An EXE Drive is a skill type used to classify special super-moves that require use of the EXE Gauge. Their first appearance was in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.


EXE Drive skills are special moves that require the use of the EXE Gauge. Each EXE Drive requires a certain amount of the EXE Gauge to be filled before execution. You can fill up the EXE Gauge by attacking the enemy in battle, particularly with Rush-type attacks to help it build faster. Each time enemy hits you or you hit an enemy with an attack, EXE Gauge is filled by 1/200th of a bar. Rush-type hits fill up the EXE Gauge 3 times faster than other hits. It should also be noted that when using an attack-based EXE Drive skill, the EXE Gauge will fill since you are attacking the enemy. This could potentially provide you with another chance to execute and EXE Drive move after.

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