Flame Skeletons (フレイムスケルトン, Fureimu Sukeruton) are one of the many enemies in the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series. They're black skeletons with lava coming out from their cracks. They go on a floating blue pillow, while holding a NepVitan V.



Flame Skeletons have 5 skills:

  • High Slash (0 SP)
  • High FlameSTR Down Stat V/VIT Down Stat V (160 SP)
  • Flame Attack (0 SP)
  • H. Flame ImpulseSTR Down Stat V/VIT Down Stat V (240 SP)
  • Flame TornadoSTR Down Stat V/VIT Down Stat V (240 SP)

Attack Patterns

Above 50% HP

Flame Skeletons' main attack is High Flame, but also use High Slash pretty often. Sometimes they use Flame Attack to deal more damage without using SP in the process. Flame Skeletons also have High Flame Impulse and Flame Tornado, but they use these skills occasionally. When they run out of SP, they only use High Slash or Flame Attack

Below 50% HP

When Flame Skeletons' HP go below 50%, the odds of them using High Flame decrease, while the ones of them using Flame Impulse increase.


Flame Skeletons can have some partners to help them, five combinations are known:

A Flame Skeleton and a King Boxbird (Flame SkeletonKing Boxbird)
  • 4678 EXP / 6081 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 2651 Credits / 3446 Credits (Credits Up)

A Flame Skeleton and two King Boxbirds (Flame SkeletonKing BoxbirdKing Boxbird)
  • 6640 EXP / 8632 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3663 Credits / 4761 Credits (Credits Up)

Two Flame Skeletons and a King Boxbird (Flame SkeletonFlame SkeletonKing Boxbird)
  • 7394 EXP / 9612 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 4290 Credits / 5577 Credits (Credits Up)

Two Flame Skeletons and two King Boxbirds (Flame SkeletonFlame SkeletonKing BoxbirdKing Boxbird)
  • 9356 EXP / 12,162 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 5302 Credits / 6892 Credits (Credits Up)

A Flame Skeleton, a Volcano Crab and a King Boxbird (Flame SkeletonVolcano CrabKing Boxbird)
  • 7610 EXP / 9893 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3918 Credits / 5093 Credits (Credits Up)

A Flame Skeleton, a Volcano Crab and two King Boxbirds (Flame SkeletonVolcano CrabKing BoxbirdKing Boxbird)
  • 9572 EXP / 12,443 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 4930 Credits / 6409 Credits (Credits Up)

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