive Ability 3 Passive Ability 4
Nepgear HDD SP Consumption - SP Accumulation + Nulls Stat Decreases Voids Defensive Buffs
Uni Shortens Wait HDD SP Consumption - AP Consumption - Nulls Category Trait
Rom Virus Immunity HDD SP Consumption - Required SP Reduced Nulls Category Trait
Ram Virus Immunity HDD SP Consumption - SP Accumulation + Nulls Category Trait
Neptune Nulls Skillseal Virus Immunity HDD SP Consumption - Voids Defensive Buffs
Vert Nulls Paralysis Shortens Wait HDD SP Consumption - Voids Defensive Buffs
Noire Nulls Poison SP Accumulation + HDD SP Consumption - Nulls Category Trait
Blanc Gained EXP + Nulls Stat Decreases HDD Consumption - Nulls Category Trait
Compa Nulls Stat Decreases Required SP Reduced Gained EXP + Nulls All Ailments
IF Shortens Wait Gained EXP + Required SP Reduced Voids Defensive Buffs
Gust Gained EXP + Nulls Paralysis Required AP Reduced SP Accumulation +
Nisa Nulls Poison Required AP Reduced Nulls Stat Decreases SP Accumulation +
5pb. Nulls Skillseal Required SP Reduced Nulls Stat Decreases Required AP Reduced
Cave Nulls Poison Nulls Paralysis Shortens Wait SP Accumulation +
Falcom Gained EXP + Nulls Skillseal Nulls Stat Decreases Nulls Category Trait

Support Effects

In addition to Abilities, each character has two support effects. When a character is partnered with another, their support effects take effect for each other in battle.

Character Support Effect 1 Support Effect 2
Nepgear Nulls Stat Decreases Breaks Damage Limit
Uni Required AP Reduced Physical DEF +
Rom Required SP Reduced Shortens Wait
Ram SP Accumulation + AP Consumption -
Neptune Voids Defensive Buffs Physical DEF +
Vert Shortens Wait Nulls All Ailments
Noire SP Accumulation + Gained EXP +
Blanc Required SP Reduced Gained EXP +
Compa Nulls All Ailments Magic DEF +
IF Required AP Reduced Gained EXP +
Gust Nulls All Ailments Gained EXP +
Nisa Shortens Wait Nulls Stat Decreases
5pb. Nulls Stat Decreases Magic DEF +
Cave SP Accumulation + Magic DEF +
Falcom Required SP Reduced Physical DEF +


The player can increase/decrease a character's stats by either leveling up and changing the character's certain equipment. The descriptions are directly taken from the manual.

Icon Stat Description
HP Stat mk2 Hit Points (HP) Hit Points, or health. If this falls to zero, the character will be incapacitated.
AP Stat mk2 Action Points (AP) Action Points. The more you have, the more action that character can take in battle.
Note: Characters will always start and gain a certain amount of AP per turn but will stop on the maximum amount, which is dependent on the character's stats.
SP Stat mk2 Skill Points (SP) Skill Points. You spend these points when using a Skill or transforming into HDD forms. You can gain these points by attacking or being attacked.
Note: Characters will always start with 0 SP when entering a dungeon. The maximum amount of SP that can be accumulated is 300 SP, but characters can only stock up to a maximum of 100 SP between battles.
STR Stat mk2 Strength (STR) Influences physical attacks.
VIT Stat mk2 Vitality (VIT) Influences defense against physical attacks.
INT Stat mk2 Intelligence (INT) Influences magic skills.
MEN Stat mk2 Mentality (MEN) Influences defense against enemy magic skills.
AGI Stat mk2 Agility (AGI) Speed and quickness. Influences turn order in battle and the probability of a successful escape.
TEC Stat mk2 Technique (TEC) Influences probability of connecting with your attacks.
AVD Stat mk2 Avoidance (AVD) Influences probability of evading attacks.
LUK Stat mk2 Luck (LUK) Influences the probabilty of critical hits and successful escapes.
MOV Stat mk2 Movement (MOV) Influences battlefield mobility.

Status Ailments

There are five status effects in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2: Poison, Paralysis, Skillseal, Virus, and Heal. Each ailment can last up to eight turns. The probability of it fading away increases with each passing turn. If the player end a battle with any of these ailments, they will automatically disappear.

Icon Ailment Effect
Mk2 Poison Poison Character loses 1/16th of maximum HP per turn.
Mk2 Paralysis Paralysis Character's turn is automatically skipped.
Mk2 Skillseal Skillseal Character doesn't have access to Ps3 triangle button skills.
Mk2 Virus Virus Hard Drive Divinity (HDD) is sealed. Only enemies can inflict this ailment. Any character can be afflicted, but only CPU and CPU Candidates experience the effect. Character is reverted to human form if already in HDD form.
Mk2 Heal Heal Character gains 1/6th of maximum HP per turn. This ailment invariably lasts for 8 turns.

Turn Order

Turn order is determined by the character's Agility (AGI) skill. Sometimes, a character/enemy might have multiple consecutive turns and/or might be the character's turn again should the player end the current turn, displayed by the action order interface (displayed on the upper right of a battle screen with a character's or enemy's icon). The amount of consecutive turn will decrease if the character/enemy expends AP.

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