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|occupation = Nurse
|occupation = Nurse
|base = [[Planeptune/Hyper Dimension|Planeptune]]
|base = [[Planeptune/Hyper Dimension|Planeptune]]
|video game = ''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2]]''<br>''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory]]''<br>''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: SISTERS GENERATION|Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2]]''<br>''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation|Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3]]''<br>''[[Megadimension Neptunia VII]]''
|video game = ''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2]]''<br>''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory]]''<br>''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2: SISTERS GENERATION|Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2]]''<br>''[[Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation|Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3]]''<br>''[[Megadimension Neptunia VII]]''<br>''[[Megadimension Neptunia VIIR]]''
|japanese va = Kanako Sakai
|japanese va = Kanako Sakai
|english va = Cristina Vee}}
|english va = Cristina Vee}}

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I love Ge-Ge, Nep-Nep, Iffy and everyone sooo much!
— Compa

Compa is a nurse who works at a hospital in Planeptune. Compa is a long-time friend of both IF and Neptune. Her nursing skills aside, her bedside manner is second to none.



Compa has long light congo-pink hair with matching congo-pink eyes. She wears a tan-white wool sweater top with and matching arm warmers and boots, but with fuzzy balls at the top. Compa also wears a red plaid skirt, a black choker with a small heart on it, black-brown knee-socks with light pink heart cut frills, and often carries a black hip purse, and heart shaped buttons. Like her headband, both her purse and the heart on the choker has Compile Heart's noticeable C logo.


Compa is a very kind and caring girl who takes her dream of becoming a nurse very seriously. She will always try her best to make sure that everyone is healthy and will never leave an injured person alone to suffer. This is shown when she treats Warechu's injuries before finding out that he was a member of Arfoire Syndicate of International Crime (ASIC). She can be somewhat of a ditz at times and also very clumsy as well, but all in all she cares for everyone no matter the situation. She is also surprisingly good at math.


Main Article: Compa/Hyper Dimension/Relationships


Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2

Compa arrives in the Gamindustri Graveyard along with IF on a rescue mission for the CPUs and Nepgear. Compa only manages to help Nepgear and the Sharicite is deemed useless on the CPUs. Due to CFW Judge's persistence, Compa and IF are forced to escape with only having rescued Nepgear. 

When Nepgear has to go on a quest to seek the aid of the mascot characters and CPU Candidates, Compa accompanies her with IF all the way through. She ends up treating the wounds of a mouse named Pirachu and he ultimately falls in love with her only to have his love unrequited. 

After finally saving Gamindustri and the CPUs, in the True End route, Compa resumes her nurse training by helping out at the free clinic where she is shown to be very popular with all the patients (even the older ones) who seem to be coming only to see her.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 SISTERS GENERATION

Her role remains the same from the original Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

She appears in the true end bringing drinks and snacks for Rei Ryghts and IF. The three take a break from repairing Planeptune.

Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth3: V Generation

Her role remains the same from the original Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Megadimension Neptunia VII

Zero Dimension Neptunia Z: Twilight of the Desperate CPU
Compa appears in the middle of the Zero Dimension arc to assist IF and Neptune in taking care of Histoire. Neptune notes that Compa is not surprised to see her return. Compa notes that Neptune has a habit of leaving and suddenly returning. So Compa does not worry about this as she knows Neptune will always return. Regardless, Compa admits she is unlikely able to treat Histoire. Histoire is not exactly a human and wonders if there is a manual.

Neptune remembers that there is so the girls use the manual to diagnose that Histoire has short circuited and requires Sanshiro's Soulful Patch. IF sends Neptune off to find the patch. Neptune wonders why the two of them are not following her. IF reminds her that she has to watch over the Basilicom. Compa reminds her she must watch over Histoire. With that Neptune goes off and after a few hours finds Sanshiro's Soulful Patch.

Neptune decides to put the cartidge inside Histoire's mouth. IF does not think that this can possibly work but it does. Compa wonders if the first CPU was similar to Neptune in terms of personality. Histoire starts to reboot and repair herself.

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri
Compa gets a call from Neptune at lunch. Though, she was also affected by the rewrite, she quickly remembered Neptune. Neptune asks for her assistance in treating IF's wounds from their recent battle with Arfoire. With the help of a doctor and Compa's nursing skills, IF makes a quick recover. Compa then decides to join Neptune in her quest to bring peace again to Planeptune.

Compa is happy to be with Neptune and IF after the preparation for the festival and dealing with the problems caused by the rewrite. Neptune notices a retro game shop and the girls visit the shop. The shop owner, Chuko apologizes to the girls as her shop was just robbed. Compa wonders why this would happen as they are just retro games. Why can't they steal regular games? Neptune and Chuko explain how the prices can increase by 10 to 100 times. Compa is speechless. IF promises the girls will investigate this and they leave the shop.

Nepgear then shows up and shows and reports the state of the world to Neptune. In the report, Neptune worries about Vert so asks her sister to help her. Since Neptune already has IF and Compa, while Vert has no candidate. Compa worries about this since Nepgear just came home and she was very clingy towards her sister. Nepgear decides to go. IF teases Neptune about the possibility of Vert stealing her sister. Neptune runs of to get Nepgear and Compa notes it was Neptune who needs to be less clingy towards her sister not Nepgear.

IF gets a call from Otome about a rat selling retro games. Compa then bumps into Warechu. Warechu asks if she was hurt anywhere but that does not matter since Warechu would always like her. Compa says she is fine. IF nabs Warechu as he is clearly responsible for stealing from Chuko. Warechu manages to escape and is stopped by B-Sha as Presto Mask who kicks him rather hard. Compa wants to take Warechu in and Neptune agrees. With that Compa nurses Warechu back to health. Compa is easily able to squeeze the fact that he is part of AffimaX out of him. AffimaX is after a console with a swirl mark. B-Sha then calls the girls over.

They throw Warechu in a cell and see B-Sha. Histoire orders the girls and B-Sha to stop delusionary monsters from Haneda City. The girls go out and find monsters attacking an old man. B-Sha then flees but the trio decide to save the old man before worrying about that. The old man notes that being saved by Neptune feels familiar. The girls continue into the city and find a guard. He requests assistance with helping them finish of a boss monster in the middle of the city.

In the middle of the city, they find the last two guards bravely holding the line because Neptune is good. Luckily for them, Neptune is not gone. Neptune asks for Compa and IF's help. With that the boss monster is defeated. Neptune asks the guards why they remember her. The guards say that even if the world goes topsy turvy, they would remember Neptune because they love her. With that the girls return to the Basilicom and Haneda City is safe.

Compa, Neptune and IF return to Histoire to report the results of Haneda City. Histoire is surprised that B-Sha would desert and that other people remember Neptune. Neptune goes out to deal with B-Sha. Compa asks if she can tag along but Neptune tells her not to because it seemed that B-Sha looked guilty. It would be easier to deal with her alone.

Compa and IF decide to continue the interrogation of Warechu. They find out that he has escaped. Compa apologizes to IF as she suggested bringing him in. IF tells her not to worry as Warechu was wrong for betraying her kindness.

Later Neptune and B-Sha decide to co-rule Planeptune and split up their responsibilities. IF reports the results of that and the people like it, shares are increasing and people remember Neptune are increasing, however there are malicious rumors on the internet. One of them is regarding Neptune going out to buy candy. Neptune decides to slack off indoors and invites Compa to play with her on her Swirl Console.

Later, Haneda City is under attack by monsters again. The girls rush to the city to find Warechu leading the monsters. Warechu brags that this is easy for him thanks to his IQ of 250. Compa is impressed but asks IF if that is special. IF says no, so Compa thinks Warechu is dumb. Warechu gets dejected and then brags about the diversion tactic to steal the Swirl Console. Neptune freaks out since that means her console is going to get stolen.

IF then books Warechu. Warechu asks Compa if she likes him. Compa says she hates him because he put the citizens of Planeptune at risk for a console. Warechu is heartbroken and runs away crying. The girls return to find the console missing.

The girls learn from Chuko that she saw a ninja holding a console with a Swirl mark. The girls pursue the ninja into a dungeon. IF begins to berate the ninja since he is shy towards girls. Compa explains to Neptune that IF is like this because she was always the assertive girl.

The girls fight and defeat Steamax. They are about to retrieve their console until Steamax uses his five-greed jutsu, which is just using erotic magazines to distract the girls. Compa counters this by closing her eyes.

An explosion is from Planeptune heard and Steamax decides to help the girls with Planeptune. Compa's eyes remain close as IF rushes her to get back to Planeptune. In Planeptune, they discover B-Sha fighting with a giant Warechu. The group tries to lend a hand to B-Sha but she sees them as monsters and attacks them.

Chuko arrives to explain that a girl showed up trying to turn her into a rampaging monster but Warechu protected her. She then gave B-Sha some "motivation" to fight the monster. She demands they save the city so that children can still shop at her shop.

Compa assists Neptune and IF with getting B-Sha back to her senses. Steamax lures Warechu away. Unfortunately the girls manage to fight B-Sha to a tie but she is still hostile. Meanwhile, Warechu has defeated Steamax and starts rampaging across the city. The cries of the citizens distract B-Sha which allows Neptune to bring her back to her senses. The girls then defeat Warechu.

Warechu, when reminded IF says he did not do anything wrong. Histoire shows up to pardon his crimes if he assists with research on delusionary monster. Additionally Warechu will get meals from Compa so Warechu agrees.

A few days have passed and Compa welcomes Chuko who is here to visit Warechu. Neptune loses her console but the girls will deal with this when they find AffimaX.

Histoire hears IF's intelligence report. It turns out AffimaX is responsible for the Order in Lastation, the Revolutionary Army in Lowee and some problems in Leanbox. Histoire wants Compa, Neptune and IF to recruit the CPUs to take down the organization. From Warechu's testimony, they know that AffimaX is on an aerial battle ship. Histoire will get some help from an acquaintance to track down AffimaX's battleship. Compa decides to get some Planeptune souvenirs for the CPUs.

In Lastation, Compa hands Uni some Planeptune tower as the girls recruit Uni and Noire. In Lowee, Compa complains about the cold. They wait in the guild for Blanc. IF explains their mission to Blanc. C-Sha notes that it looks Blanc will be leaving scaring Compa who did not notice the Gold Third member. In Planeptune's coastline Compa and IF rely on Neptune to fly them to Leanbox as the boats are still down. Compa is scared by the weirdness of Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady.

The girls return to the Planeptune Basilicom. They all share that a small portion of the group ruining their respective nation was helped by members of AffimaX. So far the list for the members of AffimaX include Warechu, Arfoire, Steamax, older Neptune and a mysterious girl. Histoire has found the battleship's location and the girls head out.

Entering the battleship is easy as there is very little security. Compa and IF notice Steamax and the girls defeat him. He wishes to fight still but Uni tranquilizes him. Compa is glad because they he can't use his five-greed jutsu on Rom and Ram. The girls then meet Affimojas and fight him for the sake of Gamindustri.

The girls come out victorious. Affimojas surrenders and when the CPUs' guards are down, he cuts their connection to their shares. Nepgear notices that the crystal attached to his sword is the same as the crystal Arfoire used in the Zero Dimension to nullify Share Energy,

Affimojas captures the CPUs and demands 1 gajillion credits per CPU. Compa complains that they cannot acquire that much money. He says they will do so immediately. He says he has always made money of the CPUs with rumors and his site, @GeneralSummarySite. Nowadays he makes money of the spectacle that is the Gold Third. But with their Gold Crystal shattered, their strength will fade and no one will stop him.

The Gold Third arrive and give the CPUs a Hyper Share Crystal. With that, they transform to their Next Form. The girls then make short work of Affimojas. Uni asks that he surrender for Steamax. Affimojas refuses and Uni wonders why. It is because the Negative Energy is consuming him. The only to save him is to kill him. Steamax arrives to do this then accompany his friend to the afterlife. Neptune stops him and says she will get a happy ending. She cuts down the Negative Energy and with that, AffimaX is defeated.

The group returns to Planeptune to find all the citizens remembering the goddesses. In the Basilicom, Histoire congratulates them and says the Gamindustri Rewrite was literally cut down. Neptune is proud of her accomplishment and wants everyone to know about she can gain fame, shares and pudding. Everyone decides to keep it a secret to protect Neptune from the negative effects of fame. This saddens her.

In the epilogue, Compa is seen looking after Affimojas. When he comes to, Compa tells him he is in Planeptune's Basilicom.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend
Compa joins IF and meets Histoire and the candidates for a meeting. The CPUs have been captured and taken to the Zero Dimension by Uzume and Dark Purple. Histoire can get the girls to the Zero Dimesnion but Compa worries about how they will fare in combat against Dark Purple. Histoire suggests recruiting the Gold Third. Histoire allows Compa and IF to join the candidates.

Compa, IF and Nepgear decide to recruit B-Sha. They head over to Chuko's shop. She agrees to join them if they allow her to fight them so that she can prove that she will not be a burden to them. After the fight, B-Sha is ready to join but worries about who will take her place as a part-timer at Chuko's Shop. Compa decides to get Warechu to replace her. Compa, IF and the candidates manage to recruit the remaining members of Gold Third.

Compa returns with the members of the Gold Third. Histoire creates a portal and the rescue mission enters the portal and find themselves in the Zero Dimension. The rescue mission decide to look for Uzume in her base. Ram likes how the base is like a secret hideout. Her excitement makes Nepgear pale which Compa notices. Compa asks Nepgear if she is okay. Nepgear says she is fine just remembering about Neptune first thought of the base as well. Seeing as how Uzume is not there, the rescue mission decides to search more.

They run into Uzume and after a tense confrontation, Uzume invites the rescue mission back to her base to clear up any misunderstandings. They come to the conclusion that Uzume likely has a fake that captured the CPUs. In addition, there have been sightings of the Dark CPU heading northeast. Umio arrives to confirm this. Compa is shocked by his weird appearance. Uzume and Umio explain that the northeast is the end of the Zero Dimension but joins the rescue mission in order to find out the truth about the fake.

In the northeast, an earthquake occurs and Uzume then checks the dimensional co-ordinates of the Zero Dimension. She says that it has changed. Nepgear checks the dimensional co-ordinates and says that it looks like the Zero Dimension is heading towards the Hyper Dimension. Uzume wonders what will happen if they collide and the fake arrives with older Neptune to answer that the dimensions will merge. The resulting dimension is like the Zero Dimension. The two then flee.

The rescue mission manage to corner them. Fake Uzume leaves a monster for them to fight and the two flee using a portal created by older Neptune's Nep-Note. After defeating the monster, the rescue mission finds the portal still open and enters it to find themselves in a dimension with lots of empty space. They are lucky to find a city where they can set up base. Compa and the rest of the rescue mission decides to rest while Nepgear, Uni, Uzume and Umio continue their investigation into the new dimension.

Compa is happy to see the scouting crew return with older Neptune and defeat Arfoire. However, Compa worries about the unconscious Neptune but S-Sha has brewed a potion for this situation. Compa notes that it is black and cloudy but S-Sha feeds her the potion nevertheless. It works but Neptune complains about the after its taste.

She then wonders if the mission is going to torture her and do things to her that can be shown in a family-friendly game. They assure her safety but want to know her story. Neptune confirms that she tried to sabotage the other Uzume whose name is actually Uzume. Older Neptune decides to call the other Uzume, Kurome Ankokuboshi to avoid confusion.

She explains when they first met, finding the Swirl Console and getting transported by it which led to her meeting Nepgear, Uzume and Umio. She then reveals that she knows where the CPUs are and the Heart Dimension is actually someone's soul turned into a dimension. Uzume asks her to lead them there and apologizes for asking her so soon. Neptune agrees to take them there.

S-Sha protests wondering if Neptune can be trusted. Compa and IF think so as it is Neptune who they both trust. S-Sha reminds them that it is a different Neptune but the two insist. With that, the mission is off to recover the CPUs. Older Neptune gives the mission more details, firstly the CPUs are asleep and trapped inside Dark CPUs which are in the center of the Heart Dimension. The Heart Dimension can materialize dreams the CPUs' dreams can materialize. In addition, Kurome can mess with the dreams.

Older Neptune believes Kurome's goal is to get the CPUs to fall into delusion like the Gold Third. Uni does not believe the CPUs would fall because of a nightmare. K-Sha warns her that Kurome does not need to give them nightmares but pleasant dreams that target someone's deepest desire. Kurome is incredibly deceptive.

IF wonders what makes Neptune happy. Compa thinks it is lazing around, gaming and eating pudding until she explodes. IF says that is just reality.

Compa notices that they are in Planeptune now. IF says that they are Neptune's dream then. IF says she could figure out the other CPUs but Neptune's dream but not Neptune's. Compa rules out changing her figure due to HDD and Neptune can dote on Nepgear and be doted by Nepgear. Compa then spots Neptune.

A grandma and youth from Planeptune gives Neptune croquette and pudding respective and Neptune thanks them. A young girl tells Neptune she got 100 in her tastes so Neptune praises her. A boy tells Neptune his achievement of becoming a regular on his baseball team and asks Neptune to watch his tournament. Neptune says she has been watching the boy practice by the riverside until night and promises to attend his tournaments.

Compa comments, saying that Neptune is surrounded by lots of happy people. IF can't believe that Neptune's happiness stems from other people's happiness. She is always so lazy so she expected her to play games and eat sweets but how could Neptune being the least serious CPU find a happiness so heartfelt. Compa reminds IF that this is normal for her.Nepgear starts thinking and Compa asks what is up. Nepgear thinks Neptune's happiness stems from an unchanging peaceful life.

The mission finally makes it to the center of the Heart Dimension to find each of the CPUs trapped inside the Dark CPUs. Kurome Ankokuboshi and Croire arrives. Kurome notes that if she had known older Neptune would have lead them here, she would have killed her earlier. The mission demands the return of the CPUs and her reason for toying with the Gold Third. Kurome says the purpose of messing with the Gold Third was entertainment because if they fell into delusion, then the world would be chaotic.

Kurome says that it is time to kill the mission. Uzume asks her how she intends to do that as she has Share Energy. Kurome instead asks Uzume to become one with her as they were originally one person. Uzume gets confused so Kurome decides to return all her memories to Uzume.

Kurome says it will take time to process everything so she decides to explain everything. Firstly, CPUs are essentially born from people's wishes. However, for Uzume, her people grew to hate her, they sealed her away then forgot about her. Uzume vowed revenge and just like that, her source of power shifted from Share Energy to Negative Energy generated by negative emotions. Using her delusion power coupled with negative emotions of her people, Uzume deleted all trace of herself from her people.

In turn, the people needed a new CPU, Uranus. Kurome announces that she is a CPU of Planeptune, Uzume Tennouboshi and demands they all kneel to her, increasing the gravity of the place forcing the mission to kneel. Kurome then explains that both the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension are born from her dream of herself destroying Gamindustri, with the Zero Dimension serving only as an entrance to the Heart Dimension.

This is possible because her power is to turn dreams into reality. This is why Planeptune hated her. Kurome tells the mission that she wanted to break out of the seal, but she could not. However, if her dream created dimensions, she break out of their dimensional boundaries instead of the seal. As she began to attempt this method, a part of Uzume split off from her and tried to stop the Dark CPUs trying to break the boundaries.

But that was good for her, as once Uzume battled the Dark CPU and started to gain Share Energy, she did as well. With the Share Energy, Kurome can observe the Hyper Dimension and appear as a sort of hologram but that was enough. Kurome decided to send Arfoire out to gain even more Share Energy. Kurome then came up with the idea to fuse the dimensions instead breaking out of the boundaries or seal. Nepgear, Umio and Uzume are in shock to learn that their adventures in the Zero Dimension only helped Kurome out.

Kurome says that the Gold Third are also to thank. The Golden Summits, that were created give a rare signal in multidimensional space. Their existence was thanks to the CPU Shift Period lowering the faith in the goddess, good enough for her to write the CPUs out of existence. Gamindustri, however needed protectors and created the Golden Summits. Kurome continues, saying the fused dimensions will allow her to physically materialize the Dark CPUs. Kurome notes that with her Negative Energy, Uzume's Share Energy, Croire's power that came from another CPU, she can rule Gamindustri forever. She asks Uzume to become one with her again. Uzume angrily refuses.

Kurome says it is a shame and will kill her along with the rest of the mission. Kurome creates clones of Arfoire and explains that this is her dream, creating things from her memory is easy. She admits that this gave her quite a bit of trouble in the past but serves as a perfect pawn. The candidates transform ready to fight to rescue their sisters.

Kurome tells them not to get too excited as the CPUs just fell into delusion and she allows them to awaken. The CPUs announce their intentions to torture their sisters and friends then transform. Vert goes up to IF and Compa and notes that the other CPUs are lucky. She must be content with hurting everyone else, she wonders who should she start with, Neptune's friends or the Gold Third.

The candidates pull back and transform back. Older Neptune wants to escape but Nepgear notes that the CPUs are somewhere in there and she won't let it end like this. She tells older Neptune that her sister did hesitate. Everyone agrees with Nepgear. IF says if Neptune is being dumb then she will knock some sense into her. Compa says IF never goes easy on Neptune. The rescue mission begins their battle to return the CPUs to their senses.

After the battle, Uzume wonders why the CPUs aren't back yet. They should not be wanting to hurt their sisters or anything else they love. The CPUs regain their senses and apologize for their actions. Kurome forces more Negative Energy to the CPUs.

The CPUs try their best to resist but are in pain. Kurome tells Uzume that she cannot win. Uzume asks everyone to pray for the CPUs' return to their senses and she will create a Share Crystal for that. Kurome says it is impossible but Uzume tells her not underestimate her illusion power.

Uzume with the faith of the everyone creates the crystal and transforms the CPUs to their Next Form. Croire can't believe that they can neutralize all the Negative Energy..

Kurome tells them not to get carried away as she still has Dark CPUs and unleashes Dark Green. Uzume activates her Sharing Field with the Share Crystal. The party destroy Dark Green but find Kurome smiling. Kurome says that she will win and asks them to check the dimensional co-ordinates. Nepgear checks and notices the dimension much closer to the Hyper Dimension but she says it has only been a short time.

Kurome explains it is because they are in the Heart Dimension, she can bring the Heart Dimension closer to the Hyper Dimension with no resistance. She notes that the dimension are close enough for her to materialize, at least for a short time. Croire creates a portal as the two begin to leave to the Hyper Dimension. Kurome leaves a bunch of clones of the CPUs for them to fight. She says she created them to influence their dreams but does not need them anymore. The party can dispose of them in however they wish. The two leaves.

Neptune the candidates and Gold Third to follow Kurome as the CPUs will deal with the fakes. The candidates and Gold Third take their leave after Uzume hands them a Share Crystal in case Kurome has anymore Dark CPUs. IF and Compa stay behind to help the CPUs. They state that the CPUs need help since they got captured so easily.

Heart Dimension route

The fakes have a parody of the CPU's personality, which causes the CPUs to transform back. The two Neptunes wonder if it is some debuff cause by their weird dialogue and movement. Compa asks if IF is going to scold Neptune but IF says that scolding two Neptunes is a waste of calories. Compa wonders if she can make a diet drink out of that. Umio says diets are important but are they ready to fight the fakes. Neptune says she is ready to Umiotaro. They prepare for battle but Umio interupts her to remind her that his name is Umio. Neptune says oh.

The girls manage to defeat the fakes and Neptune notes that fakes are never a match for the real. Uzume feels sad hearing that and Noire nudges Neptune. Neptune quickly apologizes to Uzume and Uzume forgives her and understands. Croire returns to congratulate the CPUs and group for defeating some many fakes and asks them what are they planning to do after knowing everything.

They plan to defeat Kurome. Croire reminds them that if they do then the Heart Dimension and Zero Dimension disappear getting rid of Uzume, Umio and all of Zero Dimension's inhabitants. Older Neptune is not happy with the two choices and Croire asks her if she was paying attention. Their choices boil down to letting Kurome do as she pleases which will screw over the Hyper Dimension or stopping her with the consequences that Croire previous talked about.

Umio wonders why must the world being so cruel to Uzume. Croire says it is just Uzume's punishment as she nearly destroyed the Hyper Dimension. Uzume runs away after hearing this. Croire says that Uzume just ran away. The party decides to pursue Uzume and leaves.

Compa and the others follow Uzume's trail to Tangram Road. Deeper within the dungeon, Older Neptune found Uzume. Umio volunteers to talk to her as he has known her for a long time and is not a CPU so it may be easier for her to be honest. Compa and the others stay hidden from Uzume's sight. A flashback of the past appears behind Uzume.

Histoire announces that she will be working with a grassroots youth in a publicity campaign. The youth is eager and happy to work with Uzume. The youth asks a few kids ahead to address Uzume politely if she passes by with a cart. The kids do so. A middle aged man wants to live in Planeptune but the youth cannot grant his wish. Another man says that is just how it works. The youth tells Uzume that they should work together to build a wonderful nation.

Another man comments on the recent events of Uzume losing control of her illusion power. The grassroots youth wonders if there is anything they can do to help Uzume. Some youths comment on the failed assassination attempts. They think the nation will collapse if Uzume keeps ruling. The youth expresses his relief that Uzume is still alive. An old woman wonders why the world is so cruel to Uzume as she earnestly tried her best. A young sobbingly asks her grandmother if there is anything to save Uzume.

An assassin finds Uzume and makes his attempt. The youth gets in the way and gets fatally wounded. He tells Uzume that he is glad she is okay that she should not cry. The youth says his wish is to see that Uzume's dreams come true and be there with her when it happens. Afterwards Histoire accepts Uzume's request to be sealed. She promises that she will find a way to seal her illusion power so she can comeback and that they will only part for a short time.

Uzume is glad to have remembered all her memories. Neptune interrupts this moment. The girls voice their objection against Uzume's romance with the youth who is suspected to have reincarnated as Umio. Uzume asks them how they were able to see her flashback.

Compa says that they were with Umio the whole time. Uzume asks if they heard her cry. Compa says they did and offers her a handkerchief. Older Neptune says the flashback was projected right behind her. Uzume asks them to kill her over the embarrassment.

Umio asks Uzume if she is calm. Uzume assures him that she is but not she cannot choose between the Hyper Dimension or the Heart Dimension as she grew to like both of them. Neptune says she has discovered the third option. Neptune says if Negative Energy made the other Uzume, who she decides to call Kurome Ankokuboshi to avoid confusion then they could purify her with Share Energy like what they did with Affimojas.

The CPUs agree the plan makes sense but they are concerned with the amount of Negative Energy that Kurome has. She absorbed Negative Energy for decades and the worse case scenario involves the CPUs' own Share Energy neutralized. Neptune says it is the only way to save both dimensions. Umio asks Uzume for her opinion. She wants to try the plan and will back away from a tough gamble.

Since Uzume is okay with Vert says the CPUs are okay with it. The party sets off to purify the Heart Dimension as it is literally Uzume's heart.

Compa and the party enters DreamPass Area. In the depths of this dungeon, they find a giant shattered Share Crystal floating in the distance. Older Neptune explains that it is the crystallization of the Share Energy sealed with Uzume's body when she was sealed. Croire arrives to add that it is the reason that there are share crystals in the Zero Dimension. Blanc adds that the crystal is likely the reason why Uzume is still alive despite the world forgetting about her. Uzume considers how it can be used and is plotting something.

Older Neptune tells Croire to stop helping Kurome or else both dimensions will be destroyed. Croire admits that Kurome is a slave driver but she already recorded lots of beginnings and ends of countless worlds. Older Neptune tells her she knows but recording is one thing but helping its destruction is another. Older Neptune cannot allow Croire to be free if this keeps up. Croire asks her if it is instead about her wanting to use her dimension hopping abilities. Older Neptune is shocked that she knows and tries to play that off as untrue. Croire says that she is too obvious and she asks if Neptune was also intentionally sabotaging AffimaX. Older Neptune tries an obvious attempt to feign ignorance. Croire concludes that she has simply been playing the role of the clown the whole time.

Noire says Croire took long enough to figure it out. Neptune may be happy go lucky and spouts nonsensical meta-jokes but she has always been. Neptune cuts her with a scream. Noire and Croire are shocked. Croire tells her to stop yelling as she was not talking to her. Neptune goes on a huge rant about how she is the protagonist but her role has not been important.

IF asks her to calm down and reminds her that she has been the protagonist in the Hyper Dimension part of the game. Compa agrees and says as a protagonist she should be tolerant of this change as a goddess or at least of a mother. Neptune continues her whining about her lack of screen time and ability which is unfair for someone who is the protagonist.

Croire wonders what is wrong with the party but she says they will not get in her way in recording history. Croire summons Dark White. Uzume says Dark White is no match for them due to her Sharing Field. Vert agrees but notices that Dark White has a smaller chest than Dark Green. Blanc is in shock. Vert says she understands that the Dark CPUs have copied their power but she did not think they would copy their figure as well. The party begins to make commentary on Dark White's bust anger Blanc. Blanc demand Uzume activate the Sharing Field.

Uzume transforms and activates her shaving field. Compa says Uzume is fumbling her words. The party makes short work of Dark White. Blanc laughs as Dark White is dead and says that it serves her right. Croire can't believe the Dark CPU was so easily beaten. Older Neptune sneaks up to Croire and captures her in her Nep-Note then announces Croire's defeat.

With no obstacles in the way, Neptune thinks it is time to attempt to purify the world. Neptune asks the CPUs for all their shares and everyone to pray. Neptune attempts the purification. Compa notices nothing has happened. Neptune says that there was a reaction but the Share Energy was all neutralized. Neptune thinks they should meet up with Nepgear and revise their plan.

Joining Up
The CPU Candidates and Gold Third rejoin the party in the Heart Dimension base. Nepgear explains that they first lost the console but thanks to everyone's help they got it back. In addition, they were concerned with the Dark CPU but the Share Crystal sorted that out for them. Nepgear wonders how were things with them as they came here because they followed Kurome but she escaped.

Compa's group wonders what she means by follow. Ram says that they though Kurome would use Croire but she ran and eventually they lost sight of her. Noire asks how they can run from the Hyper Dimension all the way here. Uni explains that Kurome broke the rubble that Neptune created and ran here. Older Neptune says it must have been because they captured Croire.

K-Sha wonders what the CPUs were up to while they were all away. Noire explains that after defeating the clones, Uzume got confused but Umio was able to help her clear her head.The hatred Kurome took tainted her memories making them seem worse than the actual events. Uzume and the world never actually hated each other.

An earthquake occurs and Neptune wonders what is happening. Croire says Kurome has finally done it. She has taken in the power of the CPU from another dimension. A fraction of this power can move dimensions with ease but it will likely consume Kurome as Croire told her she should only use after she has revived. Croire remarks as they are all here, she can finally record some interesting history. Uzume says she has a plan and they must find her. The party searches for Kurome.

The party manages to find Kurome Ankokuboshi in a dungeon. Kurome asks what they plan to do, they kill her, both of them and this world disappears. If they let her go, the dimensions will fuse and she will become the Hyper Dimension. Uzume reveals her plan which is to beat Kurome up and take the power of the CPU from another dimension. If they have the power, they can stop the dimensions from fusing.

Uzume declares that today is the day she defeats herself that is drowning in hatred. Kurome declares that she will defeat herself and all the others in the way. Kurome wanted to have them all alive to experience the eternal hell she was going put Gamindustri through but they are becoming a major interference in her plans. Kurome summons all the Dark CPUs to fuse with them to become Dark Orange. Dark Orange says that the form is perfect for taking revenge on Gamindustri.

Dark Orange calls the party useless as they are unable to fight with Sharing Field. No Sharing Field can contain her. Uzume says she has an ace card and points the giant Share Crystal in the Heart Dimension. Dark Orange warns her that using the crystal is like using their "lifeline". They will both die. Uzume says she is not suicidal and will use the crystal until there is a little bit of shares left then turn it off. That way, Dark Orange will weaken too.

Dark Orange is angry but calls it useless. Uzume calls this her last HDD and transforms to Orange Heart to activate the Sharing Field. The party manages to defeat Dark Orange.

Dark Orange says that she cannot die yet until her revenge on Gamindustri is complete. Uzume tells Dark Orange that she will never get her revenge. Kurome performs one last act of vengeance and takes the power of the CPU from another dimension down with her.

A monster horde is heard. It is coming by land, sea and air and heading towards the Hyper Dimension. Croire explains that she must have given the order to the monsters to destroy the Hyper Dimension just as she died and remarks that she truly went down gun blazin'. Unfortunately the party lack the manpower and supplies to confront the horde. They also lack the time to return to the Hyper Dimension to prepare a proper defense. S-Sha admits Kurome did manage to win.

Uzume has one final plan and asks Nepgear to destroy the giant Share Crystal then the party must head back to the Hyper Dimension. Nepgear is unwilling to do so but her sister assists her and the sisters destroy the giant Share Crystal. The party leaves.

Ascension Ending
The party heads back to the Hyper Dimension through the portal Histoire created. Umio was able to rescue the monsters from the Zero Dimension as well. The Swirl Console breaks signalling the end of the monster horde and Uzume.

Revival Ending
Neptune asks the party if it is okay to leave like this. The party tries to reason with Neptune but Neptune tells the party she needs everyone for a happy ending and runs off for Uzume. Nepgear agrees with her sister's actions and wants to run off. Compa tells her to wait. Older Neptune is also unhappy with leaving Uzume. She then realizes that the dimension has not collapsed yet even though the Share Crystal has been destroyed. Uzume must have planned to hold off the monster horde because they would be in big trouble if the horde caught up to them. The dimension will collapse once all her share energy is used up.

S-Sha concludes that if Uzume survives then the Hyper Dimension will have to deal with the horde. Nepgear still wants to save Uzume and runs off. Older Neptune also runs off to save Uzume. B-Sha asks the party what are they to do, follow the Neptunes and Nepgear or return to the Hyper Dimension. Vert says they should leave Uzume to them and they should do what they can do.

Compa returns to the Hyper Dimension and helps amass and deploy Planeptune's soldiers to defend against the monster horde. She also gets Warechu and Chuko to assist with the defensive effort. Compa then heads over to Histoire to report to Neptune and the others that have stayed behind to rescue Uzume. Histoire calls in to report that all of the military of each nation and volunteers are currently fighting a massive defensive battle.

B-Sha announces that Planeptune's preparations are ready and assures that they will push back the horde. Compa ends it off with the fact that she, Warechu and Chuko will do their best. That means Neptune and Uzume better do their best.

Compa assists in the defensive battle. Later Uni hears from Steamax that Kurome is still alive. Neptune, Nepgear, Uzume and older Neptune intend to fight her. Compa decides to join the CPUs, candidates, Gold Third and IF in heading over to the Zero Dimension to help them.

The group runs into the four and express their desire to help them. Neptune is happy at the gesture but worries about the Hyper Dimension. IF assures her that the Hyper Dimension is not okay which is why they are here. Compa tells them if the four of them lose to Kurome then everyone's efforts will be in vain. Uni concludes that this is why they skipped out on fighting the horde to come here. Uzume had better be thankful for this.

The party has made it to the general location of Kurome Ankokuboshi. Up ahead, they find Kurome. Uzume calls Kurome a tenacious bastard for being alive. Kurome admits she was beaten and did disappear but negative emotions revived her. They could have killed Uzume or destroyed the main seal. The sealed body of Uzume is unique as it constantly gathers negative emotions from the world. No matter how many times her soul is purified or that Kurome is killed, Uzume will be stained in darkness and Kurome can revive. Kurome thinks being prone to assumptions and daydreams backfired for the party.

Uzume tells Kurome that she is the one with assumptions. The giant Share Crystal is destroyed so the sealed away Uzume is dead. Uzume concludes that the two of them are ghosts. She is here is because she is separate from her real self and therefore she won't die the same time her sealed self dies. Even if they give Uzume Share Energy, her real body will never revive. Uzume apologizes for keeping this from Neptune and the others.

Uzume says that is it and invites Kurome to hell with her. Kurome cannot accept that and transforms into Dark Orange. Uzume had planned to go alone into the grave but that plan is all in shambles. She says it is time for her final HDD and Sharing Field with the intent of using her life as fuel for the field.

Dark Orange does not accept that and still clings to her desire for revenge on Gamindustri. The party fights Dark Orange and kills her. Uzume declares that with this she has disappeared and shortly following is the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. She asks older Neptune to warp everyone to safety and gives Nepgear her Visual Radio. Older Neptune warps the party away.

Neptune announces to Histoire that they are back and everything has been settled. Histoire thanks them for all their hard work and reports that she has observed the disappearance of both the Zero Dimension and Heart Dimension. Histoire decides to release Uzume's seal. There is a chance to bring back Uzume thanks to the Visual Radio and asks everyone if they are okay with it.

Everyone is fine with it. They justify that because Gamindustri came together to fight the monster horde in order to save Uzume. It is their responsibility to save Uzume and take all the chances possible.

Histoire explains that she will connect the peripherals to the console which is called the "main seal". Normally she would press the power button and release the seal but she will attach the Visual Radio first. The Visual Radio is showing Uzume's mark. Histoire then releases the seal and asks that Uzume receive everyone's prayer.

Uzume revives and announces that she accepts her existence. She apologizes for keeping everyone waiting. Uzume is grateful that she is here thanks to everyone's wishes. She thanks them and is glad to be back home in Gamindustri.

A few months have passed and Neptune enjoys the peace that has been regained for Gamindustri. She can roll around and eat pudding to her heart's content. She asks Compa to get her all the pudding in the fridge. Compa tells her she is being greedy and she will gain weight. IF agrees and reminds her that she threw a fit about her weight yesterday. Neptune smiles and remarks that all the weight she got yesterday is gone this morning. IF cannot believe this and wonders if she is one of those enviable girls that do not gain weight.

Nepgear realizes that Neptune used HDD a lot last night and asked her if getting rid of weight was why she transformed so often. Neptune praises her sister for her sharpness and explains that HDD seems to use a lot of calories when transforming. As a result, she went on an HDD diet. IF cannot believe that HDD is used for dieting. Histoire has recorded the history of all the CPUs and Neptune is the first to use HDD to diet. Compa thinks that HDD diet is definitely something Neptune would come up with.

Nepgear reminds the girls that Uzume and the others are returning from their trip today. IF adds they were going to see how Gamindustri changed in the decades she was gone. Compa notes that older Neptune and Umio was with her. Neptune said they went away yelling they were restarting from zero. IF notes that if they return the Basilicom will be lively again.

Older Neptune announces that they are back. Nepgear is pleased to hear this. Uzume trips and falls on older Neptune. Older Neptune reports that the warp has messed up. Uzume says that this has hurt her ass. Umio wonders if Uzume is okay. Older Neptune thinks that this is weird as she thought she set the co-ordinates properly. She blames this on Croire. Croire says that this is her fault for keeping her in the book. If she does not like it, she should release her. Older Neptune says if she acts like this, she is less inclined to release her. She threatens Croire with pinning her down with needles. Uzume adds that she has lost count of how many times Croire has messed up the warp. Umio offers some needles he found from puffer fish. Croire does not want this and says she and her wings are delicate.

Nepgear tries to get their attention. Uzume realizes this and says it has been a while. Neptune sees that Uzume is healthy and wonders how is Gamindustri. Uzume thinks the people are nice and the food is great. In addition, she met an old man who was a boy that called her lame during her PR campaign with Umio way back. He bought a console from her nonetheless and managed to remember her even through the rewrite. Nepgear is happy this hear this. Uzume wants to tell them more about her adventures but Umio tells her she is forgetting something. Uzume apologizes and announces that she is home.


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