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Cheekama is Million Arthur's support fairy.



Cheekama has the frame of a young girl and large violet eyes. Her long, pale blue hair is worn in pigtails with multiple braids pulled up on the sides of her head and a white ombre. Her forelocks and bangs blend together, some straightened. Each pigtail is tied with a black ribbon lined in a gradient of violet, lavender, and sky blue. She wears a matching black outfit with material cut out to reveal most of her torso and attached to a pink diamond gem, which connects to the glowing blue circle around her neck. She has white ornate wings with blue and pink gradient diamond gems to match the turquoise gem on her bracelet.


Cheekama is a polite intelligent girl aware of Planeptune before she arrived. Similar to Histoire and Neptune, Cheekama looks after Arthur. However, she also loves Million Arthur which is quite obvious to everyone but Million Arthur. She does attempt to hide this by giving Arthur the cold shoulder whenever she is up to antics to acquire a large harem.


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

The Girl From Britain

After traveling a far distance from Britain with Million Arthur, the two decide to rest in a Planeptune forest. After hearing a scream, Million Arthur runs off to the source, with Cheekama exhaustively chasing after her.

Once Cheekama finally catches up, she finds that Million Arthur had helped Neptune defeat some monsters. Chekama accuses Million Arthur of helping soley because Neptune is cute. Million Arthur begins to agree, but then rephrases her words more respectably. Neptune comments how Cheekama looks and acts like Histoire, so Million Arthur introduces her.

Neptune asks what an Arthur is, so the two explain that Arthurs are candidates to be the King of Britain, 1,000,000 of which exist. Cheekama inquires how there are CPUs that rule the continent, to which Neptune announces she is one. Cheekama deduces her identity using prior research. Million Arthur decides to accompany Neptune in her travels, to which Neptune immediately accepts.

What's Britain Like?

When Million Arthur tries to explain the political issues of Britain to Neptune, Cheekama informs her that she needs to simplify her explanations, due to Neptune's confusion. Million Arthur then explains Britain as a country where half-naked women appear if you walk around. Neptune interprets this explanation to understand Britain as a sex paradise, which Cheekama swiftly refutes.

Million Arthur then explains more about the political issues of Britain, stating that she will become the true king to guide everyone to peace. Cheekama questions if that is the sole reason for becoming king. Million Arthur reveals that there are additional desires involving cute girls and half-clad knights. Cheekama snaps Million Arthur out of a fantasy-filled trance, which Million Arthur plays off as a joke. Cheekama punishes Million Arthur by denying her of that night's dinner.

Neptune asks Million Arthur if there are any other interesting features besides half-naked girls. Cheekama asks Neptune to forget about that. Million Arthur says that she personally is interested in information on lost eras and super computers. Neptune wants to know if there are special goods, festivals or other things like that. Million Arthur says there is a Little Sister Land. It is not a festival but there are knights who get influenced by meteors... Nepgear and Uni indulge in their hobbies. Million Arthur concludes that the knights would lose control of themselves just like the two there. Neptune clarifies that the two are just like this when they go hobby shopping.

How to Use A Knight Correctly?
Cheekama travels around Leanbox in search for information on elements from the information Vert has given her. She feels something is amiss and returns to Vert. Cheekama barges in on the public baths to find Vert and Million Arthur indulging in the fact that duplicate knights of Nepgear and Uni adore the two.

Cheekama swiftly ends the bath. Cheekama tells Arthur that she did not have do this and if she wanted a bath, she would have but stops herself. It is a waste of crystals to do this. Million Arthur disagrees as there is no better way to use crystals but this. Vert agrees.

Cheekama asks Vert if the reason she lured Cheekama away was because of this. Vert asks her about her tour of Leanbox and if she learned anything about elements. Cheekama has learned to never take her eyes of Million Arthur and to never let her make Knights as she pleases. Cheekama confiscates all the Knights. Million Arthur is sad to lose all her adorable little sisters. Nepgear says her older sister is Neptune.

Cheekama asks Arthur from now on to ask people for permission before using their elements. Million Arthur understands and immediately asks Nepgear and Vert for their elements. Vert is surprised that she would be asked and Nepgear refuses. Million Arthur is unhappy to hear their response but says she will eventually open their hearts and laughs. Cheekama cries and explains this is the reason why she does not take elements from anyone.

Cheekama's Feelings
Uzume has finished off clearing some monsters. Cheekama is relieved as she started sweating when the monster horde rushed at them. Uzume is glad that Cheekama is safe. Cheekama wonders where everyone else is. Uzume also notices that they have separated from everyone else. Cheekama calls for Million Arthur. There is no response.

Uzume hopes that they are not all defeated somewhere. She decides to give Umio a call but the reception is bad so Uzume does not have a connection. Cheekama notes that the two of them are both separated from their partners. Uzume adds that they also have no idea where to look for them. Cheekama suggests that they return to where they started fighting. She is sure that Million Arthur would have returned there herself to look for them.

Uzume feels that Cheekama knows a lot about Million Arthur. Cheekama says it is not knowing but only a feeling. Uzume says that is expected between partners. Cheekama says that the two of them have been together for a long time but Million Arthur has caused her lots of trouble because of it. Uzume finds Million Arthur reliable and wonders what trouble could she cause. Cheekama says a lot of comes from the moment Million Arthur spots a cute girl. Cheekama says that she is the kind to freely sacrifice herself for others. She notes that just now, Million Arthur was drawing away the enemy at the vanguard and taking magic attacks to protect the rearguard. Cheekama thinks she talks big about stand above the Arthurs but if Million Arthur wants to save people, she should save herself first.

Uzume thinks Cheekama's feelings for Arthur run deep. Cheekama denies that she really cares about her that much. She urges Uzume to not talk and head back to their original location. Cheekama won't forgive her if she is defeated.

Size of your CALIBER
Million Arthur defeats the last monster in battle within the Heart Dimension. Neptune praises everyone for clearing the monsters. Million Arthur asks Neptune if she is injured but Neptune is fine. Million Arthur insists and wants to examine every inch of her body. Neptune is uncomfortable with that.

Cheekama notices Arthur's intentions. Arthur agrees with Cheekama's deduction as loving beautiful girls is what makes Justice Train Million Arthur. Uni tells her that she does not need to love them and she really does not understand Justice Train at all either. Million Arthur finds it odd that the joke is unpopular in this area.

Nepgear asks Million Arthur if she has any business in the Heart Dimension. Uni thought Million Arthur just wanted some training. Million Arthur asks Nepgear if this dimension mirrors a person's heart. Nepgear says that this is correct. Million Arthur is very happy to hear this. Cheekama wonders what Arthur is planning to do.

Million Arthur dreams up fakes of Uni, Vert, S-Sha and Million Arthur who declare their intentions to "squishy squish" everyone. Vert is shocked by this. Uni wonders if the Heart Dimension created fakes from Million Arthur's daydream. Neptune notices coming this way. Nepgear wonders what should they do. Uni notes they have no choice at this point. Vert agrees, they will "squishy squish" the fakes not be squished themselves. Million Arthur thinks Vert is right and tells everyone to go. Everyone tells her not to say that.

The party enter a difficult battle against the fakes and come out on top. Million Arthur found the battle fierce. She thinks the strength of the fakes were proportional to their cuteness. Million Arthur corrects herself, as she believes they are strong as the king's CALIBER as she was their creator. Cheekama thinks that they are strong as her lust. Million Arthur has decided that she will make rounds to this dungeon every Sunday until she exhausts her AP.


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  • Among the three supporters of the three collaboration characters, Cheeka is the only character with a human appearance.
  • Since the DLC Character Events in VII are not voiced in the English version and Cheekama does not appear during gameplay, Cheekama does not have an English voice actor. She shares this distinction with Abaddon and Raw Meat.


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