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I'm Compa, the person living with Iffy
— Compa

An air-headed, clumsy girl who lives with IF. She's always smiling, and she works together with IF in order to make a living. She’s a supremely talented cook, as well as a very competent nurse who would do anything for her friends.



Compa has long light congo-pink hair with matching congo-pink eyes. She wears a tan-white wool sweater top with and matching arm warmers and boots, but with fuzzy balls at the top. Compa also wears a red plaid skirt, a black choker with a small heart on it, black-brown knee-socks with light pink heart cut frills, and often carries a black hip purse, and heart shaped buttons. Like her headband, both her purse and the heart on the choker has Compile Heart's noticeable C logo.


Compa is a kind cutesy girl who loves cooking and being a good host to guests to her house. She lives with IF and as such both girls understand each other really well.


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Compa has been living with IF in the sparsely populated region of Planeptune. She takes care of her house while IF explores the underwater city in the sea. One day IF returns with a guest. The guest wonders why IF saved her. IF says that she felt like she had to. Regardless, Compa is beaming to have a guest after such a long time. Compa and IF introduce themselves to the guest. The guest introduces herself as Chrome.

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Later, some group is hollering to the inhabitants of Compa's house. IF goes out to talk to the group while Compa and Chrome continue on their daily business. However some time has passed so Compa calls to Iffy to ask what is taking so long. Compa and Chrome go to the door while Chrome warns Compa about Bombyx Mori. Outside, Compa sees that a group of girls is acquainted with Chrome. IF asks Chrome if she knows the group. Chrome asks the group why they are here and guesses what they have been up to. An excitable girl gets excited from the mysterious words coming from the mysterious lady. Chrome asks Neptune to stop calling her that.

Compa suggests to IF that since the party is friends with Chrome, that they should let them in. IF agrees, and she wants to hear more about their adventures in the underwater city. Neptune is happy to be let in.

Inside Compa's House, Neptune says it is tradition for a Hero to introduce herself. Neptune introduces herself. Compa and IF wonder what Neptune means by Hero. A stern girl tells them not to worry about it and introduces herself politely as Noire. A quiet girl introduces herself as Blanc. Finally, a mature girl politely introduces herself as Vert. IF then introduces herself and notes that they have been living here for... Compa introduces herself as IF's roommate. Compa notes that now there is three of them living here now. Chrome chuckles and clarifies that she is not planning on staying long but Chrome introduces herself anyways. She notes that the party already knows her.

Blanc points out that while they know Chrome's name, that is all they know. They know nothing else about her. Noire agrees, and questions why Chrome is here of all places. They are very far from Lowee after all. Chrome explains how she was chased by Filyn and she was able to escape to Planeptune. Chrome catches her breathe noting that Filyn should take a while to catch up. However, Chrome is still hot on her heels. Chrome is annoyed by how persistent Filyn is. Chrome looks for a place to hide and is helped by IF. IF tells Chrome to follow her. Chrome follows IF to her house and the rest is history.

Chrome finishes explaining her story and admits she was only planning a short stay but... Vert and Neptune understands what Chrome is trying to get at. Neptune adds that she has something to say to Chrome. Chrome can only guess what that is. Neptune declares that she is hungry and wants her to buy her something to eat. Chrome scolds Neptune to spend her money wisely.

Compa laughs and suggests they all have tea. They can all rest and talk a bit. Compa asks if that is okay with IF. IF notes that Compa is happy to have company. Compa is glad IF noticed. IF agrees to allowing their guest to rest and eat. However, IF notes that they only have tea and sweets. Compa wonders if she should make some pudding as she has the ingredients. Neptune wants Compa to do it. She tells her to put all the ingredients in an alchemy pot so that it'll be done quickly.

Compa does not think that is actually a thing. IF tells the party that everyone has to help. Those who do not help, do not eat. Neptune says that hearing that makes her heart melt. Vert thinks it is like salt on a slug. Blanc corrects Vert as slugs don't melt, they shrink. Vert is surprised that is the case, but wonders who cares. Noire agrees that they will help and tells Neptune to get up. Neptune says she will do anything for pudding and gets up eager to help out.