This level of planning is easy for an intelligence-type CPU like me.
— Blanc

The outspoken and passionate Console Patron Unit (CPU) of Lowee. Her source of distress comes from her lack of knowledge of how to act around her young twin sisters, Rom and Ram. Her hobbies are reading books and writing fan-fiction. While she does enjoy writing, she is considered to be terrible at it by everyone other than herself.




Blanc bears the appearance of a young girl, with a rather petite figure, dark blue eyes and light brown hair. Her hair is short, going down to her chin and her fringe is kept parted to the left. She is noted to commonly wear a large and puffy white hat on her head, with ornate blue lining and brown patterns on it. Her attire consists of a white top-dress which presumably goes down to her knees. This dress is sleeveless at the top, and has much chocolate-brown lining around that area. She seems to wear a brown belt over this dress, as to keep it form-fitting. Her final part of her outfit is excessively long and thick white and brown gloves, which nearly go up to her shoulder and have large frills protruding out of the back of them.


Initially, Blanc seems like a quiet and introverted girl. She normally speaks in soft calm voice and appears to be extremely innocent. However, under that innocent exterior is a foul-mouthed, easily angered girl. She swears a lot and insults people right to their faces when she doesn't like them or if they piss her off. Blanc seems to be a lot calmer than White Heart.

White Heart


White Heart has the appearance of a young girl with a petite and slim figure. Her eyes are a crimson red, and her skin is very fair. Her hair is a sky-blue color, it is kept mostly free, and is of short length, barring her bangs, which reach down to her stomach. Her attire consists of a tight battle-suit, which is white and has minor touches of blue lining. The top itself appears as a swimsuit-like armor. The sleeves of this are detached, and reach all the way to her shoulder, with a pair of gauntlets being equipped on both of them, and mechanical like devices connecting the joint (elbow-forearm) of the sleeve.


White Heart, at first glance, is a calm emotionless girl. However, just like Blanc, when angered she gets uncontrollably violent to the point of trying to kill. She isn't as quiet as Blanc and is very assertive and aggressive when it comes to battle and other things.

Next White




Main Article: Blanc/Hyper Dimension/Relationships


Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Beginning of the End

She is first seen fighting CFW Magic along with the other CPUs and Nepgear but lost and was imprisoned for 3 years in Gamindustri Graveyard.

Goddess Awakening

After CFW Judge was defeated by the candidates, Blanc awoke along with the other goddesses. She hugs her sisters and were proud of the fact they were able to rescue her.

Approaching Shadows

Blanc, along with the other goddesses defended the candidates after their encounter with CFW Magic. Afterwards, she rests to recover from her three year imprisonment. After gaining enough shares, she joins Nepgear's party.

Blanc assists the party in stopping ASIC. The party defeats a giant Warechu, destroys a factory mass-producing Arfoire chips, rescues Histoire and helps retake Planeptune.

Evil's Fading Silhouette

Blanc assists in defeating Arfoire. In the normal route, she "sacrifices" herself along with the other goddesses to finish off the "Deity of Sin" but returns to catapult Neptune to Nepgear's speech. In the Lowee ending, Nepgear hangs with Blanc and sister and read books. Blanc does not mind the three candidates squeezing around her.

In the route to the true ending, the Deity of Sin merges with the graveyard and the party must retreat seeing as how they are doing no damage.

Fetal Contraction

The four felons revive and threaten all nations with death. Blanc assists the party in slaying all four felons again.

Final: Defenders

Blanc assists the party in defeating the Deity of Sin once in for all. Blanc pours all her trust into Nepgear for the final duel against the Deity of Sin. Nepgear wins, and the Graveyard begins to collapse.

Blanc and the goddesses assist a Nepgear too tired to move in escaping. Gamindustri is then saved from the ASIC's menace.

After Arfoire's defeat, Blanc returns to Lowee and decides to relax. When she grabs her book, she notices scribbles and drawings on it, prompting her to ask Rom and Ram if they drew on it. They respond back with a yes, which slightly irritates Blanc but does not anger her as she is too "tired" to do anything. When she grabs her other book, she also notices drawings on it and becomes enraged this time. Rom and Ram run away, happy to see their sister angry again. Blanc is unable to get either sister, so she contemplates bartering one of them away to Vert; ironically, Vert had the same idea.

Apocalypse: Savior's Sorrow

After defeating CFW Magic, she leaves a cryptic message. Blanc deciphers it as, kill CFW Magic and the other four felons and Deity of Sin's revival is assured. The party feels like they cannot win. They find an ancient sword which is powered by the death of CPUs. It can defeat the Deity of Sin but the party would never agree to such a vile way of stopping the Deity of Sin. Nepgear asks all the goddesses to lend them their shares so she and Neptune can fight the Deity of Sin. Blanc refuses because that endangers Lowee. The other goddesses follow.

Blanc is aware that Lastation has fallen to the Planeptune sisters. As Lowee loses shares to the Planeptune sisters as well, she goes out with her sisters to confront the two. Neptune wishes they do not have fight and that she just stays indoors as usual to read her books. They refuse to accept their current fate and fight the two; however, despite their best efforts, they are defeated. Nepgear is hesitant to kill Blanc, but Neptune takes the sword so she can put her friend out. Even to the bitter end, Blanc remains calm as usual. She tells her sisters not to cry after her death, but they still cry anyways.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION

The events of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 mirror those of Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 with the exception of the holy sword route.

Due to Nepgear refusing to lose any of the goddesses to the sword, Blanc rejoins party. She agrees to pour Lowee' shares instead of to Planeptune's sister, to the reforging of the cursed blade. The party then heads out to Gamindustri Graveyard where they find the Four Felons revived. Blanc assists the group in taking them out, and the ending pans similar to that in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory


Blanc joins in the other goddesses in defeating Neptune in a game. Histoire then arrives to scold everyone but Blanc and the other goddesses leave. When Neptune and Nepgear arrive to visit Lowee, Blanc and Rom hangs with Nepgear while Ram hangs around with Neptune.

To the Present!

Good Route

Blanc and the other goddesses have the upper hand against Rei Ryghts who says she was toying with the three. When Neptune and Plutia arrive, Blanc and the other Hyper Dimension goddesses are defeated.

True Route

Blanc and Vert hold off hordes of fake goddesses. However a fake Iris Heart scares the two, so Neptune, the candidates and the Ultra Dimension goddesses take care of it for them. They continue the fight against the fakes.

After the Hyper Dimension Rei is defeated, Blanc and her sisters occasionally go to the Ultra Dimension to meet with her Ultra Dimension counterpart. Blanc comments how loud Copypaste is, and agrees when the Ultra Dimension Blanc makes a similar comment with her sisters. When Copypaste begins to dance, he unintentionally scares Rom. Blanc yells at Copypaste to not scare her sisters.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

The events of Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3 mirrors Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory with the exception of the prologue.

After Blanc defeats Neptune in the game, the game breaks. With the Nepulus Grift, Neptune dives into the game where Blanc finds it weird for her to use her human voice while she is transformed. Blanc also finds it strange Neptune is on an allowance.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
Blanc gets a call from Neptune who asks her for advice on finding Sanshiro's Soulful Patch. She advises Neptune to look for books when dealing with this sort of a problem. Blanc says she will look around her archives to see if she find anything.

Blanc reappears in the video conference hosted by Uni. She mentions that she was unable to find anything. Luckily Vert was able find a lead with the First CPU's sanctuary. Neptune wonders if Blanc and the other CPUs will assist her. Blanc apologizes as she cannot and needs to deal with the CPU Shift Period and the rampant rumors that accompanies this and leaves the conference.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
A few days after the events of the Zero Dimension, Blanc, Rom and Ram arrive to Planeptune for a tea party at the Planeptune sisters' invitation. Blanc, along with the CPUs vent out their frustrations of the CPU Shift Period and the accompanying rumors. Blanc's rumors consist of people thinking she has written bad reviews on Amazoo.nep for hundreds of products. To makes matter worse, it is done with sloppy spelling much to her frustration.

Vert wonders who is behind this, it can be a group of pranksters or a group trying to bring ruin to Gamindustri. Uni then reminds the group that Neptune has a plan. Neptune suggests the CPUs work together and Blanc agrees as she is reaching the end of her ability to combat this alone. Neptune has the idea of spending all their budget on a multi-national festival. The CPUs do agree on the idea with the obvious exception of using all their budget.

It takes three months but the festival is ready. It is turning out to be a success as shares are being recovered and the rumors are being ignored. Blanc and the other CPUs have made it to the semi-finals in a fighting event of the festival. They decide to have a 4 man battle-royale. However a group called Gold Third crash their event. They challenge the 4 CPUs and beat them.

A voice then declares that there is enough negativity thanks to this event and begin a rewrite. Another girl sounds desperate and tries to stop something form occurring.

There is a bright flash and Gamindustri has been rewritten. The CPUs are able to contact each other. They remember losing to the Golden Third and notice 4 golden towers appearing. They feel like they are in their respective nation and decide to investigate.

Blanc is looking for her sisters throughout the various cities of Lowee. No one seems to remember the CPUs, but that does not matter to her. She sets up a quest with the help of the Guild Woman. She does tell her that she saw Rom and Ram saying that they were searching for their sister. They left several hours ago. Blanc rushes to the next city.

She finds some delusionary monsters and beat them. She notes they are stronger new kinds of monster. A woman then tells her to watch out. A delusionary monster attacks Blanc causing her to collapse. The woman then carries Blanc to a nearby hotel.

When Blanc wakes up she thanks the woman then gets hostile against her as she looks like a member of Gold Third. The woman is able to calm her down, telling Blanc she does not remember her and introduces herself as C-Sha.

C-Sha tells Blanc about the licensing system and separation of living spaces in Lowee to Blanc. This is a system where one's entire life is chosen based on their contribution to the state. As a result of this system, the gap between rich and poor are horrible. This upsets Blanc as her Lowee is supposed to be a relaxed, magical, kind of place for people to live. Such overexertion of power is not the Lowee, Blanc sought to protect.

C-Sha agrees with Blanc, though admits that they can't do much. C-Sha then calls Blanc "Blanny" much to Blanc's annoyance. C-Sha asks Blanc to apply to be a hunter, so that Blanc can help her, take quests to travel across cities to find her sisters. C-Sha also gives Blanc one extra bonus, if she can become a hunter, C-Sha will drop her nickname. Blanc becomes a hunter and keeps her nickname much to her annoyance.

The two do various quests. While C-Sha accompanies Blanc, Blanc does all the fighting. Eventually Blanc learns from the Guild Woman that her sisters became hunters and left to hunt monsters. Blanc rushes after them leaving C-Sha behind. The two enter a dungeon, where C-Sha tells her not to raise her voice due to attracting monster. Blanc notices a monster near some fog. C-Sha tells her to be careful as monster affected by the fog become "delusionary". Blanc transforms and defeats the monster noting that it was strong. Blanc then asks C-Sha why she is not surprised by her transformation. C-Sha says as a hunter, things should not surprise her anymore. C-Sha does promise to use her network to help find Rom and Ram.

A few days and more quests later, the two gain fame and a hunter dubs them the "Golden Pair". C-Sha likes the sound of it but Blanc does not. The two are famous because Blanc does not accept quest rewards, and grants that exception generously to rich or poor. She does this because she feels guilty for allowing Lowee to change to such an authoritarian state.

At night in the hotel, C-Sha teases Blanc with a photo of sister saying that she notices Blanc praying for the safety of her sisters. C-Sha then runs off leaving an enraged Blanc to chasing her. C-Sha thinks she lost Blanc but she caught up. Luckily for C-Sha a horde of monsters appear so the two have to deal with them first.

Blanc defeats the monsters and finds C-Sha missing, she returns to the hotel. Later, C-Sha brings in a new visitor, Financier. She introduces herself as the person who gave Rom and Ram a monster hunting quest. They have lost contact with the two and she asks Blanc to find them. Blanc assures her that she will.

Blanc later finds them being attacked by a delusional monster and saves them, though she does yell at them a bit for being so careless. C-Sha tells her that she has become a hunter and therefore has been careless so she should not scold her sisters. Blanc then softens her tone and the girls go back to the hotel. The twins need to get their wounds treated.

Financier takes the twins and treats their wounds. C-Sha then decides to leave telling her its been fun working together. Blanc thanks her for her help. The next few days, C-Sha continues to visit. Blanc asks her why and she tells her she feels weird without Blanc. She also wants to take it slow some time and Blanc relates telling her she would like to spend the whole day reading books. C-Sha says that must be why they get along so well and Blanc tells her not to put her in the same category as her.

Blanc also asks C-Sha about her manuscript. It has been doodled on. C-Sha tells she is too old for that but Blanc notes that she has kept her manuscript locked up. Someone must have broken into it. Before she can continue, Financier arrives and invites Blanc to see someone.

Blanc arrives in a mansion, where Azna=Leb greets her as White Heart. Blanc is surprised that someone remembers her, and Azna=Leb tells him that only a small minority remembers. He asks her to investigate C-Sha, due to her being a member of the Gold Third and perhaps being the source of the delusionary monsters. Blanc later speaks with C-Sha privately, and when C-Sha admits to being the source of the monsters, Azna=Leb and the Revolutionaries arrest her.

Blanc is upset that they were being eavesdropped and promises to save C-Sha. A few days later, Financier then arrives with a message from C-Sha and that she has switched sides saying she has a strong desire to serve Blanc. The message is that Azna=Leb is planning on taking her out. The Guild Woman arrives to tell her that wanted posters of her are up. Financier then checks her out of the hotel. She plans on busting C-Sha out since it is the day of her execution. However a horde of monsters is approaching Lowee and a city has already fallen.

Blanc rushes to meet the horde to buy time for her citizen's evacuation, telling her sisters and Financier to evacuate all the citizens in the city. C-Sha eventually arrives as reinforcement. With that the Golden Pair has reassembled. The monsters however start to overwhelm the two. C-Sha also correctly deduces that Blanc never had any intention of running away even if they have bought sufficient time for all their citizens to evacuate. Blanc can never abandon a city.

The two are on their last legs but the rest of the Hunters called upon by Rom and Ram, Financier and the Guild Woman band together and repel the horde. Azna=Leb arrives after the battle and attempts to have the two jailed, but is unable to due to a soldier testifying against him. Blanc punches Azna=Leb in the face and claims that the citizens of Lowee don't need him or his lincese system, which the people agree on.

C-Sha then claims control of Lowee. Rom and Ram wonder if that is okay but Blanc says it is as they need to dismantle the license system. C-Sha takes Blanc as her secretary since the two have to work together. However, C-Sha suddenly has to leave Lowee to deal with her own issues.

Blanc and her sisters, unsure of what is going on, decide to chase after her. The Guild Woman and Financier help point the Lowee sisters to the Golden Summit of Lowee. When they arrive, C-Sha tells the sisters, she destroyed the Gold Crystal but it does not stop her from wanting to attack Blanc. She asks Blanc to leave before she really attacks her. Blanc decides to battle her, and her sisters also join in. Even after defeating her, C-Sha refuses to surrender, so they try to bring back her memory. It is then revealed that Rom and Ram doodled on Blanc's "masterpiece", which enrages her and she chases after them. Blanc then punches C-Sha in the face when her guard is lowered by this event.

When C-Sha gets back up, she apologizes for having kept her secret. Blanc reassures her not to worry, as they'll be able to fight off any delusionary monster that threatens Lowee. The group returns to Lowee and Blanc finally attempts to get back at the three for destroying her manuscript. However, the scene ends with C-Sha thanking Blanc for bringing her back and Blanc welcoming her back.

Blanc returns to the guild and notices Neptune who rushes up to hug her. Neptune claims she needs her "Blancium" Her sisters then hug Neptune saying they need their "Neptunium". Blanc asks her to stop squeezing her and to explain what is going on. IF answers her question. The girls are here to recruit the Lowee goddesses to fight against Secret Organization AffimaX. C-Sha then says her farewell to Blanc. Blanc asks her why does she not want to come with them? C-Sha says someone has to watch the nation. With that, Blanc and her sisters join Neptune's group.

After Neptune recruits all the other goddesses, they return to the Basilicom. They discuss their findings and Blanc mentions the upper brass of the Revoluntionary Army were supported by AffimaX. The current known members of AffimaX are Warechu, Arfoire, Steamax, older Neptune and a mysterious unidentified girl. Histoire says she has found out the location of their battleship with an acquaintance from another dimension. She wants the 10 girls to defeat AffimaX but tells them to be careful as the enemy can rewrite Gamindustri.

Blanc and the girls decide to go to the hot springs first. During which, Neptune asks about the Gold Third. Blanc explains that they were regular people that heard of a prophecy from B-Sha which came from an NMR article. They did not believe it but they did scale the summits and found their power. They then had an urge to challenge the goddesses. Vert notes that this was a blessing in disguse as they meant no ill will. Vert then wonders if the rewrite has changed anything about the goddesses. The goddesses say no and Vert expresses disappointment that the rewrite did not "rewrite" Blanc's chest which greatly angers Blanc.

Afterwards, the girls head out to the battleship. They find it lacking in security. However there is a ninja Steamax. He refuses to let them pass so the girls fight and defeat him. He wishes to keep going and Blanc says if he is going to be like that, they are going to have to destroy him. Uni then shoots Steamax with a tranquilizer shot and the girls continue on.

The girls confront Affimojas, leader of AffimaX. He says he rewrote Gamindustri for money. The goddesses transform deciding to not hold anything back against the foe. Affimojas asks if they have enough shares to beat him. The goddesses admit they had to start from zero but have regained a lot shares and popularity which is to be expected as they are the true rulers of Gamindustri. Blanc adds that any shortage of shares will be compensated by their feelings to return Gamindustri to normal. The girls fight Affimojas and defeat him.

Blanc and the CPUs demand that he bring the world back to normal and give them back the Swirl Console. He guesses it is over and when guards of the CPUs are down he slashes them. Blanc cannot muster the strength to launch another attack. Their connection to their share energy is cut. Nepgear notices that attached to the general's sword is the crystal Arfoire used to nullify share energy in the Zero Dimension.

The general captures the CPUs and demands a ransom of 1 gajillion credits. He gloats and explains that he was the admin behind @GeneralSummarySite. He has been using the CPUs to make money in the first place with his site. Now he is doing it with the Gold Third but with their Gold Crystal destroyed, their strength will fade and no one can stop him.

The Gold Third show up. S-Sha gives the CPUs a share Crystal. B-Sha says it is a Hyper Share Crystal made from the Gold Crystal. C-Sha says the Gold Third wanted to help out in their fight in their own way. K-Sha says that the crystal holds the world's faith in it. S-Sha says if they can turn faith into shares and energy, they can create miracles. With that Blanc and the CPUs use the Hyper Share Crystal to transform into their Next Form.

The CPUs make short work of Affimojas. Uni asks Affimojas to surrender for Steamax's sake. He does not and Uni wonders why. Blanc says that it is because the Negative Energy is consuming him. S-Sha says that the only way to save him is to "release his soul". Steamax arrives to take care of that task but he will join the general in the afterlife as well. Neptune interrupts this saying she wants a happy ending. She cuts down the general's Negative Energy.

With that AffimaX is defeated and the group returns to Planeptune's Basilicom. The citizens now remember the CPUs and Blanc warns her sisters to be careful around men. In the Basilicom, Histoire congratulates them and says the Gamindustri Rewrite has literally been cut down. Blanc theorizes that if the cause of the rewrite was negative energy then Neptune cutting that negative energy must have reversed the rewrite. Neptune is super proud and wants to spread the news so she can get max shares and pudding. She can also get fame. Everyone decides to keep Neptune's accomplishment a secret bursting her bubble.

In the epilogue, Blanc notices Vert fawning over the bromance of Steamax and Affimojas. She interrogates her but Vert says as criminals, she should be allowed to do this.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend
A hole opens up in the sky. Histoire orders the CPUs to investigate this hole before to ease the potential fear the citizens may feel. Blanc and the CPUs take up the task but Uni and Nepgear want to tag along. However, Neptune and Noire tell their sisters to stay home to protect their nation.

The CPUs enter the hole and Neptune notes that it is like the final dungeon in an old RPG. As a result, Neptune suggests the CPUs should choose their class. Blanc chooses to become a mage. Noire decides to keep the girls on track and they continue into the dungeon.

As they venture further into the dungeon, Neptune complains as she is tired. Noire berates Neptune for acting like this even if she is a CPU. Neptune says it should be fine as no one else is here except for the CPUs and that she knows Noire's secret as well.

A monster horde then arrives. Blanc, Vert and Noire transform to engage the horde. Neptune tells them that the monsters are from the Zero Dimension meaning the hole connects Hyper Dimension to the Zero Dimension then transforms to fight them. After defeating a large portion of it, the CPUs transform back. The girls wonder how they can return to the Hyper Dimension without the horde. Neptune decides to use some explosives, she got from Nepgear.

Neptune sets of the explosives blocking the horde and the Zero Dimension. Blanc and the other CPUs complain to Neptune about her lack of a warning. Uzume then arrives to also complain. Neptune then introduces her friend to the other CPUs. Neptune wonders if she is investigating the portal but Uzume tells her she is the monster's commander.

Uzume summons up Dark Purple. Uzume tells the CPUs that soon as they will all drown in a whirlpool of endless delusion. Dark Purple captures the CPUs. Blanc and the CPUs are taken to the center of the Heart Dimension and put to rest inside teh Dark CPU.

In Blnac's dream she shows up in front of Nepgear, C-Sha and the twins. Nepgear and C-Sha can hardly contain their laughter of Blanc in a perfectly developed body. Nepgear remarks that if her shares would crash as the people of Lowee could never accept her new figure. Rom is in awe and Ram says Blanc's breast are jiggling. Blanc says her breasts are always jiggling. Ram wonders if Blanc is cold as even Vert is more covered up. Blanc says she is not and wonders if she should change into something more revealing to show her charming aurora. C-Sha says revealing more is not good for small kids.

Blanc wonders if C-Sha is jealous as she has the perfect figure and notes Heaven may have given her 3 or 4 gifts instead of one. Nepgear says it turns out Blanc's desire is her figure. C-Sha says Blanc somehow pisses her off and wants to punch her. Nepgear agrees that Blanc is getting carried away. The twins do not like that Blanc is meaner because of her bigger chest. They decide to use needles to fix the problem. Blanc says that is dangerous and asks the twins to stop. The twins try to stab her but Nepgear prevents them form doing so. Nepgear tells Blanc to run and Blanc thanks them.

Blanc and the other CPUs are freed from their captivity from the CPUs. Blanc notes that she feels refreshed. Blanc meets Rom and Ram and says she wants to kill them. The twins ask why and she replies she hates them then transforms. The twins retreat but Nepgear rallies the mission in a battle to return the CPUs to their senses. After the battle, Uzume wonders why the CPUs aren't back yet. They should not be wanting to hurt their sisters or anything else they love. Blanc and the CPUs regain their senses so Kurome decides to infuse them with more Negative Energy.

The CPUs try their best to resist but are in pain. Blanc tells Kurome to stop putting weird things in her head. Kurome tells Uzume that she cannot win. Uzume tells everyone to pray for the CPUs coming back to her senses. She will take their prayers and create a share crystal to return the CPUs to their senses. Uzume with the faith of the everyone creates the crystal and transforms the CPUs to their Next Form. Kurome wonders what are those forms? Croire can't believe that they can neutralize all the Negative Energy. Uzume tells her they did not neutralize it but got rid of all of it.

Kurome tells them not to get carried away as she still has the Dark CPUs and unleashes Dark Green at the party. Uzume activates her Sharing Field with the Share Crystal. The party destroy Dark Green but find Kurome smiling. Kurome says that she will win asks them to check the dimensional co-ordinates. Nepgear checks and notices the dimension much closer to the Hyper Dimension but she says it has only been a short time.

Kurome explains it is because they are in the Heart Dimension, she can bring the Heart Dimension closer to the Hyper Dimension with no resistance. She notes that the dimension are close enough for her to materialize, at least for a short time. Croire creates a portal as the two begin to leave to the Hyper Dimension. Blanc asks her if she is running to which Kurome apologizes and leaves a bunch of fake clones of the CPUs for them to fight. She says she created them to influence their dreams but does not need them anymore. The party can dispose of them in however they wish. The two leaves.

Older Neptune is angry that Croire would leave her. Neptune tells the Nepgear, the candidates and Gold Third to follow Kurome as the CPUs will deal with the fakes. The candidates and Gold Third take their leave after Uzume hands them a Share Crystal in case Kurome has anymore Dark CPUs. IF and Compa stay behind to help the CPUs. They state that the CPUs need help since they got captured so easily.

Heart Dimension route

The fakes have a parody of the CPU's personality, which causes the CPUs to transform back. The girls manage to defeat the fakes and Neptune notes that fakes are never a match for the real. Uzume feels sad hearing so Neptune quickly apologizes to Uzume and Uzume forgives her and understands. Croire returns to congratulate the CPUs and group for defeating some many fakes. Older Neptune is surprised to see Croire again. IF asks her what is Croire planning. Croire responds with a question and asks them what are they planning to do after knowing everything.

Noire says they plan to defeat Kurome. Croire reminds them that if they do then the Heart Dimension and Zero Dimension disappear getting rid of Uzume, Umio and all of Zero Dimension's inhabitants. Older Neptune is not happy with the two choices and Croire asks her if she was paying attention. Their choices boil down to letting Kurome do as she pleases which will screw over the Hyper Dimension or stopping her with the consequences that Croire previous talked about.

Umio wonders why must the world being so cruel to Uzume. Croire says it is just Uzume's punishment as she nearly destroyed the Hyper Dimension. Uzume runs away after hearing this. Croire says that Uzume just ran away. Blanc and the other CPUs decide to follow Uzume to help her cope with everything.

Blanc and the others follow Uzume's trail to Tangram Road. The party begins to fool around with Umio so Blanc brings the party back on track and asks where is Uzume. IF says she can see her footprints and she is just up ahead. Older Neptune hopes she is not planning on doing anything drastic.

Deeper within the dungeon, Older Neptune found Uzume. Neptune congratulates her and praises her eyes. Older Neptune is flattered but says Neptune is better being a CPU. Neptune says she is too humble and she should say "Cause I'm the protagonist! Eat that". Older Neptune thinks that is fun. Neptune says they should say together which they do.

Blanc says the two Neptunes are not important right now but Uzume is. Umio volunteers to talk to her as he has known her for a long time and is not a CPU so it may be easier for her to be honest. Blanc and the others stay hidden from Uzume. A flashback of the past projects behind Uzume.

Histoire announces that she will be working with a grassroots youth in a publicity campaign. The youth is eager and happy to work with Uzume. The youth asks a few kids ahead to address Uzume politely if she passes by with a cart. The kids do so. A middle aged man wants to live in Planeptune but the youth cannot grant his wish. Another man says that is just how it works. The youth tells Uzume that they should work together to build a wonderful nation.

Another man comments on the recent events of Uzume losing control of her illusion power. The grassroots youth wonders if there is anything they can do to help Uzume. Some youths comment on the failed assassination attempts. They think the nation will collapse if Uzume keeps ruling. The youth expresses his relief that Uzume is still alive. An old woman wonders why the world is so cruel to Uzume as she earnestly tried her best. A young sobbingly asks her grandmother if there is anything to save Uzume.

An assassin finds Uzume and makes his attempt. The youth gets in the way and gets fatally wounded. He tells Uzume that he is glad she is okay that she should not cry. The youth says his wish is to see that Uzume's dreams come true and be there with her when it happens. Afterwards Histoire accepts Uzume's request to be sealed. She promises that she will find a way to seal her illusion power so she can comeback and that they will only part for a short time.

Uzume is glad to have remembered all her memories. Neptune interrupts this moment. Umio wonders what is going on as the mood was very good. IF says that the youth protected Uzume and lost his life but the emotions and regrets of the two allowed him to reincarnate as Umio.

Blanc likes the plot and the tragic romance that occur due Umio no longer being human. Blanc says she will enter it for next Rookie Novelist competition. Uzume asks them how they were able to see her flashback.

Older Neptune says the flashback was projected right behind her. Uzume asks them to kill her. Umio asks Uzume if she is calm. Uzume assures him that she is but not she cannot choose between the Hyper Dimension or the Heart Dimension as she grew to like both of them. Neptune says she has discovered the third option. Neptune says if Negative Energy made the other Uzume evil, who she decides to call Kurome Ankokuboshi to avoid confusion, then they could purify her with Share Energy like what they did with Affimojas.

While the plan makes sense, Blanc voices her objection saying that the scale of energy is different. She has absorbed decades of the world's hatred. Neptune says it is the only way to save both dimensions. Umio asks Uzume for her opinion. She wants to try the plan and will back away from a tough gamble.

As Uzume is willing to try, the CPUs also decide to try the plan. Vert asks how can they do it. Older Neptune says that since they can do it because it is the Heart Dimension. Blanc wonders what Older Neptune means. She clarifies that the Heart Dimension is literally Uzume's heart. As a result, if they purify this world, they purify Uzume. With the plan set, the party is off to purify the Heart Dimension.

Blanc and the party enters DreamPass Area. In the depths of this dungeon, they find a giant shattered Share Crystal floating in the distance. Older Neptune explains that it is the crystallization of the Share Energy sealed with Uzume's body when she was sealed. Croire arrives to add that it is the reason that there are share crystals in the Zero Dimension. Blanc adds that the crystal is likely the reason why Uzume is still alive despite the world forgetting about her.

Older Neptune tells Croire to stop helping Kurome or else both dimensions will be destroyed. Croire admits that Kurome is a slave driver but she already recorded lots of beginnings and ends of countless worlds. Older Neptune tells her she knows but recording is one thing but helping its destruction is another. Older Neptune cannot allow Croire to be free if this keeps up. Croire asks her if it is instead about her wanting to use her dimension hopping abilities. Older Neptune is shocked that she knows and tries to play that off as untrue. Croire says that she is too obvious and she asks if Neptune was also intentionally sabotaging AffimaX. Older Neptune tries an obvious attempt to feign ignorance. Croire concludes that she has simply been playing the role of the clown the whole time.

Noire says Croire took long enough to figure it out. Neptune may be happy go lucky and spouts nonsensical meta-jokes but she has always been. Neptune cuts her with a scream. Noire and Croire are shocked. Croire tells her to stop yelling as she was not talking to her. Neptune goes on a huge rant about how she is the protagonist but her role has not been important. The rest of the party tries to calm her down to no avail.

Croire wonders what is wrong with the party but she says they will not get in her way in recording history. Croire summons Dark White. Uzume says Dark White is no match for them due to her Sharing Field. Vert agrees but notices that Dark White has a smaller chest than Dark Green. Blanc is in shock. Vert says she understands that the Dark CPUs have copied their power but she did not think they would copy their figure as well.

Older Neptune says that Dark White does have some bust and volume. Neptune says that if Dark White fully copied Blanc's figure then Dark White would be too stick-like. Neptune also purposes that perhaps Kurome felt sorry for Dark White and decides to give her something. Blanc snaps and says she will not be made a fool of by anyone even Kurome. She says she is just angered by the sight of Dark White and demands Uzume to activate Sharing Field. Uzume transforms and admits Blanc is scary. Blanc asks what she was saying.

Uzume says nothing and activates her sharing field. The party makes short work of Dark White. Blanc laughs as Dark White is dead and says that it serves her right. Vert thinks Blanc is being unsightly. Croire can't believe the Dark CPU was so easily beaten. Older Neptune sneaks up to Croire and captures her in her Nep-Note then announces Croire's defeat.

With no obstacles in the way, Neptune thinks it is time to attempt to purify the world. Neptune asks the CPUs for all their shares and everyone to pray. Neptune attempts the purification. Nothing seems to have happened. Neptune says that there was a reaction but it was all neutralized. Neptune thinks they should meet up with Nepgear and revise their plan.

Joining Up
The CPU Candidates and Gold Third rejoin the party in the Heart Dimension base. Nepgear explains that they first lost the console but thanks to everyone's help they got it back. In addition, they were concerned with the Dark CPU but the Share Crystal sorted that out for them. Nepgear wonders how were things with them as they came here because they followed Kurome but she escaped.

Neptune's group wants to know more about how they can follow Kurome. Uni explains that Kurome broke the rubble that Neptune create and ran here. K-Sha wonders what the CPUs were up to while they were all away. Noire explains that to her with Uzume and Umio giving Nepgear their thanks for the reports she collected.

An earthquake occurs and Neptune wonders what is happening. Croire says Kurome has finally done it. She has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension. A fraction of this power can move dimensions with ease but it will likely consume Kurome as Croire told her she should only use after she has revived. Croire remarks as they are all here, she can finally record some interesting history.

Neptune wants to find Kurome immediately. Noire wonders what they can do if they find her as they cannot just defeat her. Blanc says persuasion is not an option as she is the embodiment of hate. Uzume says she has a plan and they must find her. The party searches for Kurome.

The party manages to find Kurome Ankokuboshi in a dungeon. Kurome asks what they plan to do, they kill her, both of them and this world disappears. If they let her go, the dimensions will fuse and she will become the Hyper Dimension. Uzume reveals her plan which is to beat Kurome up and take the power of the CPU from another dimension. If they have the power, they can stop the dimensions from fusing.

Uzume declares that today is the day she defeats herself that is drowning in hatred. Kurome declares that she will defeat herself and all the others in the way. Kurome wanted to have them all alive to experience the eternal hell she was going put Gamindustri through but they are becoming a major interference in her plans. Kurome summons all the Dark CPUs and fuses with it to become Dark Orange.

Dark Orange says that the form is perfect for taking revenge on Gamindustri. The CPUs are in shock of what power Dark Orange possesses. Noire says that it has the power of the CPUs and the power of the CPU from another dimension. Blanc adds that it has Negative Energy. Uzume asks the CPUs why they are getting nervous as this should be expected.

Dark Orange calls the party useless as they are unable to fight with Sharing Field. No Sharing Field can contain her. Uzume says she has an ace card. Dark Orange says even if she had an ace card, it would not be enough. Uzume points the giant Share Crystal in the Heart Dimension. Dark Orange warns her that using the crystal is like using their "lifeline". Uzume says she is not suicidal and will use the crystal until there is a little bit of shares left then turn it off. That way, Dark Orange will weaken too.

Dark Orange is angry but calls it useless. Uzume calls this her last HDD and transforms to Orange Heart to activate the Sharing Field. The party manages to defeat Dark Orange.

Dark Orange says that she cannot die yet until her revenge on Gamindustri is complete. Uzume tells Dark Orange that she will never get her revenge. Older Neptune declares victory. Neptune is happy that both worlds are saved. Nepgear is pleased to know that Uzume won't disappear. Kurome performs one last act of vengeance and takes the power of the CPU from another dimension down with her.

A monster horde is heard. Blanc says the horde is coming by land, sea and air. The horde is heading towards the Hyper Dimension. Croire explains that she must have given the order to the monsters to destroy the Hyper Dimension just as she died and remarks that she truly went down gun blazin'.

The party cannot intercept the horde with their current power nor can they return to the Hyper Dimension to prepare a proper defense. S-Sha admits that Kurome has won.

Uzume has one final plan and asks Nepgear to destroy the giant Share Crystal then the party must head back to the Hyper Dimension. Nepgear is unwilling to destroy the crystal so her sister assists her. The party then leaves.

Ascension Ending
The party heads back to the Hyper Dimension through the portal Histoire created. Umio was able to rescue the monsters as well. The horde that was threatening Gamindustri was destroyed once the Swirl Console broke.

Revival Ending
Neptune asks the party if it is okay to leave like this. The party tries to reason with Neptune but she tells the party she needs everyone for a happy ending and runs off for Uzume. Older Neptune is also unhappy with leaving Uzume. She then realizes that the dimension has not collapsed yet even though the Share Crystal has been destroyed. Uzume must have planned to hold off the monster horde because they would be in big trouble if the horde caught up to them. The dimension will collapse once all her share energy is used up.

S-Sha concludes that if Uzume survives then the Hyper Dimension will have to deal with the horde. Nepgear still wants to save Uzume and runs off. Older Neptune also runs off to save Uzume. Noire gets upset with the Planeptune sisters always causing trouble without regard to how everyone feels. Blanc agrees adding that they are illogical but admits that she cannot hate them for their actions.

B-Sha asks the party what are they to do, follow the Neptunes and Nepgear or return to the Hyper Dimension. Vert says they should leave Uzume to them and they should do what they can do.

Blanc and the group return to the Hyper Dimension. She get Lowee's army ready to fight the monster horde. C-Sha gets the guild hunters as well. Afterwards, Blanc goes to Histoire to report the situation to Neptune and the others that stayed behind to save Uzume. Histoire calls in to tell them that counter measures have already been put in place. Histoire reports that all of the military of each nation and volunteers are currently fighting a massive defensive battle.

Blanc reports that Lowee's soldiers will be arriving at the fight soon. C-Sha adds that the guild hunters are also in this. Blanc then heads out to fight the defensive battle. Later, Uni learns from Steamax that Kurome is still alive. Blanc and the rest of the group join Uni to head over to the Zero Dimension.

The group runs into Uzume and the others. Uzume wonders why she is here. Noire admits that they barely won as a group and it would be reckless to trust the 4 of them to fight her. Blanc asks that they rely on others. The group joins the party for the final battle.

The party has made it to the general location of Kurome Ankokuboshi. Up ahead, they find Kurome. Uzume calls Kurome a tenacious bastard for being alive. Kurome admits she was beaten and did disappear but negative emotions revived her. Nepgear wants to know what she means by revive.

Kurome calls them all idiots as they could have killed Uzume or destroyed the main seal. The sealed body of Uzume is unique as it constantly gathers negative emotions from the world. No matter how many times her soul is purified or that Kurome is killed, Uzume will be stained in darkness and Kurome can revive. Kurome thinks being prone to assumptions and daydreams backfired for the party.

Uzume tells Kurome that she is the one with assumptions. The giant Share Crystal is destroyed so the sealed away Uzume is dead. Uzume concludes that the two of them are ghosts. She is here is because she is separate from her real self and therefore she won't die the same time her sealed self dies. Even if they give Uzume Share Energy, her real body will never revive. Uzume apologizes for keeping this from Neptune and the others.

Uzume invites Kurome to hell with her. Kurome cannot accept that and transforms into Dark Orange. Uzume had planned to go alone into the grave but that plan is all in shambles. She says it is time for her final HDD and Sharing Field. She transforms and creates her Sharing Field using her life as fuel.

Dark Orange does not accept that and still clings to her desire for revenge on Gamindustri. The party fights Dark Orange and kills her. Uzume declares that with this she has disappeared and shortly following is the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. She asks older Neptune to warp everyone to safety and gives Nepgear her Visual Radio as she mentioned wanting it earlier. Older Neptune warps the party away.

Neptune announces to Histoire that they are back and everything has been settled. Histoire thanks them for all their hard work and reports that she has observed the disappearance of both the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. Histoire decides to release Uzume's seal as it can revive her.

Blanc wants to know how as no one remembers her. Even if the revival was successful, how do they assure that Uzume is resurrected instead of Kurome. Histoire answers that she does not know how but everyone in Uzume's era has now remembered her. The records are restored as well. Histoire has conducted a survey and most people are happy with that time. In addition, some want to return to that time.

Histoire admits that she has no way of assuring whether Uzume or her original personality corrupted by negative energy will return. In fact, it is more likely Kurome will return. That being said, with the Visual Radio, there is a chance Uzume will return. The Visual Radio is proof of Uzume's adventures in the Zero Dimension. In addition, Histoire feels something coming from instead the Visual Radio. It is not Share Energy but she feels it is the trigger for her real personality to revive.

Histoire admits that this is not a solid theory but her desire as she spent time with her. Histoire does hope the Visual Radio can bring Uzume back somehow.

Histoire asks if everyone is okay with the plan. Everyone agrees with the plan as Gamindustri came together to fight the monster horde so Uzume can be saved. If they fail to bring back Uzume then they fail the people of Gamindustri.

Histoire explains that she will connect the peripherals to the console which is called the "main seal". Normally she would press the power button and release the seal but she will attach the Visual Radio first. The Visual Radio is showing Uzume's mark. Histoire then releases the seal and asks that Uzume receive everyone's prayer.

Uzume revives and announces that she accepts her existence. She apologizes for keeping everyone waiting. Histoire announces that the revival was successful. Her appearance and speech pattern have changed but Histoire says it feels nostalgic. Uzume is grateful that she is here thanks to everyone's wishes. She thanks them and is glad to be back home in Gamindustri.

A few months have passed and Financier brings Blanc some tea. Blanc thanks her. Financier wonders what Blanc is writing since it does not look like a work document. Blanc says she is summarizing all their past tumoils and adventures into books. While Blanc would perfer to write light novels, a work of non-fiction is not bad once in a while. Even when the times that CPUs are gone, if the book remains so will they in a way. Financier thinks that sounds wonderful and wonders if she will be in it. Blanc assures her that she will, as well as C-Sha, Rom, Ram, revolutionary army and everyone involved will make an appearance in her book. Blanc then wonders what Rom and Ram are doing. She sent them to Vert so she could work in peace. Sub Events
Four CPUs Cosplay
The 4 CPUs gather for a meeting in Noire's room. Noire complains about the fact their shares aren't going up. Blanc tells her there is nothing they can do about it and they just have to deal with it.

Vert has a suggestion. Blanc has a bad feeling about the suggestion but wants a laugh out of this so she asks Vert to tell them. She suggests they cosplay in 4 Goddesses Online 2's festival. That game is number one in Gamindustri's online games and the centerpiece of the festival is the cosplay competition which is streamed online for the whole world. Blanc thinks that is ridiculous. However, Noire and Neptune support the idea. Blanc reluctantly joins the CPUs in cosplaying.

Vert wonders what they should do for costumes. Noire volunteers to cover that aspect for them as she knows someone good at making clothes. Vert leaves Noire with the costumes and all that is left is to choose who they would like to cosplay as.

On the day of the competition, Vert thinks they should enjoy their cosplaying to the fullest. Noire loves the atmosphere praising it for always being the best. Blanc wonders what Noire means by always. Neptune is dressed up as the Samurai class.

Neptune wonders what Blanc is wearing. Blanc says she is a Sage, a class for those who have mastered the Night Magician or Sunny Magician class. She thinks it is perfect for an intellectual type like herself. Noire and Vert do not think Blanc is an "intellectual type". Neptune tells Blanc to stop joking as they all know she is going to smack people around with her heavy book. Blanc demands they stop teasing her.

Neptune asks Vert what she is wearing. Vert says she is a Sniping Ranger, a top tier class for both Rangers and Snipers. Neptune notes that it looks lightweight and easy to move in. Vert tells Neptune she is right, as this is a speed class that utilizes kicking and archery skills. However, she cannot use it in a live combat situation as her chest is too large for the outfit which would slow her down. Blanc grumbles.

Noire is dressed as a Dual Knight, dual wielding knights that use both flame and ice swords. The design isn't for standard avatars but a special outfit for an important NPC added in Episode 3. Noire says it is a just a coincidence. The friend she asked to make the costumes made it this way. Blanc praises Noire for being so cunning.

After the competition the CPUs return to Noire's room. They all had a good time. Noire is proud of the attention she got in the festival. Noire got a lot of pictures and she is sure that she is popular for her cute costume in the forums as well.

Blanc tells Noire she wishes she is popular because of her cuteness. There is another reason and Blanc shows her the thread. Vert reads that the black haired girl's skirt was caught from her underwear. There other comments on the lewdness of it all. Noire is shocked and asks if she was like this for the whole day. Blanc confirms that is the case as all the pictures uploaded showed Noire's skirt folded slightly upwards.

Noire can't believe this as she worked so hard on this cosplay. She asks Blanc if there are any adorable pictures of her. Blanc apologizes as there are none. Noire's pictures are all indecent and disgraceful. Blanc reports that the remaining CPUs, are praised for their cuteness. Blanc adds that someone even proposed to her.

Noire freaks out. In the end, Neptune, Vert and Blanc felt their shares go up. Only Noire had a different kind of share going up.

Roasted Meat Clique
In a Lowee forest, C-Sha and Blanc are on a quest. C-Sha gets hungry and asks Blanc if they could take a large break. Blanc tells her she did not bring any food with her though. C-Sha has brought some so it's alright. She shows off her food. Blanc asks her where did she pull that meat from. In addition, she notes that the bone is bigger than her head, and it's uncooked.

C-Sha brought the meat in case of situations like this. Blanc tells her she is not answering her question. C-Sha tells Blanc not let it bother her. She is going to roast the meat now so Blanc should sit tight. Blanc asks her if she is roasting it here? C-Sha tells her that she brought some good wood to roast it with. She may not look like it, but she earned the title, Master Roastie.

Blanc says that again does not answer her question. She has also never heard of the title Master Roastie. C-Sha needs to concentrate to roast this well and asks Blanc to not talk to her. Blanc wonders if she is the obsessive type. With some good timing, she successfully roasts the meat. She thinks the two of them should dig in. Blanc guess what C-Sha said was true as it looks and smells delicious. C-Sha is happy and decides to add some more flavoring.

Blanc hears some large footsteps and wonders what is that. C-Sha says it probably is some dangerous monsters with empty stomachs. Monsters in this area love meat according to the guild's info. Blanc gets angry at C-Sha as she knew this and still roasted meat. C-Sha says she could not help it as her appetite was consuming her. Blanc can't believe what she is hearing.

C-Sha tells her not to get angry with her until they beat up the monsters. The two defeat the monsters. C-Sha is eager to collect her spoils. Blanc complains that the two of them are a mess and wonders how C-Sha can have so much energy leftover. Blanc decides that she will never partner up with C-Sha again. C-Sha tells her not to say that as she will give Blanc the rare monster items she pulled off to make it up to her. Blanc does not need it.

C-Sha wonders why she is so angry. C-Sha thinks it is because Blanc never got to eat her roast from earlier. Blanc claims she does not need it but her stomach betrays her and rumbles. C-Sha decides to prepare some meat for her. Blanc accepts her generous offer.

To Not Be Buried
In Blanc's room, C-Sha has a serious question for Blanc. She asks if this is alright for Blanc. Blanc tells her to asks away. C-Sha admits that this is meta but characters in this serious have very distinct personalities. C-Sha wants to stand out more she wants to be the kind that ends up in her underwear when she gets hit. Blanc cannot believe what she is hearing. C-Sha tells her not to worry as her underwear would be heart-patterned.

Blanc cannot believe that out of all the possible topics, C-Sha chooses this. C-Sha tells her not to worry as her body is not poor that people would not want to look at it. She really believes she will stand out this way. Blanc tells her that is not the problem but the age rating would go up a rank or two so this is unacceptable. C-Sha is upset this is not allowed as she thought it was such a good idea.

Leanbox's New Specialty! Afterward
Vert has invited the other CPUs to try out her specialty. Neptune gives Vert her opinion of the Tin Box Castella which somewhat looks like boobs. She wants Vert to make different sizes of the Castella. Vert does think the Castella is too big for children. Neptune agrees and thinks Vert should start off with a Blanc-sized one.

Vert notes that there would not be any volume for the cake at all. Blanc angrily asks them what they are talking about. She throws her hat at them. Neptune believes they are under attack. Vert tells Blanc to be polite. Hats are not to be thrown around but naturally whisked off one's head. Blanc tells them to forget about the stupid hat. Blanc tells Vert that she said her snack was not about boobs so why is she saying hers would have no volume. Vert tells Blanc she was talking explicitly about her breasts just the snack.

Blanc is silenced by that. Neptune notes that if she stays here, it is going to be an all out boob war. She just asks Vert to make 4 CPU sizes for the castella. Neptune leaves. Vert says she will take her advice to heart and leaves as well. Blanc wants them to stop and chases them.

Lowee's New Specialty!
In Blanc's room, Rom and Ram asks Blanc to join them in making a snowman. Blanc cannot as she is busy think of a specialty for Lowee. Ram wonders why as there is already the Blanc Manju and a snowman is a lot more important to make. Rom wonders if that means Blanc will stop making Blanc Manju. Blanc assures Rom she won't stop making Blanc Manju. She just wants to make something different and have it talked about.

Blanc says there was always be snow in Lowee so they always make a snowman next... Blanc gets an idea for a snowman specialty. Rom tells Blanc it snowed a lot yesterday so they can make a big snowman. Ram says its all white outside so she urges her sister to go. Blanc thinks Lowee is a snowy nation so it should be a cold sweet. That was her blind spot. Lowee's Snowman Daifuku. If She can stack two, it would be like a snowman. If she wraps them in pink and blue and put Rom and Ram's picture on them, that will be a perfect specialty.

Blanc tells her sister she has thought of a specialty and thanks the two for their help. Rom and Ram wonders what Blanc means. Blanc asks them if they still want to go outside. Rom asks if Blanc will come with them. Ram is excited and tells them to go.

Lowee's New Specialty! Afterward
In Blanc's room, Neptune is beating Blanc in a game. Blanc refuses to give up. Neptune is surprised Blanc could hold up so long at 200%. Blanc tells Neptune she is too naive and beats her. Blanc tells Neptune she thought she could blow her away so she left her guard down. Neptune tells Blanc that they are usually even and Blanc seems to be getting a little carried away.

Neptune then notices the time and notes that she needs to go home soon or Histoire will be mad. Blanc agrees that is late and she used up all her concentration on the previous match so they should call it a day. Neptune then notices a picture that Rom and Ram drew and compliments it for being cute. Blanc explains that it was from the time they were playing in the snow before. Neptune notes they must have made a big snowman and lots of fun to draw a snowman that big.

Neptune then transforms, says good bye to Blanc and leaves through the window. Blanc tells Neptune not to go through the window. Blanc notes that when Neptune knocks on her window when she writes, it's really startling and then snow gets into the room. However, it's not bad when it snows.

Babysitting Fish
B-Sha, Rom and Ram are making a huge amount of noise interrupting Blanc's work. Blanc comes in, angry and tells them to quiet down.

Financier remarks the usual pattern has begun. Financier tells the kids that Blanc is angry and that they should stop. Blanc tells Financier to quiet down as well. Financier remarks that Blanc is making lots of noise as well.

She returns to her room frustrated and decides to do her work regardless. Later, she notices that it is quiet. Blanc wonders if they got tired and took a nap. She hears a handsome sophisticated voice.

Blanc enters the twins' room to find Umio reading the children a picture book. B-Sha likes the president character. Uzume has fallen asleep. Ram is eager to see the pictures. Umio says the pictures are in the next page. Rom says Umio is spoiling it for her. Blanc cannot believe what she is seeing. Financier reports that Umio has been a big help.

Umio greets Blanc and notes that it seems that her work is progressing nicely. Blanc says it is and largely thanks to him. Uzume wakes up and wonders if Blanc is done her work. Blanc tells Uzume she wants to hire Umio as her babysitter. Uzume refuses as Umio is her emergency ratios.

Megadimension Neptunia VIIR

Blanc's role remains the same as Megadimension Neptunia VII with the addition of VR events.

Lowee's Goddess
Blanc shyly introduces herself to the Player. She tells them it is nice to meet them. Blanc realizes how awkward she sounds and apologizes as she said that out of habit. Since Blanc is talking to the Player, she asks if she already knows about her. Blanc explains that Histoire gave her a brief explanation earlier.

If the Player looks at Blanc: Blanc notices the Player is looking
at her face. She wonders why they are doing that. Blanc finds it
a little embarrassing.
If the Player does not look at Blanc: Blanc admits that meeting the Player like this is making her nervous. She asks if that is strange and if they feel that way too?

Blanc then notices a bookshelf in the Player's Room. She finds this a relief and is glad the Player has one. Blanc wasn't sure if that was the case when she first came through the gate. Blanc explains that she really loves books and she's interested in all kinds of genres, however, she's currently into light novels. Blanc asks if the Player likes reading books?

If Yes: Blanc finds that great. She would like it if they 
could recommend some books to each other. Blanc thinks it's 
a lot of fun learning about what hobbies other people are into.
If No: Blanc is disappointed and wonders if they feel about this way about light novels?

Blanc loves how words can unlock her imagination. It's great how reading does that so easily. Blanc understands that it's a little easier for her to read because she likes reading. Some people don't have as much fun though and find it tiring.

Light novels are easier for people like that. There isn't a lot of exposition to wade through, and since it's mostly dialogue, it's fairly easy to read. A lot of them are illustrated, too. That makes them the perfect novels for beginners. She asks if they would agree?

If Yes: Blanc knew they would agree. She is happy that they
understand the light novel's appeal. Her passionate rambling
was worth it.
If No: Blanc is disappointed as she thought they would certainly understand the appeal of the light novel. She guesses that she was wrong about the Player. Blanc supposes there are as many ways of thinking about the world as there are books.

Blanc notes that her favorite author has an interesting story. What's crazy is that person never intended to be an author. She recorded all her adventures and that was it, but her writing improved with every entry. When her adventure diary was finally published, it made the best-seller list rather quickly.

Other writers who begin with journals or light novels usually evolve and write more literary works, bringing their secret worlds to life. The methods of expression among authors are as endless as the methods to interpret their writing. It's in the discussions and analysis that this theory is...

Blanc realizes the two of them just met but here she is talking the Player's ears off about her little hobby. The gate appears and Blanc apologizes as she is going now. Blanc just came over to say hello but she got carried away. Blanc is surprised as she's not very good with conversation and hardly ever has one anyways.

Blanc has always wanted to meet the Player and has a lot to talk to them about. Blanc realizes she is going to start rambling again. Blanc thinks that was nice and she's going to come back and visit. She asks if that's okay and thanks the Player for listening. She says her goodbyes to the Player.


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Mousou 4tune Megadimension Neptunia VII The opening song for the Hyper Dimension Neptunia G arc. Blanc sings this with the other three Hyper Dimension CPUs.
Mousou 4tune


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PS4 60 FPS Shin Jigen Game Neptune Victory 2 White Heart Next White all Attack skills EXE moves

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Megadimension Neptunia VIIR - All Blanc VR Events English


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