This page lists the enemies that appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION. Enemies are divided into the type each one belongs to.

Enemies highlighted in blue means that they only appear if the "Add Enemies" plan for their dungeon is on.

Enemies highlighted in red means that they only appear if the "Change Dungeon" plan for their dungeon is on.


Name Drops Habitat
Uni Add Memory - 512MB
Healing Pod
Youth Bandage
Story event - Rebeat Resort
Rom Wind Ring
Cord Armlet
Revival Pencil
Story event - Lowee Global Expo
Ram EM Ring
Cord Armlet
INT Booster
Story event - Lowee Global Expo
Rom Add Memory 1024MB
Silver Anklet
INT Booster Z
Story event - Atari Marsh
Ram Panacea
Hitting Patch
INT Booster Z
Story event - Atari Marsh
Fake Purple Heart - Colosseum
Fake Purple Sister - Colosseum
Fake Green Heart - Colosseum
Fake Black Heart - Colosseum
Fake Black Sister - Colosseum
Fake White Heart - Colosseum
Fake White Sister - Colosseum
Fake White Sister - Colosseum


Name Drops Habitat
Legacy Large Medal Z Trinity Marsh - Add Enemies


Name Drops Habitat
Dogoo Dogoo Jelly Virtua Forest
Grandogoo Grand Jelly Virtua Forest
Hoinin Hoinin Tentacles Virtua Forest - Depths
Huge Dogoo Premium Jelly Endless Zone - Add Enemies
Red Dogoo Orange Jelly Midcompany
Heretical Dogoo Heretical Jelly Severed Dimension - Depths
Obese Dogoo Prime Cut Dogoo Atari Marsh - Add Enemies
Metal Dogoo Metal Jelly LAN Castle - Depths
Special Dogoo Lv.4 Whoaaa! LAN Castle - Underground - Add Enemies
Horsebird Rider Lv.4 Maiden Game Infinite Corridor - Add Enemies
Dogoo France Dogoo Jelly Sublie Road
Healing Dogoo Red Gel Feeler Darkness 60 - Change Dungeon
Maximus Dogoous Black D-Clips Darkness 60 - Change Dungeon
High Heal Dogoo Black Gel Feeler Lowee Global Expo - West - Change Dungeon
Magic Dogoo Magical Jelly LAN Castle - Change Dungeon
Dreadnaught Dogoo Lv. 5 Worldwide LAN Castle - Change Dungeon
Numb Dogoo Numb Jelly Underverse - Change Dungeon
Dogoo Dogoo Jelly
Healing Grass
Life Fragment
Chapter 1 Story Event - Virtua Forest
Grandogoo Add Memory 64MB
Grand Jelly
Chapter 1 Story Event - Virtua Forest
Dogoo Dogoo Jelly Colosseum: Many Dogoos
Metabolic Dragoo Grand Jelly Colosseum: Metabolic Syndrome
Dogoo Colosseum: Dogoos on Parade
Red Dogoo Orange Jelly Colosseum: Dogoos on Parade
Heretical Dogoo Heretical Jelly Colosseum: Dogoos on Parade
Grandogoo Colosseum: Dogoos on Parade


Name Drops Habitat
Pixelvader Dot Antenna Darkness 60
Babyvader Green Plate Rebeat Resort
Elephantvader Block Nose Midcompany
Bunnyvader Dot Ears Lowee Global Expo - East
Minivader Mottled Antenna Lowee Global Expo - West
Poxvader Round Antenna World Labyrinth - 1st Fl.
Lionvader Lion's Mane World Labyrinth - 2nd Fl.
Red Babyvader Pink Plate Underverse
Meowvader Meowvader Whisker Atari Marsh
Harevader White Ears Atari Marsh - Depths
Swinevader Wriggling Tail Gamindustri Graveyard
Calicovader Calico Whisker Arfoire's Factory
Baconvader Whirling Tail LAN Castle
Leovader Leo's Mane LAN Castle
Betavader Blue Plate Infinite Corridor
Nanovader Cell Antenna Junk Box
Rigvader Firm Block Nose Powerlevel Island - Change Dungeon
Spacevader Space Antenna Panan Jungle
Malvader Nice Antenna Lost Ruins
Deer Girl Dot Antenna Colosseum: Invasion! Dear Deer
Meowvader Meowvader Whisker Colosseum: Beastly Invader
Swinevader Wriggling Tail Colosseum: Beastly Invader
Elephantvader Block Nose Colosseum: Beastly Invader
Bunnyvader Dot Ears Colosseum: Beastly Invader
Pixelvader Dot Antenna Colosseum: Plain Assailant
Babyvader Green Plate Colosseum: Plain Assailant
Pixelvader Dot Antenna Colosseum: Conquest Campaign
Babyvader Green Plate Colosseum: Conquest Campaign
Meowvader Meowvader Whisker Colosseum: Conquest Campaign
Swinevader Wriggling Tail Colosseum: Conquest Campaign


Name Drops Habitat
Frog-in-the-box Cardboard Rebeat Resort
Fish Zombie Fish Skeleton Rebeat Resort
King Crab Large Pincer Rebeat Resort
Cyber Whale Green D-clips Endless Zone - Add Enemies
Dolphin Doplhin Tail Septent Resort
Whale Whale Ball Septent Resort - Add Enemies
Turtle Turlte Shell Septent Resort - Add Enemies
Forest Whale Large Medal C Gapain Field - Add Enemies
Forest Turtle Wood Shell
Plan: Healing Drink
Iris Field
Child Whale Holy Whale Ball Iris Field - Add Enemies
Met Froggy Helmet Atari Marsh
Plaid Doplhin Plaid Doplhin Tail Atari Marsh
Dolichorhynchops Dolphin Check Tail
White Cat Ears
Gamindustri Graveyard - Depths
1000-Year Turtle Ancient Shell Gamindustri Graveyard - Depths - Add Enemies
Ice Whale Launch Lv. 5 Icicle Pathway - Add Enemies
Dagon Bearded Italian Lv. 3 Junk Box
Sergeant Froggy Teppachi Powerlevel Island - Change Dungeon
Coelacanth Fish Fossil Powerlevel Island - Change Dungeon
Cyber Dolphin Electric Fin Powerlevel Island - Change Dungeon
Forest Crab Crab Shell Panan Jungle
Penguin Slippery Wing Septent Resort - Change Dungeon
1000-Year Dolphin Quality Dolfin Tail Septent Resort
Blue Whale Rom's Ram Drawings Septent Resort
Volcano Turtle Lava Rock Shell Septent Resort
Saint Whale Small Whale Ball Gapain Field
Mega Turtle Iron Shell Powerlevel Island - Add Enemies
Sea Hunter Dolphin Tail
SP Buster
Event - Rebeat Resort


Name Drops Habitat
Bomb-omburai Bomb Fuse Endless Zone
Ms. Bomb-omburai Bomb Lips Underverse - Depths
Bushidama Bomb Beards Hellfire Hollow


Name Drops Habitat
Terits Purple Block Lowee Global Expo - East
Tetsri Blue Block World Labyrinth - 1st Fl.
Terist Green Block World Labyrinth - 2nd Fl.
Plum-met Plum-met Piece World Labyrinth - 2nd Fl.
Plumindigo Plumindigo Piece Underverse
Pal Shell Buff Stone Underverse - Depths
Disc Disc Shard Gamindustri Graveyard
Dark Disc Shattered Disc Gamindustri Graveyard - Depths
Spotted Plum-met S. Plum-met Piece Gamindustri Graveyard - Depths
Tesrit Red Block Infinite Corridor
Plom-met Plom-met Piece Infinite Corridor
Guardgragon Dragon Fang Infinite Corridor
Plam-met Plam-met Piece Junk Box
Testri Yellow Block Junk Box
Crystal Golem Crystal Skull Darkness 60 - Change Dungeon
Ice Golem Ice Crystal Lowee Global Expo - West - Change Dungeon
Magic Stone Magical Stone Lowee Global Expo - West - Change Dungeon
Dogone Hard-met Piece World Labyrinth - 1st Floor
Blaze Golem Fire Crystal Underverse - Change Dungeon
Rebirth Hand Stinky Mud Severed Dimension - Depths - Change Dungeon
Missile Golem Mithril Ore LAN Castle - Depths - Change Dungeon
Volcano crab Blazing Ore Underverse - Change Dungeon
Ancient Dragon Dragon Claws
Stamina Bangle
Junk Box
Metal Shell Rare Metal
STR Booster
Event - Lowee Global Expo - West
Ryu-o Pirate ball
Nep Bull
Eject Button
Event - Severed Dimension - Depths


Name Drops Habitat
Clyde Rag Darkness 60
Ms. Clyde Blue Ribbon Darkness 60
Bashful Water-Soluble Cloth Serpent Resort
Ms. Bashful Pink Ribbon Serpent Resort
Blinky Heat Cloth Underverse
Ms. Blinky Black Ribbon Underverse
Inky Venomous Cloth Gamindustri Graveyard
Ms. Inky Venom Ribbon Gamindustri Graveyard
Speedy Moonlight Shadow LAN Castle
Ms. Speedy Shadow Ribbon LAN Castle
Pinky Invisible Cloth LAN Castle - Underground
Ms. Pinky Invisible Ribbon LAN Castle - Underground
Magma Boy Heat Cloth Hellfire Hollow
Magma Girl Black Ribbon Hellfire Hollow
Lightbulb Angel Mysterious Red Ball Virtua Forest - Depths - Change Dungeon
Frozen Skull Ice Skeleton Lowee Global Expo - East - Change Dungeon
Hachibei Magical Contract World Labyrinth - 1st Fl. - Change Dungeon
Flame Skeleton Flamin' Bone Underverse - Change Dungeon
Cuberial Soul Contract
Angelic Tome
Severed Dimension - Change Dungeon
Lost Boy Lost Holy Cloth LAN Castle - Depths - Change Dungeon
Lost Girl Lost Ribbon LAN Castle - Depths - Change Dungeon
Skeleton Bone Fragment Powerlevel Island
Magic Boy Moonlight Shadow Colosseum: Twin Fortresses
Magic Girl Shadow Ribbon Colosseum: Twin Fortresses


Name Drops Habitat
Tulip Yellow Petal Virtua Forest
Radisher Radisher Leaf Virtua Forest
Fungus Fungus's Spores Virtua Forest - Depths
Piranha Flower Piranha Petal Virtua Forest - Depths
West Point Blue Petal Serpent Resort
Eggplaladin White Ribbon Lowee Global Expo - East - Add Enemies
Sunflowery Sunflowery Seed Gapain Field
Nurse Binder Newbie Nurse Cap Gapain Field - Add Enemies
Apeldoom Blue Petal Underverse - Depths
Moulin Rouge Red Seed
Red Petal
Iris Field
Matango Matango's Spores Atari Marsh
Eggplanter Eggplanter Pit Atari Marsh - Depths
Aimable Rainbow Petal Arfoire's Factory
Lady Sun Yellow Seed Arfoire's Factory
Eggplant Rider Large Medal Q Arfoire's Factory - Add Enemies
Blue Sun Blue Seed LAN Castle - Depths
Carroteer Carroteer Leaf Panan Jungle
Floristan Red Petal Hellfire Hollow
Rafflesia Poisonous Petal Septent Resort
Tough Eggplaladin Large Medal H Lowee Global Expo - West - Change Dungeon
Alfred Red Petal World Labyrinth - 2nd Floor
Aluna Mysterious Petal Severed Dimension - Change Dungeon
Sentientree Negative Root LAN Castle - Change Dungeon


Name Drops Habitat
Horsebird Leader Horsebird Wing Virtua Forest
Ice Garuda Lv.4 Soccer Lowee Global Expo - East - Add Enemies
Phoenix Phoenix Wing World Labyrinth - 1st Fl.
Roc Phantom Bird Wing Severed Dimension - Add Enemies
Cardbird Bird's Bronze Crown Gapain Field
Pumpkimon Pumpkin Lantern
Pyocola's Hat
Gapain Field
Fat Horsebird Horsebird Tail Atari Marsh - Depths
Okuricap Large Medal R LAN Castle - Add Enemies
Prince Cardbird Bird's Silver Crown Gamindustri Graveyard - Depths
King Cardbird Bird's Kingly Crown Icicle Pathway
Srotamon Watermelon Skin Powerlewel Island - Change Dungeon
Watermemon Bird's Kingly Crown Icicle Pathway
Thunderbird Peace Badge Icicle Pathway
Tricky Horsebird Horsebird mane Panan Jungle
Blazing Horsebird Horsebird mane Panan Jungle
Paradise Avian Rainbow Wing Virtua Forest - Depths - Change Dungeon
Boxbird Boxbird Wing Midcompany - Change Dungeon
King Boxbird Cool Boxbird Wing Septent Resort
Tough Ice Garuda Lv. 3 Special Peripheral Lowee Global Expo - West - Change Dungeon
Nue Magical Beak World Labyrinth - 2nd Floor
Rukh Very Large Beak
Demonic Tome
Underverse - Change Dungeon
Tough Roc Large Medal V Severed Dimension - Depths - Change Dungeon


Name Drops Habitat
Tokimeki Sister Tokimeki World Labyrinth - 1st Fl.
Super FX Professor Stellar Frames World Labyrinth - 2nd Fl.
Weirdo Shadow I Flute Severed Dimension
Sicko Shadow $ Violin Severed Dimension
Greedy Shadow $ Cello Severed Dimension
ASCII Orchestra ASCII Bond
Plan: Tuffmil
Severed Dimension
Super FX Doctor Heart Frames Severed Dimension
Stalking Sister Stalking Stalk Junk Box
Fetigal Black Box Set Lowee Global Expo - East - Change Dungeon
Old Man Deus Old Man's Pathos Severed Dimension - Change Dungeon
Shimamo's Brother Connecting Hook LAN Castle - Depths - Change Dungeon
Strange Person Wicked Heart Powerlevel Island
Dr. Kawashina Datanim
INT Booster
Chapter 2 Story Event - World Labyrinth - 1st Fl.
Old Pal's Chronicle Tokimeki Colosseum: Conquer the Yandere
Loli Prince Tokimeki Colosseum: Conquer the Child
Tera Hunk Stalking Stalk Colosseum: Wow, What a Stud
Stalking Sister Tokimeki Colosseum: World the CPU Knows
Fetigal Stalking Stalk Colosseum: World the CPU Knows
Shimamo's Brother Stalking Stalk Colosseum: World the CPU Knows
Honorary Professor Stellar Frames Colosseum: Bonno Training


Name Drops Habitat
M-3 Illegal Chip Darkness 60
Bit Small Conductor Endless Zone
R-4 Illegal Memory Midcompany
R4i-SDHC Magic Stone Midcompany
Killmochine Pachimon Circuit Midcompany - Add Enemies
Hero Craft Item Drop Rate Up Midcompany - Add Enemies
DSTT Illegal Conductor Lowee Global Expo - West
Deneb Lv.2 Child-oriented World Labyrinth - 1st Fl. - Add Enemies
Achilles Lv.5 Business Sim Underverse
EDGE Illegal ROM Severed Dimension - Depths
Panzer Big Boom Shell Iris Field - Add Enemies
Rival Craft Alloy Plate Gamindustri Graveyard - Add Enemies
Self-Defense System Unexploded Shell
Exceed Damage Limit
Arfoire's Factory
Deus Ex Machina 6-fold Magic Damp. Arfoire's Factory - Add Enemies
Killachine Mk-2 New Magic Dampener Gamindustri Graveyard - Depths - Add Enemies
Peacock Passion Headband! Infinite Corridor - Add Enemies
Tank Type-99 Megaton Shell Junk Box
Custom Bit Illegal Conductor Lost Ruins
Heavy Tank Unexploded Shell Lost Ruins
Epsilon Large Medal I Darkness 60 - Change Dungeon
SDHC Illegal ROM Midcompany - Change Dungeon
Tough R4i-SDHC Energy Pack Midcompany - Change Dungeon
Tough Killachine Black Hare Ears Midcompany - Change Dungeon
Tough Hero Craft Large Medal G Midcompany - Change Dungeon
Hyakushiki Weapon Mirror Rice Cakes World Labyrinth - 1st Floor
Fomalhaut Lv.4 Autosave World Labyrinth - 1st Floor
A-2i Illegal ROM Gapain Field
Tough Achilles Large Medal W Underverse - Depths - Change Dungeon
Tough Canopus Lv.5 Console Pack-in Severed Dimension - Change Dungeon
Auto Surveillance Illegal ROM Severed Dimension - Depths - Change Dungeon
Canopus Rabbit Ears Severed Dimension - Add Enemies
Next-gen Ricky Large Medal U LAN Castle - Change Dungeon
M-3 Custom Illegal Chip
Life Fragment
Eject Button
Event - Virtua Forest - Depths
Killachine Magic Dampener
Life Fragment
AGI Booster
Event - World Labyrinth 2nd Floor 1
Killachine Magic Dampener
Exuberant Fragment
Time Bangle
Event - World Labyrinth 2nd Floor 2
CPU Breaker Hard Cover
Time Bangle
P. SP Charger
Event - World Labyrinth 2nd Floor
M-3 Zero Model Illegal Chip Colosseum


Name Drops Habitat
Boss Lizard Pink D-Clips Rebeat Resort - Add Enemies
Sealed Calamity Dragon Soul World Labyrinth - 1st Fl. - Add Enemies
Elemental Dragon Dragon Claws Gapain Field
Lost Soldier Large Medal F Underverse
God of Woe Symbol Attack Gains Gamindustri Graveyard - Add Enemies
Nidhogg Old Dragon...Horn
White Cat Ears
LAN Castle
Gargoyle Rom's Selfies LAN Castle - Add Enemies
God of Catastrophe Lv.4 Light Gun Junk Box
Lizard King Plan: Swimsuit Trends! Powerlevel Island - Change Dungeon
Armor Shell Magic Stone Panan Jungle
Royal Dragon Old Dragon...Orb Trinity Marsh
Heavy Dragoon Magical Fragment Virtua Forest - Depths - Change Dungeon
Nihil EXP Up Virtua Forest - Depths - Change Dungeon
Magatsu Hinokami Lv.4 Near Future World Labyrinth - 1st Fl. - Change Dungeon
Death Stalker Jet-Black Scale Gapain Field - Change Dungeon
Crescent Dragon Old Dragon...Huh?
Null Back Attack
Gapain Field - Change Dungeon
Tough Lost Soldier Leafy Bow HC Underverse - Change Dungeon
Dinosauroid Super Hard Scale LAN Castle - Change Dungeon
Lost Dragon Ancient...Thing LAN Castle - Change Dungeon
Magic Stone Magic Stone Colosseum: Iron Curtain


Name Drops Habitat
Real Gamer Square Eyeglasses Virtua Forest
Fenrirsulfr Earth Ripper Virtua Forest - Depths
Delinquent Cat Gang Mask Rebeat Resort
Crazy Buff Shampuru Shampuru Ear Rebeat Resort - Add Enemies
Kupokitty Kupokitty Claws Lowee Global Expo - East
Ice Fenrir Freezing Claws Lowee Global Expo - East
Bear Balancer Polyhedron Lowee Global Expo - West
Flame Fenrir Blaze Claws Underverse
Demonic Fenrir Evil Ripper Severed Dimension - Depths
Ruffian Cat Hoodlum Mask Severed Dimension - Depths
Rabbit Balancer Soccer Ball Iris Field
Meow Meow Claws Iris Field
Undisputed Peon White Cat Ears Atari Marsh - Add Enemies
Ganglord Panther Ganglord Mask Arfoire's Factory
Monkey Balancer Black Die Icicle Pathway
Vanargandr Behemoth Claws Icicle Pathway
Cerebrus Hell's Mane Powerlevel Island - Change Dungeon
Boxer Cat Cat Glowes Lost Ruins
Dangerous Shampuru White Cat Ears Darkness 60 - Change Dungeon
Lean Tuna Cat Whisker Lowee Global Expo - East - Change Dungeon
Tom Cat Paw World Labyrinth - 1st Floor
Gray Wolf Soft Wolf Fur World Labyrinth - 2nd Floor
Tough Ice Fenrir Uni's Improvements Lowee Global Expo - East - Change Dungeon
Tough Flame Skeleton Symbol Attack On Underverse - Depths - Change Dungeon
Tough Demonic Fenrir Neptune Collection Severed Dimension - Change Dungeon
Wild Dog Sharp Fang Severed Dimension - Depths - Change Dungeon
Child Wolf Wolf Fur Powerlevel Island
Boomerang Bloody Boomerang Powerlevel Island
Tae Kwon Cat Healing Pod
P. SP Charger
Event - Septent Resort
Fenrir Earth Ripper
Frigid Ring
Event - Septent Resort
Icy Hedgehog Freezing Claws
Healing Pod
Event - World Labyrinth 2nd Floor


Name Drops Habitat
Spider Spider Web Virtua Forest - Depths
Tarantula Venomous Spider Web Atari Marsh - Depths
Numbing Spider Paralysis Web LAN Castle - Depths
Deadly Spider Lethal Spider Web LAN Castle - Underground
Killer Spider Spider Web Lost Ruins
Nemesis Spider Lethal Spider Web Sublie Road
Fairyfly Phantom Wing Midcompany - Change Dungeon
Black Spider Strong Thread World Labyrinth - 2nd Fl. - Change Dungeon
Speckle Tiny Outfit Gapain Field - Change Dungeon
Mega Spider Elastic Thread Underverse - Change Dungeon
Giant Spider Spider Web Colosseum: Outburst
Ogre Widow Venomous Spider Web Colosseum: Outburst Swarm
Demon Widow Paralysis Web Colosseum: Outburst Swarm
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