Moonlight Bugs (月光蟲, Gekkō Mushi) are one of the many enemies in the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series. They're giant rocky spiders with an insect-like humanoid wielding a sword growing from their back.


Moonlight Bugs are Tough Bosses, as such, they won't actively pursue the player.


Moonlight Bugs have 5 skills:

  • Attack (0 SP)
  • Thunder Attack (0 SP)
  • H. Thunder StatueSTR Down Stat V.png/VIT Down Stat V.png (320 SP)
  • BeamKnockback.png & MOV Down Stat V.png (700 SP)
  • Star RainKnockback.png & MOV Down Stat V.png (600 SP)

Attack Patterns

Above 50% HP

Moonlight Bugs' main skill is High Thunder Statue, but they can also use Attack pretty often. In rare cases they can use Thunder Attack, Beam or Star Rain. Moonlight Bugs can't run out of SP due to their high SP regeneration.

Below 50% HP

When Moonlight Bugs' HP go below 50%, the odds of them using Beam or Star Rain increase greatly.


     Moonlight Bugs don't have direct partners.


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