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Bombyx Mori... they're evil. Anyone who opposes them meets a terrible, violent fate.
— Chrome.

Chrome is a supporting character in Super Neptunia RPG. She was a mysterious woman who entrusted Neptune with Histoire, and she seems to know about Neptune, but she doesn't talk in detail.



Chrome has pale, long lavender hair with pointed bangs, and serious-looking bright blue eyes. She wears a white and black outfit consisting of a tight long sleeved tunic with large box-shaped pockets on each side, black pants embroidered with gold and brown knee-high boots. Around her neck, she wears a split hooded violet cape which is colored blue on the inside and lined with a golden trim.


She has a calm personality, but when it comes to eggplant, it shines.


Super Neptunia RPG

For your first job, go to Lastation Outskirts
Chrome was recently spotted by Bombyx Mori who are in hot pursuit. As she runs, she bumps into a girl and drops her book.

The girl picks it up and calls out to the Chrome that she dropped her book. Chrome looks back and sees that the girl was Neptune. She can't believe that she would run into her. Neptune wonders if she knows her. Chrome understands that Neptune has lost her memory but that doesn't explain why she is here.

Neptune explains that she has been sent this way by Bombyx Mori and that she is a new recruit. Chrome does not want Neptune to be them and tells wants Neptune to follow her now. Neptune is shocked.

A Bombyx Mori captain sees the lady and alerts others. Neptune sees them and wonders if they brought snacks. The lady is annoyed they caught up to her. The captain declares that the lady is the reason Filyn acts weird so she is going to pay. Another officer calls her the enemy of Bombyx Mori.

The captain says that their orders were to bring her back alive but they all know that's not gonna happen. Neptune wonders why they are so mad. She wonders what the Chrome did. Neptune notices the book is glowing. Chrome snatches the book back from Neptune. Ester Zira catches up declares it is time to bring her in for Lady Filyn.

Chrome notes that Ester is the last person she wants to see right now. Ester prepares to attack as Chrome flees calling out to Neptune.
Greet Ester at Ratchet Volcano
Chrome sees Neptune struggling against Ester and Bombyx Mori. As Ester is about to finish her off, Chrome arrives and attacks Ester. She scolds Neptune asking what she is doing? Neptune is surprised to see the lady again.

Ester is glad because the bait strategy worked. She praises herself for being amazing. Chrome tells Neptune to focus on the enemy. Neptune follows Chrome's orders. The pair hold off Ester and Bombyx Mori well annoying Ester. She tells Chrome to just be captured already. The lady is annoyed at the persistence of Ester.

Ester begins to attack but counters with a smoke screen. Bombyx Mori officers get worried for Ester. The lady tells Neptune this is their chance to escape. She tells Neptune to stay close to her. Neptune follows Chrome's instructions and the two flee.

As the smoke clears, Ester admits she thought she was going to die. She orders Bombyx Mori not to let them get away and they attempt to chase the pair. After some running Neptune tells the lady to wait a second. Chrome tells Neptune there is no time for that and they need to keep moving. Neptune complains that she can't walk anymore and begs for a break.

Chrome sees that Neptune is struggling and agrees for a short break, as they'll be fine for a little while. Neptune complains that she is beat no thanks to Bombyx Mori. She thought they were the good guys. Neptune guesses this must be the fate of a Hero. Chrome reminds Neptune that she told her not to get involved with them. Neptune says she couldn't resist their snacks.

Neptune says that she is fine with no money, nor memories but how does the lady expect her to live without the munchies. Chrome tries to respond to Neptune. Neptune cuts her off noting how unfair it is that she doesn't the lady's name but the lady knows her name. The lady introduces herself as Chrome and tells Neptune that she understands what she is going through but...

Neptune realizes that Chrome is the mysterious one who knows more about her than she knows herself. She is excited to meet this sort of character and asks her if she is friend or foe. Chrome tries to calm Neptune so that she can listen to her. Neptune complains that she is hungry and maybe she should just go back to Bombyx Mori as they have snacks.

Chrome relents and agrees that she will feed Neptune. She tells Neptune to come with her to the tavern. Neptune is excited and hopes that this isn't too much trouble for her. Chrome remarks that Neptune hasn't changed a bit.
Be treated to food at the Lastation Guild

Chrome treats Neptune to a meal in the Lastation Guild. Neptune gorges herself on rice cakes, porridge and pudding. Neptune hungrily wants another round and more pudding as well. Chrome tells Neptune to slow down as it's not like anyone's gonna steal her food.

Neptune continues to eat and Chrome guesses Neptune can't help it. Chrome decides it's time to Neptune her book. Neptune recognizes it as the book from earlier. Chrome says it's Histoire. Neptune questions what she means by Histoire. Chrome explains that its name. Neptune remembers that the book was glowing when she first met Chrome. Neptune hopes that she's not crazy and asks why it did that.

Chrome explains that Histoire does that to let Chrome know that she has run into an ally. However, Chrome does not need it anymore so she hands the book to Neptune. Neptune is surprised but she promises to take good care of it. Neptune is glad that it can point out allies just like a Hero needs. She hopes it doesn't bring her any wimpy party members.

Chrome has no idea what Neptune is talking about. However she needs Neptune to listen. Chrome explains that Bombyx Mori are evil, and anyone who opposes them meets a terrible, violent fate. Neptune does not like the sound of that.

Neptune then remembers that their leader Filyn was obsessed with Chrome. Chrome explains that it is not what Neptune thinks but they do have a lot of history. Neptune nods. Chrome tells Neptune that once they are done, they are headed to the Weapons Shop. Neptune asks why. Chrome explains that she is low on money, so they are going to the guild to find work. They'll need weapons.

Neptune says that she is a Hero, so she will sit this one out. She's sure Chrome understands. Chrome reminds Neptune that a life of a Hero is one of blood, sweat, and tears. Neptune needs to work. Neptune did not know this. She thinks she needs a new career path. Perhaps she can be a Jester.

Neptune and Chrome head to the Weapons Shop. During which they see a couple looking sad at a trashed store. Neptune wonders why there are games are on the street. A man says this is too much. He knows that his games are rated poorly but to see it out on the street like this. Chrome tells Neptune this is the work of Bombyx Mori, they trashed the store to make an example.

The man adds that they forced them to make games with similar designs and same old ideas. If they can just try something new for once, they might not get low ratings. His wife tries to cheer him up, saying that at least they didn't get punished. The poor Armor Shop owner was sent to the Trial Grounds last week. The husband agrees with his wife, and adds that the Armor Shop owner was never the same either. He wonders what happened to him.

The wife tells her husband that they can't let themselves suffer the same fate. The man agrees. Neptune asks Chrome what they are talking about. Chrome explains that the Trial Grounds of Bombyx Mori's number two, the Mad King are where people are sent to be rehabilitated after defying Bombyx Mori. They are forced to shoot rotating iron plates or fireballs at a steel turtle.

If they can destroy them, they can walk freely. Neptune thinks that sounds easy enough. Chrome clarifies that the turtle are indestructible, this is meant to wear people down physically and mentally. Neptune thinks that is terrifying. Neptune guesses that Bombyx Mori are bad people and Filyn is behind it all. Chrome agrees and adds that Filyn is a terrible person.

Neptune can't believe she was almost duped by them. Chrome reminds Neptune that if she is caught, she will be sent to the Trial Grounds. Neptune says she refuses to go.

The man thinks their games thrown on the street near their shop will take forever to clean. He asks Neptune and Chrome for help. Neptune wonders if he is referring to her. Chrome tells Neptune that if they don't help him, they need to take the long way to the Weapons Shop. Neptune understands what Chrome is saying and decides to help him.

Chrome is happy Neptune understands and tells her that a good deed will always come back to you in the end. After helping the couple out with their cleanup, Neptune is glad that she is done. The man thanks Neptune and notes it isn't much but asks her to take this. Neptune takes 200C and feels like she has taken her first step towards being a real Hero.

Chrome notes that it is the first of many. She is in for a workout.
Ready your equipment at the Armor Shop
Inside the Weapon Shop, the owner greets them and asks them what they want. Neptune says she wants their strongest sword and with a Hero discount. Chrome gets angry at how Neptune assumes she is already a Hero. Neptune gets a Sensword, and Chrome thinks they are good on equipment, now they are headed to the Guild for work.

Neptune is disappointed that it is so soon. Chrome says she is broke and hurries Neptune.
Accept a Hunt Quest at the Lastation Guild
At the guild, Chrome tells Neptune this is where she can take on requests. She hopes there is an easy one. Neptune wants there to be a request for pudding tasting. Chrome tells Neptune not to be ridiculous. Those do not exist. She tells Neptune, she is now on her own. Neptune asks Chrome where she is going. Chrome tells Neptune there are things she needs to do, and Neptune needs to earn money for food. She should get to it.

Neptune thinks the world is cruel. Chrome leaves Neptune.
Report to Chrome at the Lastation Guild
Chrome waits for Neptune to return from her Hunt quest. Neptune returns with new allies. Neptune brags that she has completed a mission as a Hero should. Chrome tells her the mission was easy so she shouldn't get carried away. Chrome sees Neptune's new friends and asks who they are. Neptune reports that she has acquired allies, as Histoi- Histy started glowing. Noire and Blanc introduces themselves.

Blanc asks Neptune what the lady's name is. Neptune struggles to remember, so Chrome introduces herself. She notes they are one short. Noire asks if that means she knows who they are. Chrome tells them they will find out soon enough, as she does not feel like telling them.

Since Chrome is not willing to tell Noire, she declares she will have to get it out of her somehow. Chrome refuses to give up such information easily. Neptune announces that the plot thickens! What mysteries does the new character hold? She tells the audience to stay tuned.

Chrome smirks and asks them if they are going to try and force out of her. She is really strong. Noire tells Neptune that if she with them she has to try harder to get answers from Chrome. Blanc asks Chrome what she means by one short? Who are they missing? Noire did not catch that. Blanc tells Noire she needs to learn to read between the lines. She is too impatient. Noire's verbal beating is made worse with Neptune piling in.

Chrome tells the group that Histoire has an answer for them. Neptune tells Chrome that they couldn't read what showed up on the cover earlier. She asks Chrome to read it for them. Chrome tells them that it something only Goddesses can read. Neptune does not understand what Chrome means by this. Chrome tells Neptune that she is not a goddess any... anyway, so she can't read it.

Only goddesses can use Histoire's power and that is why she does not need it. Neptune notes that she is not a goddess, or is she? However, she can't read the text so why is that? Chrome has no idea. Blanc asks Chrome about Histoire's other powers than pointing out allies. Chrome tells Blanc she will find out soon enough.

Noire can't believe that is all Chrome is telling them. They can't trust her like this. Chrome is okay with this, and just for their information, there are 7 tomes out there that allow non-Goddesses to read Histoire. They should find them and they'll be able to read Histoire. Chrome tells them she has scattered them far and wide. Chrome takes her leave.

Neptune tells Chrome to wait but she already left. Noire wonders seriously, who is she? Chrome returns surprising Neptune and Noire. She forget one final reminder, Neptune is not to waste the money she earns. She has to be responsible and then Chrome leaves for real this time.

Head to the Lowee Guild

Chrome is eating a meal at the Lowee Guild when Neptune and Blanc meet up with her. Neptune happily asks if Chrome is having a lunch break. Blanc greets Chrome. Chrome is surprised to see the two and asks them what is going on. Neptune wants to eat too and asks Chrome if she can have a bite. It looks so good! Neptune begs Chrome stating that she will pass out from hunger.

Chrome understands and assures Neptune she will get her something. Blanc thinks Neptune is embarrassing. Neptune cheers and asks for a large Hero Combo and a side of pudding. Chrome reiterates that she does not know what is going on. She notices that Noire is missing. Blanc explains that as they were investigating the Akoop Archives and Noire was captured by Bombyx Mori who thought she was a spy. They attempted to rescue her but failed and now they are trying to figure out their next moves.

Neptune agrees that this is a total mess and that she is so worried that she can barely eat as she gorges herself. Chrome observes that Neptune is just eating fine. Blanc asks if there is anything they can do. Chrome suggests that they head to Leanbox. Blanc does not understand why the place is suggested. Neptune does not know the place. Blanc explains that it is a nation across the sea.

Chrome adds that it is the base of the Resistance and probably their last hope. Neptune understands but Blanc notes that it will take forever to get there. Chrome assures Blanc and Neptune that she will keep an eye on Noire. If she is correct about Bombyx Mori, she will be safe... for now. Neptune is happy that they now have a plan. She wants one more pudding though, before she goes. However, she remembers that Noire is waiting so she decides to hold off the pudding for now. Blanc agrees.

Head to FC Land (3)
Near FC Land in Twin Mountains, the party runs into Chrome. Neptune apologizes for making Chrome wait. Chrome is surprised to see Vert and guesses that they are now all here. Vert is confused and asks if she knows her. Chrome says that Vert might know her. Neptune asks Chrome to stop with the mysterious one-liners. Blanc asks about Noire. Chrome says that she is safe but they don't have much time.

Artisan seems to recognize Chrome. Chrome understands that seeing Artisan that Neptune was able to enlist the help of the Resistance. Neptune wonders if the two of them know each other. Artisan chuckles and says that Neptune can see that. While Neptune would love details, she wants to focus on saving Noire. Vert agrees. Chrome explains that they are holding Noire in Yanderella Castle. Blanc says they need to save her and urges the party to go. Neptune likes it when Blanc is all fired up. Neptune leads the way. Chrome joins the party.

Charge into Yanderella Castle
Inside Yanderella Castle, Neptune can't believe something so pretty outside can be so creepy on the inside. Artisan notes that based on intel, Noire is held in an underground cell. Blanc tells Noire to hold on a little more.

Search for Noire in the basement of Yanderella Castle
Eventually the party was able to find Noire. Noire is surprised that Neptune actually came for her. Blanc says she is here too. Noire thanks Blanc. Noire notes that the door is locked. Artisan tells her to leave it to her and unlocks the door. Noire is finally freed. She asks Chrome who these two new faces are. Vert walks up and is introduces herself as Vert. Neptune explains that Vert is the last piece of the puzzle according to Histoire and the other person is...

Artisan notes that Noire has been through a lot. Neptune continues that she is with the Resistance and the spy they were accusing Noire of being. Noire then says that means this would be her fault. Artisan apologizes for that. Noire is about to say her mind but holds back. First they need to get out of here. Neptune agrees. Seeing how dirty Neptune's face is, Noire is about get her handkerchief but she notices she already used it. Neptune is confused. Noire remembers she used it as a bandage for that kitty.

Vert thinks they must bring that injured kitty with them. Noire does not know where the cat is. As soon as she took her eyes of the kitty, it was gone. Chrome notes that they don't have time for this and must go.

Escape Yanderella Castle
The party are almost out of Yanderella Castle and Neptune can see the exit. Someone tells them not so fast. Chrome recognizes this voice. It is Filyn, and she tells them they cannot just break out of her castle on her watch. Chrome notes that it really is Filyn. Noire warns everyone that this is the leader of Bombyx Mori. Filyn confirms Noire's warning.

Neptune can't believe that it is the loli... Filyn. Neptune can't believe she let that slip but looking at Filyn, there is no other way to describe her. Filyn asks if Neptune just called her a loli. Neptune quickly explains that she was just coughing, and notes that she is just Filyn. Blanc notes that she is such a little girl. Vert thinks she is adorable. Filyn can't believe what she is hearing.

Chrome warns the party that there is a reason why she is the leader of Bombyx Mori. They cannot fight her right now. Filyn is glad that Chrome is always the voice of reason. Filyn demands that they surrthender... surrender quickly. Neptune wonders if Filyn just bit her tongue. Noire, Blanc, Vert, Artisan and Chrome confirms that she did bite her tongue.

Filyn tells them she did not bite tongue. Filyn tells them not to make fun of her and she won't forgive them. She is going to blow them all up. Neptune is surprised. Chrome tells the party to leave this to her. Blanc can't believe Chrome is going to handle this. Chrome tells the party to make a run for this. She will handle this alone. The party is in shock. Even Filyn can't believe this.

Filyn wonders if she will have a date with Chrome. Filyn wants to go on a Ferris Wheel first. Chrome refuses to go on any rides with her. Filyn then suggests they go on one of those spinning cups first then. She is cool with that and wants to go. Chrome tells her she is not going. Filyn is shocked by her refusal. Filyn thinks Chrome wants to go the funhouse then.

Vert believes no battle will be happening so they should just leave. Blanc and Noire agree. Besides, Noire does have something amazing that she saw when she was brought here that she wants to tell the party about. Noire also wants to properly get acquainted with Vert. Vert agrees. Neptune remarks that Filyn seems to be obsessed with Chrome. Neptune agrees with running away while Filyn is distracted. Artisan agrees.

Head to Leanbox from Lowee Harbor (2)
Elsewhere, Chrome is running away. Chrome catches her breath and notes that this should okay. Planeptune is definitely far enough. It should take Filyn a while to catch up to her. Filyn is only a little bit behind and calls out to Chrome. Chrome notes that Filyn is too persistent. She wonders if there is a place that she can hide.

IF appears surprising Chrome. She tells Chrome to follow her and the two escape.






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  • Because she likes CV and loves eggplants, she might be a reminiscent of Arfoire.
  • According to Dengekiko's interview article, despite Chrome bearing resemblance to Arfoire's human form from Re;Birth1, the game developers didn't know about Arfoire when making Super Neptunia RPG, meaning that it's unlikely Chrome was intended to be Arfoire.