This page contains summaries for Blanc's Chirper events in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

Chapter 5: Approaching Shadows

"Nepgear came over..."


Nepgear greats Blanc, saying it's been a while and apologizing for being unable to save her sooner. She is also comments on how Rom and Ram were great and that she couldn't have done it without them; however, Blanc seems to be uninterested. Nepgear begins to think that Blanc doesn't like her and suddenly Blanc says that it isn't true. Nepgear is surprised, thinking she said her thoughts out loud but Blanc says she knew because it was written all over Nepgear's face. She explains that she doesn't talk much because it's just her personality and that it has nothing to do with Nepgear. She calls Nepgear diligent and polite and also smart and strong so there is no reason to dislike her. The only problem she believes Nepgear is that she lacks the forwardness that Neptune has to tear down barries between people. Nepgear thinks that maybe she should learn from Neptune but Blanc immediately goes against it, saying she can't imagine a world where two fruitcakes like her exist. Blanc says that Nepgear shouldn't do anything because she has already changed over the three years they've known each other for the better and that she will try to speak to her more.

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