Bouquet is an NPC of 4 Goddesses Online and is equipped with artificial intelligence for conversation. She is a guardian spirit who protects the order of Alsgard. She will give adventurers advice in various locations. She fell in love with Vert at first sight, who also wanted a younger sister, and thus, has been locked-on as a younger sister candidate. She is diligent and hard-working, and when a word she doesn’t know comes up, she immediately looks it up.



Bouquet appears to be a young fairy girl with large turquoise eyes and white feathers where her ears should be. Her long, pale blonde hair is straightened with even length bangs and forelocks, worn with a white headband made of roses. She has pale blue fairy wings.

Her attire is a simple white dress with several white roses sewn to it, including a single, pale pink rose to match the second layer of her flower shaped skirt. She wears matching opera gloves and a lace collar with a tiny bow attached to it, and a pair of white tights.



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  • Bouquet is designed by Rina Sato, Vert's Japanese voice actress.
  • Givin her design, background and setting of the game, Bouquet actually share many similarities with Sword Art Online's Yui, particularly in the second story arc, Alfheim Online.
    • Both are AI with advance human like emotions with Fairy like design.
    • This game is based in a world called Arsgard, which is based around the Asgardian myths, similar to how Alfheim Online was.


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