In Hyperdimension Neptunia, a Combo Skill is a type of skill that can be assigned to a character to create attack sequences. The character may utilize up to four Combo Skills in a single sequence. If the player executes a certain combo in a sequence, the player is given a chance for a character to perform a skill called an End Bonus.

Combo Skills can be assigned in any of the four inputs: Input 0, Input 1, Input 2, and Input 3.

Combo Skills are designated into four tiers: Tier 0, Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3. Lower tiered Combo Skills can be assigned to higher Inputs, but higher tiered Combo Skills cannot be assigned to lower Inputs. For example, Neptune's Jumping Arts (Tier 1) can be assigned from Input 1 to Input 3, but Neptune Break (Tier 3) can only be assigned to Input 3.

Input 0 are exclusive and cannot be customized.

End Bonus

When the Combo Skill designated to 3 has an End Bonus, the player gains a chance for a character to perform bonus actions after the sequence.

  • Combo Link: The character links their previous combo sequence when the player chooses to attack again. The last Combo Skill used in the previous combo sequence will be designated to Input 0. The player may then choose the last 3 Combo Skills. This allows the player to increase the hit count without resetting it.
  • Switch: The character in action switches with a party member in the back row. Like Combo Link, the last Combo Skill used by the character will be designated in the switching party member's Input 0, letting the player increase the hit count without resetting it. Note that switching does not replenish a character's AP. The AP of a front character and the back row party members behind that particular character will only replenish after the end of the front character's turn.
  • Transform: Only CPUs have this End Bonus. The CPU transforms into HDD form.

List of Combo Skills

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