Volcano Crabs (火山ヤドカリ, Kazan Yadokari, lit. Volcanic Hermit Crab) are one of the many enemies in the Hyperdimension Neptunia Series. They're inorganic creatures with the shape of a volcano and hermit crab features.



Volcano Crabs have 5 skills:

  • High Slash (0 SP)
  • Power Attack (0 SP)
  • High FlameSTR Down Stat V.png/VIT Down Stat V.png (160 SP)
  • Flame Attack (0 SP)
  • Flame ImpulseSTR Down Stat V.png/VIT Down Stat V.png (160 SP)

Attack Patterns

Above 50% HP

Volcano Crabs use all their skills almost equally, maybe being Power Attack and Flame Attack a bit less used than the other three. They use High Slash as a basic weak attack, High Flame as a stronger attack, and Flame Impulse as their most powerful attack, the other two skills are a way to deal more damage without using SP. When they run out of SP, they don't use neither High Flame nor Flame Impulse.

Below 50% HP

When Volcano Crabs' HP go below 50%, the odds of them using High Flame decrease, while the ones of them using Flame Impulse increase.


Volcano Crabs can have some partners to help them, five combinations are known:

A Volcano Crab, a Magma Boy and a Magma Girl (Volcano Crab.pngMagma Boy.pngMagma Girl.png)
  • 4725 EXP / 6142 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 2552 Credits / 3317 Credits (Credits Up)

A Volcano Crab, a Magma Boy and two Magma Girls (Volcano Crab.pngMagma Boy.pngMagma Girl.pngMagma Girl.png)
  • 5600 EXP / 7280 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3227 Credits / 4195 Credits (Credits Up)

Two Volcano Crabs, a Magma Boy and a Magma Girl (Volcano Crab.pngVolcano Crab.pngMagma Boy.pngMagma Girl.png)
  • 7657 EXP / 9954 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3819 Credits / 4964 Credits (Credits Up)

A Volcano Crab and two King Boxbirds (Volcano Crab.pngKing Boxbird.pngKing Boxbird.png)
  • 6856 EXP / 8912 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 3291 Credits / 4278 Credits (Credits Up)

Two Volcano Crabs and two King Boxbirds (Volcano Crab.pngVolcano Crab.pngKing Boxbird.pngKing Boxbird.png)
  • 9788 EXP / 12,724 EXP (EXP Up)
  • 4558 Credits / 5925 Credits (Credits Up)

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