Like I said, its "Broccoli", not "Puchiko", nyu!
— Broccoli

Broccoli is a small and cute girl with a sharp tongue. She appears in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory. On her way to GAMERS to do some shopping, she fell into a dimensional rift which led to her ending up in the Ultra Dimension after Neptune's request to have Mr. Izawa to summon her.



Broccoli has the appearance of a little girl with brown eyes and long brown hair separated into two pigtails, both which have two yellow bells tied to them at the end. On her head she wears a yellow-orange hat with cat ears and a white flower on it. Her clothes consist of a standard school uniform with a white shirt that has a black color with green lining and a red ribbon on the front while having a white ribbon in the back, a black skirt with green lining, and green socks with black shoes. Under her skirt she has a tail. Whether or not it is real is completely unknown.


Broccoli has a similar personality to Histoire. In contrast to her cute appearance, she is actually very blunt with an extremely low tolerance for foolishness and idiocy.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

Broccoli Arrives

Neptune visits Mr. Izawa to request him to summon another companion. She asks for him to summon a girl who is like the Ultradimension Histoire but is also very cute in an animal-like way. This leads to him summoning Broccoli. Neptune believes that she is super cute when she sees her and despite Broccoli introducing herself with her proper name, Neptune continues to call her Puchiko. After Neptune explains the situation to her, Broccoli decides to accompany Neptune on her journey because she finds the new world to be interesting despite finding her to be someone who's stupid and doesn't listen.

Regarding Gema 1

Noire asks what Gema is but Broccoli doesn't give a clear enough answer outside of Gema simply being Gema. Noire continues to press on for a more specific answer than what Broccoli is giving her, and Neptune says that Noire is a hardheaded buttmunch when it comes to getting the answer she wants to hear, which Broccoli had concluded herself.

Mekara Beam?

Nepgear asks if Broccoli has any special abilities. Broccoli says that she can shoot beams from her eyes which causes Nepgear's eyes to sparkle as she inquires more about Broccoli's ability. She then asks for Broccoli to demonstrate her ability, however instead of beams coming out of her eyes, goo appears instead. It is then revealed by Broccoli that she supposedly has a fifty-fifty success rate when it comes to the Mekara Beam but for some reason she fails more than she succeeds. Despite Nepgear wanting to see Broccoli's successful Mekara Beam, she decides to drop the subject for the time being.

Mekara Beam!!!!!

Broccoli tells Nepgear that she feels as though she will succeed this time with the Mekara Beam. In order to ensure that no goo gets on the floor if Broccoli fails, Nepgear goes to get a washbin so they won't have to worry about a mess. Broccoli manages to succeed in the Mekara Beam, but ends up destroying the wall in the Basilicom. Nepgear panics, wondering how she is going to explain the situation to Histoire.

Regarding Gema 2

Noire asks Broccoli if she can ride on Gema, but Gema gives Noire an 'eat shit and die' look. Everyone states that it only happened because it is Noire, and thus cannot be helped. Blanc says that Noire ways too much an even Neptune or herself would be pushing it. Gema gives Noire another dirty look, and Vert tells Noire to drop it before it becomes embarrassing for her. In order to save herself from embarrassment, Noire begins to insult Vert. However, Vert rebuttals and states that instead of riding it, she would rather poke it. Vert, Neptune, and Blanc begin to poke Gema and make it happy; though when Noire tries both Broccoli and Gema give her nasty looks. When Noire asks why Gema only makes that face when she talks, everyone says it's because it's her.

What's 'Gamers'?

Nepgear asks what GAMERS is, and Broccoli explains that it is a place that sells anime and video game merchandise. Vert suddenly appears which shocks both Nepgear and Broccoli. Vert quickly asks if GAMERS sells all kinds of games, to which Broccoli says yes in addition to stating they carry bonus items exclusive to that store. In addition to games they also sell manga and novels and such that also come with special bonuses. Vert asks if they sell adult PC games, and Broccoli says yes yet again.

Vert becomes excited, unsure on how she has never heard of such a store, but Broccoli states that it's because it doesn't exist in their world. Completely ignoring Broccoli's words, Vert says that she will visit GAMERS posthaste and quickly leaves. This leads to Broccoli questioning why there are so many goddesses who fail to listen to what other people have to say. Nepgear suggests that Broccoli start the very first GAMERS in Gamindustri, and Broccoli says she will consider it.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Broccoli Events + All SP Skills, EXE Drives & EX Finishers

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Broccoli Events + All SP Skills, EXE Drives & EX Finishers


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