You... You stupid little brats! Lemme go, dammit! What'd you let them do to my book!?
— Blanc

Blanc, also known as White Heart, is the Console Patron Unit (CPU) of Lowee. She represents Nintendo home consoles which is referenced through her appearance in both forms, her processor units, and some of her dialogue.

Due to the Neptunia series being a game that revolves around different universes and dimensions, there are multiple Blanc's throughout the series though all of them retain more or less the same personalities and core aspects regardless of the setting.

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Main Series

1st Hyperdimension

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2nd Hyperdimension

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Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

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Appears in these titles:

Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart

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Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed

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Other Media

Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation

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Musical Themes

White Heart's Battle Theme
White Heart's Battle Theme

In Hyperdimension Neptunia, White Heart has her own theme composed by Kenji Kaneko that plays during her boss battles during the main story of the game. Unlike the other CPU boss battle themes, Blanc's theme does not appear on the Hyperdimension Neptunia OST. White Heart's theme has a very festive, carnival sound to it. This is most likely to fit the look of her landmass and the fact that Nintendo is known for its party games.

Blanc's Theme
Blanc's Theme

In Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory, Blanc has her own theme composed by Kenji Kaneko. Like most of the other character themes, Blanc's theme does appear on the Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory OST as the twentieth track. Her theme plays during her boss battle fight.

Blanc also has two character songs on the Hyperdimension Neptunia Shugo Megami Character Song CD Vol.1 album, one called Dear... every day which is preformed by her human form and the other being MY RULE which is preformed by her goddess form. These songs also make an appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection as remixed versions which were later released on the Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection Complete Bundle Processor Vol.4 album which also features Blanc singing the idol dance versions of With Confidence, HP ∞ LOVE Power and Fly High!.

Additionally in Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection, Blanc also preforms two other songs called Mira Infinity and Dreaming At Full Power. Both songs were released on the Hyperdimension Neptunia Share Complete Discs set and have a solo version and group version with the other CPUs.

Other Appearances

Drama CDs

If A Goddess was Your Wife

On the If A Goddess Was Your Wife drama CD, Blanc has been neglecting her husband in favor of reading books. When she finally takes a break from the book she is reading, she inquires as to what he needs for her. Her husband commons on the lack of skin-ship in their relationship which surprises Blanc to an extent due to being perfectly happy just reading with him all the time and not doing anything else. Understanding with the problem, Blanc begins to think of a way to solve the issue.

She recalls one of the romance novels she read in the past having a similar situation and decides to allow him to rest his head her lap so that he can have his skin-ship while the two of them both carry on with their books. She becomes flustered by this due to having allowed a guy to rest on her lap before, however she also believes it isn't too bad.

As she resumes her book, Blanc notices how her husband is just staring at her face instead of at his book and says that he's making her curious and unable to read her book properly. When her husband says looking at her face is more interesting than the book, she become flustered for a second time and tells him that her face isn't for show and that he should just go to sleep if he's bored of reading.

Blanc tries to read her book again but is distracted by the way he is moving his head in her lap. She then gets upset and tells him not to get carried away just because she's letting him rest on her lap before knocking him unconscious. She believes that maybe she got a bit too carried away, but then decides that he deserved what he got. Blanc allows him to rest on her lap unconscious while she continues to finally read her book in peace.

The Goddesses will Sleep with You

Non-Neptunia Appearances

Touch Shot! Love Application

Blanc-Rom-Ram yPhone skin
In Touch Shot! Love Application Blanc makes an appearance in the game as part of a custom skin that can be used on the main character's yPhone. The skin features both Blanc and her sisters from Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and uses their Chirper Gamipics as part of the icons on the protagonists phone while the wallpaper of the phone is taken from the official wallpaper from Hyperidmension Neptunia mk2 that features all three of them.

Mugen Souls & Mugen Souls Z


In Mugen Soul Z as part of the Overwhelming Game's Triple Goddess Costume Set downloadable content, the player can obtain equipment that can allow Peons to dress up and resemble Blanc. This DLC pack includes, Blanc's entire outfit, her hairstyle, her face, and a portrait of her.

Content & Stats
Whitey - 6% - 2% - 6% - - -
Blanc Fur Coat 9% - - 9% - - - - -
Pure White Panties - 2% 4% - - 12% - - -
Blanc Strap Shoes - - - - 9% 9% - - -
Blanc Style - - - - - - - - -
Blanc Face - - - - - - - - -
Blanc Portrait - - - - - - - - - Portrait setting must be unlocked



Blanc/blanche is french for the color white. This can directly relate to her clothes mostly consisting of the color white and her divine name being "White Heart". It should also be noted that while Nintendo consoles tend to vary in color, Blanc's name was originally given to her with the Wii in mind.


  • In a popularity poll, Blanc placed 7th, just behind IF and beating Vert by 184 points.
  • In the most recent poll about which character was most wanted to be a main character of their own game, Blanc placed 1st.
  • In the first Neptunia, in one of Blanc's cutscenes she is holding a book that references the Mario Bros series.
  • Her cap the "Green Dot" is a reference to the 1-Up Mushroom in the Mario Series.
  • During one of her blog entries in the first game, Blanc hints to enjoying Tangerines.
  • Originally instead of her big cap, Blanc was to wear a big hair bow. She can still get this bow as an accessory in the first game.
  • Despite being the most foul mouthed and hateful goddess, Histoire believes that she cares for her people the most.
  • Blanc is a big fan of Falcom, and even asks her for an autograph. This may be due to the Falcom games being on Nintendo consoles. 
  • Blanc/White Heart is said to be the oldest of the CPU in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. This is a reference to Nintendo being the oldest of all gaming companies, with the company being first established in 1889 and their first home console being released in 1985.
  • Blanc is the only one to gain a bust size increase from the transition from normal HDD form to Next HDD.
  • At the end of Ultradimension Blanc's sleeves she has big Hanafuda Cards. this is a reference to Nintendo when they first started in 1889 making Hanafuda Cards.


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