Boxers-X (ボクサーX, Bokusā X) are white humanoid beings in the shape of a skeleton. They wear a eyeglasses, a white hat, a pink shirt and red boxing gloves.



Boxers-X have 3 skills:

  • Slash (0 SP)
  • Thunder Attack (0 SP)
  • Explosion (120 SP)

Attack Patterns

Boxers-X will commonly use Slash" on you, they're likely to cast "Explosion" in one of their first turns, but they can only use this skill once, since they don't have enough SP to cast more of them. After being casted, they will use "Slash" most of the time, but sometimes they can use "Thunder Attack" on you to deal more damage.


Boxers-X can have some partners to help them, four combinations are known:

Boxer-X & Tulip (Boxer-x.pngTulip.png)
  • 11 EXP / 14 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 16 Credits / 20 Credits (Credits Up)

Boxer-X and 2 Tulips (Tulip.pngBoxer-x.pngTulip.png)
  • 14 EXP / 18 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 20 Credits / 26 Credits (Credits Up)

Boxer-X, Dogoo-Man and Tulip (Boxer-x.pngDogoo-man.pngTulip.png)
  • 16 EXP / 20 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 21 Credits / 27 Credits (Credits Up)

Boxer-X, Dogoo-Man and 2 Tulips (Tulip.pngBoxer-x.pngDogoo-man.pngTulip.png)
  • 19 EXP / 24 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 25 Credits / 32 Credits (Credits Up)

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  • They're the first Inorganic-type enemies you encounter in the game.
  • They reference the Xbox, that can be seen both in their name (BOXer-X) and the objects in the shape of an X located on their ears.


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