Magical Dogoos (魔導スライヌ, Madō Surainu, Magical Dogoo) are one of the many enemies in the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series. They are floating Dogoos with tentacles.



Magical Dogoos have 5 skills:

  • High Crush (0 SP)
  • Seal AttackMk2 Skillseal (80 SP)
  • Seal GasMk2 Skillseal (700 SP)
  • High EX Buster (240 SP)
  • High Healing (150 SP)

Attack Patterns

Above 70% HP

Magical Dogoos' main skills are High Crush and Seal Attack, but they use High EX Buster instead often. They can use Seal Gas, but they rarely do it (almost never). They can't run out of SP due to their SP regeneration.

Below 70% HP

When Magical Dogoos' HP is below 70%, they will use "High Healing" until their HP is above this percentage, they won't use any other skill in the meantime.


When a partner's HP is below 70%, Magical Dogoos will use "High Healing" on it until its HP is above 70%, Magical Dogoos won't use any attack other than "High Healing" in this case.


Magical Dogoo can have some partners to help them, four combinations are known:

Two Magical Dogoos and a King Cardbird (JellyfishDogooJellyfishDogooKing Boxbird)
  • 4224 EXP / 5491 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 2899 Credits / 3768 Credits (Credits Up)

Two Magical Dogoos and two King Cardbirds (JellyfishDogooJellyfishDogooKing BoxbirdKing Boxbird)
  • 5744 EXP / 7467 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3670 Credits / 4771 Credits (Credits Up)

Three Magical Dogoos and a King Cardbird (JellyfishDogooJellyfishDogooJellyfishDogooKing Boxbird)
  • 5576 EXP / 7248 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3963 Credits / 5151 Credits (Credits Up)

Four Magical Dogoos (JellyfishDogooJellyfishDogooJellyfishDogooJellyfishDogoo)
  • 5408 EXP / 7030 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 4256 Credits / 5532 Credits (Credits Up)

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