This page lists all of Hyper Dimension Falcom's EXE Drive skills in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Moon Dragon Sword

Level: 25 Notes: None
EXE Needed: 1 Hit Count: 13
Power: 904 Guard Damage: 192
Radius: Single Range: 5.0
Affinity: Neutral Physical Affinity V Type: EXE Drive
Category: Physical Attack Effect: ----
Description: My secret move. I made a special tweak to the Hachiyo Itto Ryu dragon-slaying move.

Peerless Fierce Wave

Level: Event Notes: None
EXE Needed: 2 Hit Count: 8
Power: 718 Guard Damage: 1062
Radius: Single Range: 6.0
Affinity: Neutral Physical Affinity V Type: Coupling Skill
Category: Physical Link Effect: ----
Description: Nepgear and Falcom's coupling skill. Can only be used while Nepgear is in her human form.


Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory Skills
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