Cass Traps (カストラップ, Kasu Torappu) are one of the many enemies in the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series. They look like yellow tulips.



Cass Traps have 5 skills:

  • High Crush (0 SP)
  • SealMk2 Skillseal.png (700 SP)
  • Seal AttackMk2 Skillseal.png (80 SP)
  • Paralyze AttackMk2 Paralysis.png (80 SP)
  • Power SupportSTR Up Stat V.pngVIT Up Stat V.png (50 SP)

Attack Patterns

Above 50% HP

Cass Traps use all their skills almost equally, being Seal the only exception, since it is almost never used. They use High Crush as an attack skill, Seal Attack and Paralyze Attack as a way to weaken you, and Power Support as a way to make themselves stronger. When they run out of SP they only use High Crush.

Below 50% HP

When Cass Traps' HP go below 50%, the odds of them using Seal increase.


Cass Traps can have some partners to help them, five combinations are known:

Two Cass Traps and a Ganglord Panther (Tulip.pngTulip.pngGanglord Panther.png)
  • 3280 EXP / 4264 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 2209 Credits / 2871 Credits (Credits Up)

Two Cass Traps and two Ganglord Panthers (Tulip.pngTulip.pngGanglord Panther.pngGanglord Panther.png)
  • 4542 EXP / 5904 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 2704 Credits / 3515 Credits (Credits Up)

A Cass Trap and two Ganglord Panthers (Tulip.pngGanglord Panther.pngGanglord Panther.png)
  • 3533 EXP / 4592 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 1847 Credits / 2401 Credits (Credits Up)

A Cass Trap and three Ganglord Panthers (Tulip.pngGanglord Panther.pngGanglord Panther.pngGanglord Panther.png)
  • 4795 EXP / 6233 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 2342 Credits / 3044 Credits (Credits Up)

Four Cass Traps (Tulip.pngTulip.pngTulip.pngTulip.png)
  • 4036 EXP / 5246 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3428 Credits / 4456 Credits (Credits Up)

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