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I will crush every last insect I see before me!
— Dark Knight


The Dark Knight is a Captain of the Demon King's army, one of the Paramount Pair, and a boss that appears in 4 Goddesses Online. If one merely studied his battle prowess, one may find that he would be on the same level as the Demon King Jester. [1]


Dark Knight has a tall imposing figure. He is clad in full black armor. His armor has gray and yellow outlines. Behind his body and on top of his head appears to be a pair bat wings. His helmet has four spikes curling to the side. He has yellow eyes. Dark Knight wields a large yellow sword on his left hand and a large black metal shield with gray outlines on his right hand.

When he was the 31st Black Knight Group Leader, he looks the same with the exception of the spikes on his helmets. Those were not there.


Dark Knight is confident in his strength believing the Goddesses and their servants to be no match for him. As a knight, he also has a strong sense of responsibility and he knows he has fallen into darkness. At his defeat, he takes his own life rather than allow himself to be purified as a way to atone for his mistakes.

As the former 31st leader of the Black Knight Guild, he was a strict leader of the guild. He was prideful in his skill and made his superiority known. This was exploited by the Demon King Jester to make him fall into darkness.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

A long time ago, when Dark Knight was the 31st leader of the Black Knight Guild known as Black Knight Group Leader, a Nameless Knight challenged him to a duel. Black Knight Group Leader tells the nameless knight he is cocky and asks if he wishes to have his spirit broken so easily? The Nameless Knight explains that he believes in order to learn, it is important for him to come face to face with walls he cannot overcome. Black Knight Group Leader scoffs and tells him not to speak as if he has experience in these matters. He will spar with him however, as he has quite a bit of stress built up.

The Nameless Knight thanks him. The two spar and the Nameless Knight is victorious. Black Knight Group Leader is upset. Black Knight A cannot believe his eyes. He never saw the leader lose. Nameless Knight thanks him and feels like he understands what he lacks. He praises Black Knight Group Leader for being strong and being a very good leader. Black Knight Group Leader is livid and asks if he intends to mock him.

Nameless Knight assures him he would never dream of it. He totally respects him. Black Knight Group Leader damns the result. He was just in a bad condition today. He tells the Nameless Knight not to feel superior just because he won in a 1/10 fluke. Nameless Knight understands and asks him to spar with him then leaves. Black Knight Group Leader is upset. Nameless Knight's movements were completely different when he joined them. He was like a different person.

Elsewhere, in a village. Villager A asks the villagers if they heard that one of the Black Knights defeated the boss of the orcs. Villager B is surprised. The orcs have been running rampant and causing all sorts of trouble lately. This was such a huge help. Villager C alerts everyone to their hero returning. Nameless Knight appears and laughs. He tells the villagers not to praise him as this was just a coincidence. The only reason he was able to do anything is because of his leader.

Villager B scoffs as his leader isn't even here. Whatever the case, Villager B invites Nameless Knight to have a feast with them to celebrate. Nameless Knight thinks he will take them up on their- Black Knight Group Leader appears and asks him why he is in such high spirits. He shouldn't boast over victories especially those as simple as orc extermination. Nameless Knight apologizes. Black Knight Group Leader orders him to return to his training. Nameless Knight agrees. The pair leave the villagers.

Villager A wonders what is up with Black Knight Group Leader. It's not like he did anything. Villager B agrees and the new recruit seems more competent anyway. Black Knight Group Leader hears this and asks the miscreants if they were gossiping about him. Villager A doesn't care if he is. It is not gossip if it is the truth. Villager B claims Black Knight Group Leader is doing nothing for the people. He is just upset that he does not have a victory worth boasting about.

Nameless Knight tells everyone to stop. What a terrible thing to say to the Black Knight Guild who is devoting itself to the people... Black Knight Group Leader feels his head ringing. Nameless Knight suggests to his leader that the citizens are in the wrong. Don't they deserve to be cut down? They need to pay for their arrogance and what they said about him. He tells his leader to go ahead and do it.

Black Knight Group Leader quite approaches Villager A and cuts him down. He screams in pain and dies. Villager B screams in fear. Black Knight Group Leader is upset that Villager A dirtied his new sword. Villager B wonders how he could do such a thing. The Goddesses will punish him for doing this. Black Knight Group Leader cuts him down as well. Nameless Knight is glad that his leader is doing the right thing.

Black Knight Group Leader tells the peasantry to listen closely. He will not forgive anyone who opposes the Black Knight Guild. He made an example of the dissenters. Black Knight Group Leader warns the villagers that he will reward anyone who causes disorder with a purge of blood. The villagers murmur in fear.

Later Black Knight A asks the leader if he is alright. Black Knight Group Leader asks him what is talking about? Black Knight A tells him not to play the fool. The Black Knight Guild heard all about him taking the life of that innocent villager. Black Knight Group Leader wonders what he means by that. The villager was an insect. Black Knight A cannot believe what he is hearing. The villagers raise their crops and pay taxes that allow them to do their jobs of maintaining the peace.

Black Knight Group Leader asks him why he speaks the obvious. It is an obligation for them to pay taxes since the Black Knight Guild is protecting these brainless folks. Black Knight A does not agree with that ideology and announces his resignation from the Black Knight Guild. Black Knight Group Leader calls him spineless and no longer has any business with him. He tells him to leave. Black Knight A leaves.

3 days later, Black Knight A is reflecting on his decision leave. Nameless Knight appears and tells him he was ordered by the leader to find him. Black Knight A is surprised to see him but he tells him he will not be returning to the leader. He does not care what he is offering. Nameless Knight corrects him as he is here to purge those who cause disorder. In fact, they have already taken out every last member of his family including his dog. Black Knight A cannot believe his buddy is gone.

Nameless Knight tells him it is because he went against the leader and laughs. Black Knight A says nothing and leaves. Nameless Knight asks where he is going. Is he going to offer his head to the leader? That is quite admirable of him. Black Knight A swears he will never forgive him and suddenly gets cut down. Black Knight Group Leader thanks him for guiding him to his home. He is glad that he followed Black Knight A. Black Knight A calls him a bastard before dying.

Black Knight B along with 3 other knights arrive and note they are too late. Black Knight C tells the leader he is not leaving here and he should prepare himself. Black Knight Group Leader finds this rebellion amusing as they really think they can be his opponent. Black Knight D rally the knights up for a charge. Black Knight Group Leader cuts the three of them down. Black Knight B and D screams in pain and Black Knight C finds him too strong. Black Knight Group Leader wonders who is next.

Black Knight E flees calling him a monster. Black Knight Group Leader cannot believe after all that boasting, he is trying to flee. He calls him a spineless weakling before executing him for it. Nameless Knight laughs and praises his leader. His soul is now completely covered in darkness. He has fully met his expectations. Black Knight Group Leader wonders what his he? Nameless Knight reveals himself to be the Demon King Jester.

He praises Black Knight Group Leader again for his marvelous and excellent skills. Even he felt chills from him. Now he invites the Black Knight to come with him. However, that name no longer suits him so he should be known as Dark Knight. He orders Dark Knight to erase any and all garbage that stands in his way.

Dark Knight detects that the Goddesses and their servants have found him in Horor Garden. He spies on them eager for the upcoming battle. When they reach the end of the dungeon, Dark Knight appears. Purple Heart alerts CPU to the appearance of Dark Knight. She warns them to be wary when fighting him. Dark Knight wonders why the Goddesses and their servants would stand against him. He asks if they know that he is the most powerful knight under the Demon King Jester. It is a shame that he won't be here to witness this. The Dark Knight declares that he will crush every last insect he sees before him.

Nepgear disagrees and they will stop him. She declares that his ambitions will end here. Uni notes that he is a Black Knight like Noire but he has fallen to the dark side. Rom is afraid but she will do whatever it takes to protect Blanc. Ram agrees and encourages everyone to beat up this armor-wearing old man! Dark Knight snaps back saying he is not an old man. Neptune calls him Mr. Middle Management then and asks him if he is ready to lose. He shouldn't even think about offering them competitive benefits or retirement plans. Blanc tells Neptune that someone in middle management wouldn't even... She realizes how absurd the argument she is going to get in and gets ready for the fight against the Dark Knight.

CPU is able to defeat the Dark Knight. Black Heart tells Dark Knight it is time to purify his twisted spirit. Dark Knight tells them there is no need. He tells them it was a truly wonderful battle and thanks the Goddesses for the honor. He charges his lightning attack. White Heart tells everyone to get behind her. Dark Knight uses the lightning to strike himself down.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. The Chosen Ones and their friends, enemies and the Goddesses say a few words.

Dark Knight arrives and notes he has no time for chit chat. He prays for another opportunity to cross swords with opponents like the player one day. Two other bosses, Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† then say a few words as well.

After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.



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