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Trick is one of minor antagonists in Hyperdimension Neptunia: The Animation. It is known he has a deep love for tender maidens (little girls).



Trick has the appearance of a large, yellow armored-like being with red trimming. He has a large, lizard-like head with green eyes and a round, red nose. On both sides of his forehead are extending horns. He also has spiky, red hair behind the back of his head. He has a large mouth that's usually open and drooling with sharp teeth, and a very long tongue that he prefers to use as his primary weapon.

He is strapped with three straps that are tied in a large ringlet on the middle of his chest. He has a scaled back and a long tail similar to a reptile with red scales. On his back is a large disc encompassed inside an open casing with a horned, large head-like design on the top. He also wears brown, short boots. He is usually seen sitting and moves by sliding on the surface or jumping while sitting down.


In accordance with what he personifies, Trick loves cheat codes. He sees himself as a gentleman, but he also admits his perverse taste. His lewd personality and love for little girls causes him to act like a pervert when it comes to the "little maidens" he loves. He shows no interest to those who have already hit their puberty. Despite his indecent and outgoing personality, he can become serious and pose himself as a fierce and serious opponent towards those who crosses path with him.


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