The Cathedral, also known as the Cautlprim Cathedral is the core symbol of Wishuel. This is the sacred place in which the statues of Goddesses are enshrined. Sister Maria runs this facility and holds confessionals for players with troubles in addition to allowing the player to:

  • Pray: Offer your prayers to the goddesses and gain prayer effects.
  • Gallery: Browse through event CG.
  • Save: Save your game progress.

There are two types of prayers — free and paid:

  • Free Prayer: Acquire a random prayer effect.
  • Paid Prayer: Pay bells to acquire a specific prayer effect

When displaying the menu, current prayer effect can be seen in the lower right window. The prayer effect is displayed in the window at the bottom right when opening the Menu. Prayer effects run out whenever the player's party returns from a dungeon. This does not include the Training ground, however. The player cannot get a new prayer while a prayer effect is active. Random effect prayers can be re-rolled as long as the player has not saved after getting their effects, allowing the player to "save-scum" for their desired random prayer effect.


Prayer Price (Bells) Effects
Only the Goddesses Know 0 Randomly between:

  • HP 5% up
  • SP 5% up
  • STR 5% up
  • INT 5% up
  • DEF 5% up
  • Drops 10% up
  • EXP 10% up
Leave it to Chance 2800 Randomly between:

  • HP 10% up,DEF 10% up
  • HP 20% up, SP 10% down
  • SP 20% up, HP 10% down
  • HP 10% up, SP 10% up
  • HP 15% up
  • STR 15% up
  • INT 15% up
  • Drops 20% up
  • EXP 20% up, Drops 10% down
A Small Kindness 850 HP 10% up
Protection of Nature 850 SP 10% up
Rousing Courage 850 STR 10% up
Unflappable Heart 850 DEF 10% up
A Piece of Genius 850 INT 10% up
A Definite Weight 5200 HP 15% up, DEF 15% up
Utmost Effort 5200 STR 15% up, INT 15% up
Sincere and Tenacious 5200 HP 15% up, SP 15% up
Two Sides of the Same Coin 5200 STR 10% up, INT 10% up, DEF 10% up
Kingly Appearance 8500 STR 20% up, INT 20% up, HP 10% down
Undefeated 8500 HP 20% up, DEF 20% up, SP 10% down
No Oversights 15000 Drops 30% up
Heart and Soul 30000 Drops 50% up, EXP 20% down
Result of Effort 15000 EXP 20% up
Serious Honesty 30000 EXP 30% up, Drops 20% down


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