In Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2, combo skills are simply referred to as a Command. Commands are attacks that can be used to create Combos. The 1st Command will always be fixed, which is dependent on the character's weapon. The 2nd to 4th Commands can be customized by the player according to his/her preferences. If a Command is left blank, the character will automatically end the combo after the last one utilized. If there are no Commands set for a character, the character will only perform their initial attack.

Combos can be created by setting up Commands for 3 types of attacks:

Command Type Description
Rush This type uses low AP, allowing the player to create a high-count combo, but the damage per hit is much lower.
Heavy hit This type uses a higher amount of AP, but the damage per hit is much higher.
Break This type focuses more on dealing damage to GP rather than HP.

Combo Skills

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