An EX Finish is a special type of skill that is executed at the end of a combo once certain conditions are met. They make their first appearance in Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and were implemented into the battle systems of the later titles.


In its first appearance in mk2, upon unlocking an EX Finish move the player would be able to execute an EX Finish by pressing buttons in a specific combo to trigger it. EX Finish availability was also determined by the amount of AP available.

In Victory, an EX Finish could be set to a specific button (Triangle, X, Circle, and Square) on the combo menu. In order to Execute, the player would need the required number of the EXE Guage filled up in order to use it at the end of a combo. Additionally, EX Finishes did not lower the EXE Guage.

Victory's EX Finish system was implemented into later titles of the Neptunia series.

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