Deadring is the strongest and final Dark History monster in MegaTagmension Blanc + Neptune VS Zombies. He is first found in the 5 star multiplayer mission "The First Sin". His design resembles a glowing blue version of Anonydeath. Defeating him can get you the Dead Parts


Deadring will teleport around the map, normally landing close to where you are. Most of his attacks involve through swords around. Sometimes he will swing one at you, other times he will spin them around in a circle, and other times he will swing them around himself wildly. He also has a laser attack where he will go up high in the air and fire down at you. Like all the main bosses, you are able to stun him once you've done enough damage. Deadring is weak against Blunt attacks, so using Break Patches is helpful


Blanc Neptune vs Deadring

Blanc Neptune vs Deadring

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