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Dimension Chaos Device, or DCD for short.

She is a mysterious woman who carries a crystal that holds a special energy called Chaos Energy, which can corrupt people. She explores the world of Gyawosu, infecting everyone she meets with Chaos Energy, her reasoning is shrouded in mystery.



DCD has very long, flowing dark purple hair and bangs with two, short curled cowlicks and several strands that have a light purple or lilac ombre. Her dark raspberry eyes appear drooping or tired. At her belly button is an indigo marking. 

DCD wears a dark blue and black outfit composed of a top with three silver buttons and shaped with sheer brown material to expose the lower half of her breasts, accent with two silver rings. Her skirt matches with a black flower design on the left corner and the right thigh exposed. A red diamond ornament hangs from her right hip and beneath the flowers on the left, each with silver material hanging from them. She also wears black and blue flower-shaped sleeves beneath her shoulders, cut to resemble a cape surrounding the side and back of her arm, silver bracelets to resemble the accessories on her skirt, and a black and blue veil-like piece hanging from her head.


DCD is reserved, only willing to talk about the bare minimum of a subject.


NepNep☆Connect: Chaos Chanpuru

When DCD first appears, she infects Nepgear and the others, corrupting them into Chaos Characters.