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In the Ultra Dimension, Compa first appears as an infant. Compared with the impudent IF and the dumb-but-energetic Peashy, she is a good girl who doesn't require a lot of care. From childhood till adulthood she continues to insist that “Nep-Nep's all I need!” When she grows up she enrolls in a nursing school. She also helps out around the Basilicom. On top of her own responsibilities, she cooks for Neptune if she is hungry, or will even act as a human pillow for Plutia when she is tired.




Compa has short, fluffy hair with few curled locks and big eyes. She wears a pink outfit with a white and red bib that has an octopus drawn on it.




Compa's hair is thicker and nearly shoulder-length, worn with a stylized C clip. Her outfit is composed of a white turtleneck worn beneath a baby pink and white sweater with a scalloped collar and peach-colored heart buttons. At the neck is a red ribbon with a heart at the middle and a C drawn on it. Her red plaid cuffs are trim with white frills, and she wears a frill-less plaid skirt. Her socks match her collar and are worn with red Mary-Janes that have a heart on the strap.




Compa has congo-pink eyes and elbow-length, curled, lighter colored hair with bangs framing her face. She wears a black headband with a large C sewn to the side. Her attire consists of a pale beige wool sweater top with and matching sleeves and leg warmers that have pom-pom hanging from them. She also wears a red plaid skirt, sheer black stockings with a pink heart and dot tulle trim, and a black choker with a small heart on it that has the Compile Heart's C logo. Around her waist is a black, white, and pink purse with the logo on the purse and hearts on the strap. 


Compa is a very kind and caring girl who takes her dream of becoming a nurse very seriously. She will always try her best to make sure that everyone is healthy and will never leave an injured person alone to suffer. She can be somewhat of a ditz at times and also very clumsy as well, but all in all, she cares for everyone no matter the situation. She is also surprisingly good at math.


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Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory

The Ultra Dimension Compa is first introduced as a baby who was taken in by Planeptune's Basilicom due to kidnappings being done by the Seven Sages.

The game shows Compa as a baby to a young child and then an older teen due to many years having passed during Neptune's stay in the Ultra Dimension. As a child she is kidnapped by Arfoire so that they could attempt to make her a CPU using the CPU Memory.

However, when Neptune and her friends catch up to Arfoire, she is left in the care of Pirachu who ends up letting her go anyway and seemingly falling for her again even in Ultradimension. In the True End of the game, Compa is shown drowning in the sea of dolls made by Plutia of all her friends. 

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