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CyberConnect2 is a young, optimistic girl who hails from a place called Fukoka. She worked as a sort of fire marshal there. She is bright with a strong will and big heart. She's also called Cybercon.



CyberConnect2 is a short girl with choppy short hair and green eyes which turn red when she goes into a rage. She has a black and white cat-like hat with a small white visor and green and orange goggles on her head. She also has pale yellow tattoos on her cheeks, shoulders, thighs, and sides of her torso that much resemble the tattoos on Black Rose from .hack//, a series that was created by the company CyberConnect2 represents.

CyberConnect2 has on a white and green top that reveals her midriff, and a black top the same length underneath that. She wears green and white shorts with an orange belt and green buckle with CyberConnect2's logo on it. She has long black glove with two orange stripes at the top. These gloves end right before her tattoo on her shoulder. And over those gloves are short white and green gloves with a gold band around each wrist. CyberConnect2 also can be seen to have a black fox tail with a white tip, which references the Naruto games (see trivia for more info.). Her foot gear is a pair of white and green boots with a green gem on the toe of her shoes.


CyberConnect2 is generally a laid-back girl with an extremely optimistic outlook on life. Her motto is "Never despair!" No matter what the situation may be, she tends to look on the bright side of most things. However, despite this disposition, she can easily become enraged whenever her friends are hurt or in danger. When she loses her cool, she gains the ability to turn anger into raw power.  


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Cybercon Arrives

Neptune ask for Izawa to summon her a new companion. Izawa says that he's actually been itching to serve her up some new DLC and summons CyberConnect2 who is confused as to where she is. Neptune asks CyberConnect2 what her name is, but CyberConnect2 refuses to to give her name to stranger, requesting to know Neptune's name first.

After Neptune introduces herself as the CPU of Planeptune, CyberConnect2 also gives her name. Neptune feels as though her name is too long and shortens it to Cybercon, which CyberConnect2 doesn't mind. Cybercon requests more information on how she got there. Neptune explains and instead of being upset, Cybercon is actually optimistic about the entire thing and says she's excited.

Neptune is impressed by her positive thinking and says that she's happy she summoned her and that they should be great companions. Cybercon agrees with this statement, leaving Izawa to mentally comment on how he was the one who summoned her in the first place.

Where are you from?

Noire asks Cybercon where she's from. Cybercon says she hails from Fukoka, to which Noire responds by saying she has never heard of it and asks where Fukoka is. Cybercon says doesn't know because she suddenly brought there and has poor intenal navigation.

Noire apologizes about Neptune, saying that no matter how badly she wants a friend, she shouldn't summon them at random. Cybercon tells her not to worry about it because thanks to Neptune, she can experience a whole new spectrum of fun that Fukoka lacks. Noire comments on her optimism, and Cybercon says her motto is, “Never despair!” Noire says that Cybercon has a very dependable mindset and looks forward to seeing what she is truly capable of.

The Power of Rage

Noire asks for CyberConnect2's help on a quest that deals with defeating a dragon in a mine. Cybercon agrees and the two of them head out. As the two make their way into the mine and begin to search for the dragon, they reach a fork in the road. Noire suggests that they split up and tells Cybercon to call for her if she spots the dragon.

Noire finds herself unable to find the dragon on her end and is just about to rendezvous back with Cybercon until the dragon falls on her and takes her by surprise. Cybercon rushes to her aid and become enraged, fighting the dragon by herself. Noire is surprised that Cybercon is doing all this for her and decides to help, accessing HDD.

As Cybercon is about to be attacked, Black Heart stops the dragon just in time and thanks Cybercon for giving her enough time to recover and transform. The two of them work together to finish the dragon off, and Black Heart reverts back into her human form.

Noire thanks Cybercon for saving her and asks what the attack she pulled off was because Cybercon had an aura that she had never seen from her before. Cybcercon explains by saying she can channel her range and turn it into power and that it activates whenever she gets too angry or loses her temper. She also says that she tries not to use it too often but when she saw what happeed to Noire, she lost her cool. Noire is happy to hear that Cybcercon thinks so highly of her and thanks her.

Lowee Tourism

Cyberconnect2 comments on how cold it is in Lowee and Blanc tells her to put on a jacket or something. Cybercon says its not so cold that she can't stand so its okay. Blanc asks why Cybercon came to Lowee of all of sudden, and Cybercon answers by saying she wanted to see more of the snowy wonderland. She also apologizes for making Blanc act as her tour guide on her day off, but Blanc says its fine as long as Cybercon walks away with an appreciation for all things Lowee.

Cybercon says she came the Lowee expecting to see some rare things that only a snowy nation would have, and brings up the Woopa Twoopa Mushroom Bros. Zoo. She says they have zoos in Fukoka as well, but she has never seen so many turtle-like things. Cybercon mentions how the turtle hid its shell when Blanc tried to give it mushroom feed, and Blanc tells her not to bring it up because it's embarrassing.

Blanc asks Cybercon to tell her more about Fukoka. Cybercon says that Fukoka is far to the south, so it's nice and warm. Snow falls, but the same as in Lowee. She also says that a place where snow falls year-round like Lowee is very rare. Cyberconnect2 tells Blanc that if she ever comes to Fukoka, she'll be her tour guide. Blanc responds by saying it sounds interesting, and suggest that they eat hot pot when Cybercon inquires about a place they can warm up.

Famous Fukoka Object

Nepgear asks what kind of place Fukoka is. Fukoka says its kind of like Planeptune, and that it has a ton of cool places to visit and delicious food to eat. Cybercon lists numerous food dishes served in Fukoka. Nepgear asks for her to translate Okyuuto and Abuttekamo for her. CyberConnect2 explains the process of preparing Okyuuto, and then explains the origin behind the word abuttekamo. Nepgear says listening to Cybercon's descriptions of various food items is making her drool mercilessly and that she wants some.

Cybercon assures Nepgear that when she comes to Fukoka, she'll get her whatever she wants. Nepgear says she'll start fasting right away, but Cybercon requests for her to talk about some famous Planeptune dishes instead. Nepgear states that Planeptune doesn't really have any famous things because one CPU sleeps all day and the other doesn't like to work.

Cybercon suggests that Nepgear make her own famous dish. Nepgear doubts her abilities to do so, saying its the first time she's ever dreamt about being a cooking girl. Cybercon tells Nepgear that she shouldn't doubt her ability to accomplish a dream as long as it can come true. Feeling motivated, Nepgear says that she will make the famous dishes for Planeptune and will summon Cybercon right away to eat them.

4 Goddesses Online RAID

Vert prepares to raid a castle in 4 Goddesses Online. In the middle of the raid, she comments on how skilled a rival guild by the name of GFF is, as well as a player by the name of CC2. Vert wonders just who exactly this mysterious player is.

Meanwhile in the Planeptune Basilicom, Cybercon is also playing 4 Goddesses Online. She states that siege missions are the best part of MMOs and that it appears her opponent will be the best guild on the server. She notices that the guild master's player name is † Green Heart † and says that even though it's just a game, you shouldn't use the name of a CPU like that. She wonders if it's actually Lady Vert, but doubts it immediately after because of the player name.

Vert and CyberConnect2 go back and forth during the raid, each side proving to be extremely formidable. When CyberConnect2 begins making her way to the castle keep to break the flag with what is left of her raiding party, Vert approaches them directly to stop them from going any further. CyberConnect2 is surprised by Vert's high defensive parameters and feels as though they are going to lose to her, but manages to buy enough time time for her guild to come to her aid. Vert immediately calls her troops back into the castle, knowing she can't win alone. However, her efforts are for naught and the siege ends with CyberConnect2 being the victor. Vert is surprised at being defeated in a close quarters duel and states that she will never forget the names GFF and CC2.

The Raid Ends

Vert invites CyberConnect2 over so she can learn more about her, but finds herself unable to decide on a topic of conversation now that she's there. Cybercon tells her not to hold back, and to ask anything she wants. Vert asks Cybercon if she's playing any games. Cybercon states that she's playing both an action game and an MMO.

Vert is surprised by her response and asks what MMO she's playing. Cybercon immediately answers with 4 Goddesses Online which surprises Vert even further. Vert quickly asks Cybercon what her character name is so she can add her as a friend. Cybercon responds by saying CC2. This immediately prompts Vert to ask if she is the same CC2 in the guild GFF.

Cybercon responds affirmatively and asks if Vert has seen her online. Vert explains, saying that Cybercon's guild was the one that bested her own in the last siege mission. Cybercon is shocked by this and asks if she's † Green Heart †. Vert laughs, asking if it surprises her, and Cybercon says that she thought it was impossible that it was actually her. Vert states that even though she lost, a battle of such proportions stays in one's mind. Cybercon says that it was her most difficult seige and asks if if Vert's character has all the legendary drops as equipment.

Vert responds, saying that not only does she have all the legendary drops, but she has their stats maxed out as well. She suddenly remembers that 4 Goddesses online is having a 3-year anniversary event coming up soon and asks Cybercon to come with her. Cybercon says she wasn't particulary interested in going but will since it is Vert who is asking her. This makes Vert happy as she states that the two of them are now MMO compatriots.


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