This page lists Umio's only EXE Drive Skill in Megadimension Neptunia VII.

EXE Drive Skill

Umio Slider

Obtain: Lvl 30 Note: The hit box is a relatively wide vertical rectangle in front of Umio.
Against boss enemies, Umio Slider hits 7 times and does approximately 66% more damage with the extra hits.
Type: Physical Attack Target: Enemy Radius
Exe Needed: 1 Participants: Umio
Power: 4500 Hit: 1
Affinity Physical Icon V2 Phys:Elem Ratio: Neutral (10:0)
Range: 6.0m Wait: 43
Status: - Effect: -
Usability in Giant Battles: No
Description: From a while ago, I've been adept at riding the waves. Why don't I show you my surfing skills?
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