Brave does not interact much with Noire, only appearing in a chirper event where he visits her in a dream to ask if he could marry Uni. Noire is somewhat shocked and surprised over this.



CPU Candidates


Not much interaction is shown between them but Brave acknowledges Nepgear's combat prowess.


CFW Brave is the most friendliest with Uni out of all of the CPU Candidates. When he defends Arfoire's Factory from the CPUs, he states his beliefs that ASIC is trying to make the people of Gamindustri happy, especially to those who could not afford it. Before his death, Brave asks Uni if the CPUs will really make people happier, and is reassured by her that they'll do everything they can to do so.

When Brave is resurrected as a tool for Arfoire and subsequently defeated, Uni is hesitant to destroy the Brave in front of her. Suddenly, Brave's original voice speaks to Uni and tells her that he'd never forsake the oath they made, and gives her confidence to destroy the fake Brave.

Several Chirper events also show that Brave visits Noire and Kei's dreams to ask if he could marry Uni.


Kei Jinguji

Not much interaction is shown between them, apart from the chirper event.

When Brave asks Kei if he could marry Uni, Kei gives him an absurd amount of requirements that have to be met if he marries her. Brave is overwhelmed with all these "red flags" and retreats from her dream.




CFW Judge

Like the other CFW members, Brave thinks low of Judge. He calls him a "disgrace" to their cause.

CFW Trick

CFW Magic


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