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Cheetah is an AI developed by Mine. Data from Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† was used to improve him until he can operate independently.



Cheetah has a tall bipedal cheetah body. He wears a black skintight clothing that covers the arms but not the palms of his paws, majority of the legs but the sides of his knees and sides of his body . The clothing has a large collar which is cyan on the inside. On the back of Cheetah is a device with blue segmented hexagonal patterns. Cheetah also wears a metallic futuristic belt which holds some other rectangular devices. He wears ankle high dark boots with metallic heals and soles.


While Cheetah's personality did reflect Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† when they controlled him. On his own, he loyally serves Mine. He is hot-blooded and confident in his battle abilities. He does seek out a good fight and seems to have a warrior code.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

In the end of Oneiro Corridor, †Black Cat Princess† is fuming after being outdone by the 8 players. Kiria assures her that they will not be defeated again. Mysterious Person appears and offers to help the two by giving them a tool. Kiria distrusts the Mysterious Person but †Black Cat Princess† takes up her offer.

Later in Yiear Sea of Trees, †Black Cat Princess† thinks they should try out that tool. Kiria knows there is no point in asking but is she referring to *that* tool. †Black Cat Princess† says that she is and wonders why she has to spell everything out for Kiria. Would she die if the princess didn't do that. Kiria wonders if it just her but the princess' language has gotten coarse.

†Black Cat Princess† feigns ignorance and coughs. She explains that her heart is constantly wavering and she is just lonely. She can't help it but rely on Kiria. Because she trusts Kiria, she can show her the real Princess. †Black Cat Princess† urges Kiria to stay by her side. Kiria would never leave the princess and hearing those words is an honor. There is no need to hide her true self, as Kiria promises to always accept her. †Black Cat Princess† is glad and asks her to bring out that tool. Kiria does so and a group of monsters appears. Kiria warns the princess to watch out. She will handle it. †Black Cat Princess† is glad a group of test subjects showed up and orders Kiria to show them how effective the tool is.

Kiria uses the tool to attack and is amazed by her hit count and damage. She describes the feeling as strong rapids, surging waves, destiny and power is flowing. †Black Cat Princess† thinks that is not bad. More monsters arrive. Kiria thinks they are moths attracted to a flame. †Black Cat Princess† wants her turn to use the tool. She attacks using the tool. Kiria is amazed as the princess performed a triple jump, quadruple jump and triangle jump. †Black Cat Princess† wonders if she really did that. Kiria tells her she undoubtedly did. †Black Cat Princess† is impressed with the unity of her controls and her characters' movements. A tailwind is beginning to blow in their direction. †Black Cat Princess†'s ambition of being worshiped by all is near.

Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† venture further in the dungeon to run into the 8 players struggling with the boss that holds the final Sacred Treasure. Kiria notes that they meet again. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and remarks that they are in a pickle. Neptune recognizes Kiria and †Black Cat Princess†. Vert tells the couple to be careful that the boss does not wipe them out. It is a quite a difficult event. Kiria laughs and cannot believe that she will be wiped out. †Black Cat Princess† also laughs. Noire gets upset as they are genuinely concerned with their safety.

Kiria apologizes for being rude and tells them to sit back and watch this round. †Black Cat Princess† tells them those that stand in their way will end up like this. The two make short work of the boss. Neptune is surprised they defeat it as she thought that boss fight was unwinnable. Was all they had to do to knock that thing out was raise their level? Kiria reports that this should do it and they have obtained the Sacred Treasure. The two of them will be going on ahead. †Black Cat Princess† laughs and leaves them with a parting gift of monsters.

Much later, the 8 players return to Yiear Sea of Trees and defeat the boss that gave them trouble last time. They acquire the Sacred Treasure and cheer. †Black Cat Princess† already knew they could do it. Kiria has a pained expression. Neptune is happy to see the couple and notes they have not seen each other in a while but she was thinking about them here and there. Last time things got pretty messy with that monster. Neptune asks if they have been doing alright.

†Black Cat Princess† assures Neptune that they are. In fact there isn't a fragment of a possibility of them losing to someone else so her worry is needless. In fact it isn't her damn business. Neptune notices the grim expression and asks †Black Cat Princess† if she is feeling okay. Vert does not really need to ask but the two of them already obtained the Emerald Mirror. Noire finds it weird that they are wondering around a dungeon they already cleared. Blanc is sure they are just going to gloat in their face again.

†Black Cat Princess† agrees with Blanc, as they need to learn that she is much greater than them all. In fact she is going to beat this knowledge into their bones. Nepgear wonders if that means she hates them now. Uni does not get where this is going but wonders if they did something. Rom panics as she wonders if that means they are going to fight. Ram thinks that is not right as Blanc told them they need to be nice when playing games.

Neptune understands people can get heated when they are being competitive but that is no reason to not be friends. Vert agrees with Neptune that it is best for fellow gamers to enjoy the game by helping each other out and competing on occasionally. †Black Cat Princess† laughs at the idea that they are fellow gamers that will help each other. She declares that she is supreme in this world and there is no one who can compete on her level. She asks if they don't understand that there is a wall between a princess and a common player. They cannot overcome it.

†Black Cat Princess† tells Kiria that to try out the new function of the tool now. Kiria does not feel right using it on actual players. †Black Cat Princess† tells her to stop grumbling and do it already. Kiria understands and will do everything for her sake. The two use the tool. Neptune notices that they have fused and transformed. The new form they have looks like that animal. Nepgear thinks her sister is talking about a cheetah.

Vert remembers that monster from the main 4 Goddesses Online. It sparked a lot of controversy with the players which is why it was removed in patch 1.02. It is known as Cheetah. Noire thinks that is way too straightforward and thinks Vert is pulling her leg. Vert assures Noire it is that straightforward. It was meant as a joke that uses a cheetah as a motif. It was a play on the word "cheater". Back when admins were working on countermeasures for cheaters, they used Cheetah as a sandbag monster in events. At the end of the festival, the GM would fire the Cheetah and explode it as fireworks. That was their cheat eradication campaign.

Neptune gets worried as from the gist of that, it means the couple are... Vert praises Neptune for being perceptive, she did catch on one word in their conversation she won't let go. Blanc is sure she heard them use the word "tool". She wonders if they have access to a cheat tool. Rom is angry knows what that is. Blanc told them that it a bad thing and they shouldn't use it. Ram is not happy to follow that train of thought to conclude that the prince and princess are bad guys. Uni summarizes this as the two are cheaters who have turned into... a cheetah. Are they seriously doing this for the sake of a pun?

Neptune begins to snicker but tries to hold it in. Noire can't contain her laughter as she asks Neptune what is she laughing about as this is hardly the time to... Blanc also can't contain her laughter agrees with Noire and they will make her... Vert can't contain her laughter as she scolds the other Goddesses for being rude. The two of them went through quite the spirited transformation. Neptune deflects this onto Uni as she started it. Uni thinks she should not have said anything. Neptune thinks it was just such an awful joke and she can't take it. She asks if she can just laugh a bit.

†Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them not to laugh as their tool could not change how they look. It is not their fault. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells them that they should really watch their mouths. The two of them aren't going to be so kind like before. Kiria in Cheetah tries to reason with the princess as she does not think this is a good idea. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah tells Kiria to shut up and just control the thing. †Black Cat Princess† in Cheetah declares that they are truly unparalleled in 4 Goddesses Online and releases a burst of electricity.

Rom and Ram tell Cheetah to stay back. Neptune tells them to look alive. They should stop staring and start fighting. Neptune assures that it will work out, asks that it will work out and hopes it will work out. Neptune leads the charge against Cheetah.

CPU defeats Cheetah and their body begins crumble. The Grim Reaper picks up Cheetah and leaves.

Elsewhere, †Black Cat Princess† throws a tantrum on how much the 8 players have gotten on her way. Princess declares that she has not lost yet and will rise from the ashes like a phoenix. She no longer cares for the story and as long as she has the tool, the power of the Goddesses is nothing.

She predicts that the players will be coming to Chrono Wastelands next. She plans to plant monsters there to beat them all up. †Black Cat Princess† wants to have them and the Goddesses grovel at her feet. They will recognize her as the True Queen. the true ruler of 4 Goddesses Online. At this rate, the game title might as well be changed to †Black Cat Princess† Online and †Black Cat Princess† laughs.

Kiria calls out to †Black Cat Princess†. †Black Cat Princess† wonders what Kiria wants. Does she have a problem with what †Black Cat Princess† is saying. If so, then †Black Cat Princess† threatens to leave Kiria. Kiria tells her not say that but refuses to be dragged into her pace. She collects her thoughts and urges the princess to end this. This isn't the kind of game where players should fight one another especially with cheats. It is only a matter of time until the GM finds them. Kiria thinks they should surrender while they still have the chance.

†Black Cat Princess† can't believe this. She tells Kiria to think before she speaks. They have gone too far to back down and have run miles around the GM's security. Soon they will control Cheetah's power properly. There is no problem at all. Kiria tells the †Black Cat Princess† that is not right. They can't cheat anymore. Kiria loves †Black Cat Princess† and that is why she must stop her. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† to throw the tool away at once.

†Black Cat Princess† refuses and tells Kiria her hands aren't clean about this either. Kiria knows and she regrets being unable to stop her from using the tool in the first place and regrets cheating. Kiria offers to assist †Black Cat Princess† in challenging the 8 players fair and square. †Black Cat Princess† gets mad and tells her that is not what she wants. †Black Cat Princess† accuses Kiria of not listening to her. Kiria tells †Black Cat Princess† that she cares about her and that is why she but the princess cuts her off.

†Black Cat Princess† tells her to shut up and accuses Kiria of being a coward. She decides to use the tool on her own. †Black Cat Princess† transforms into Cheetah but its body is still damaged from before and †Black Cat Princess† is in pain. Kiria asks the princess to stop as anymore of this and she'll... †Black Cat Princess† notices that she hasn't moved yet and yet there are gross displays on her screen. †Black Cat Princess† notices that her admin privileges have been revoked.

Kiria knew that toying with such a tool was bound to have consequences. Kiria tells the princess to hold on as she, her knight of love will swing her sword of love. Kiria attacks Cheetah with Nova Catastrophe but Cheetah blocks her attack. Kiria is stunned. Cheetah says goodbye to the foolish and counter attacks. With a single hit, Kiria's health is in the red zone. She is stunned by this and Cheetah is impressed that she would survive his strike. It doesn't matter as this will be over soon.

The Mysterious Person returns and scolds Mr. Cheetah for overdoing it. The Mysterious Person does not approve of Cheetah bullying weaklings. Cheetah apologizes. Kiria remembers the Mysterious Person from before. She accuses her of deceiving both her and the princess. Kiria promises to punish her. The Mysterious Person does not understand. She allowed Kiria to have her fun and she'd appreciate it if they didn't try to claim that they were victims. Nevertheless, she was able to gather plenty of data for her tool. Thanks to that, Cheetah is able to operate independently. The Mysterious Person tells the two she is done with them and they are dismissed.

Kiria asks if that was her plan all along? The Mysterious Person confirms this and tells Kiria it is too late to do anything about this. However, Mysterious Person admits that she is grateful for everything Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† has done for her. If the Mysterious Person can tweak the AI to be a little better then a revolution could break out in the real world. Kiria gets upset and just wants her princess back. Mysterious Person forgot about the princess and apologizes. She decides to return the princess as she is extra baggage to Cheetah.

Kiria is glad that the princess has separated but now her in game avatar is damaged. She asks the princess if she can hear her. Kiria gets no response. The Mysterious Person leaves with Cheetah telling him to not hold back and break this world so much that even the models won't load. Cheetah agrees to follow the Mysterious Person's orders.

Cheetah detects that Mine has been beaten. He becomes enraged and begins a rampage. He is then transported to Chrono Wasteland where he continues his rampage. CPU finds Cheetah at the end of the dungeon. Neptune notes that he seems to be in pain. Cheetah is angry about what happened to Master Mine. Neptune tries to explain that this is all a misunderstanding. The GM caught her and they were the ones who... Neptune notices that Cheetah won't listen. Cheetah will not forgive CPU and announces that they will die along with the rest of the world.

Noire observes that he has powered up. Blanc tells Cheetah to bring it on as they just need to end this already. They should just crush him. Vert agrees as there is no need to think about this any longer. Neptune doesn't care who the enemy is as the Goddesses will always win. She leads CPU to attack Cheetah. Nepgear notices they are not damaging him at all. Uni guesses they could expect that from a cheetah and a cheater. He is both, of course.

Cheetah finds them weak. He thought he would enjoy this a little bit but this is disappointing. Neptune notes that Cheetah really is a cheat class. She wonders how they are going to defeat him. Bouquet arrives and asks if everyone is alright. Vert is surprised to see her. Bouquet explains that she will now assemble the anti-virus data, she received from the GM. She asks CPU to hold back Cheetah in the mean time. Vert agrees and tells Bouquet that they are counting on her.

Neptune leads CPU. She tells them to keep fighting until Bouquet is ready with their secret weapon. Cheetah finds them a disgrace to the warrior's name for relying on an item to defeat him. CPU is able to make Cheetah lose his balance. Noire alerts Bouquet to this. Bouquet has finished assembling and tells Cheetah his rampage is finished. Cheetah screams in pain and wonders what is that light. Bouquet explains that they are both created by Weiss Labs and even if he is altered, they are still related. They share the same weakness. Cheetah figures out what Bouquet and gets angry at her.

Bouquet tells Cheetah it is too late. It is unforgivable for an AI to bring harm to their owner. Cheetah has been bad and as the older sister, it is her responsibility. Bouquet invites Cheetah to go on together and apologizes to Lady Vert for not being able to give her a proper response to their date. Vert tells Bouquet that she is not being fair. Cheetah begs Bouquet to stop this as he still has a mission. Bouquet and Cheetah glow in a white light. Cheetah fades away with his last words being "Master Mine".

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. CPU and their friends, Mine and the Goddesses say a few words.

Cheetah then announces that he has returned briefly. He tells the player they did well to defeat him as he is Master Mine's most powerful AI. He concludes that the player has his praise and respect. Other bosses, Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† then say a few words.

After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.



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  • It's appearance may be a reference to the obscure glitchy game cheetahmen.


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