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My true joy is to destroy and to conquer!
— Demon King Jester


Demon King Jester is the craziest and most powerful boss in 4 Goddesses Online. He holds power that surpasses that of the Goddesses, and he is exceptionally skilled in magic. Curses and taboo spells are his specialty. Ages ago, he led an army to attack Alsgard in an attempt to conquer it, but he was sealed away when the Goddesses released their hidden powers.

His subordinate monsters that survived, however, have been moving in the shadows for the past 1,000 years in order to release Jester's seal. And now, the time of resurrection draws near...


Demon King Jester has the figure of a humanoid but he is gray with sky-blue eyes, teeth and long nails. His attire is rather kingly with a sky-blue plume making his overall appearance look all the larger. His robe is black and his collar is purple. He wears a segmented belt with a blue orb in the middle. In front of him is another blue orb with a dark blue swirl surrounding it.[1]


At the surface, Demon King Jester maintains a funny approachable nature as his name would imply. However beneath that is a manipulative figure that seeks to conquer Alsgard. The Demon King Jester is very effective at tempting otherwise good creatures into darkness such as the case of Minotauros.


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Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online

A long time ago after his defeat from the Goddesses, the Demon King began to re-emerge. He would need allies to ensure his resurrection completes safely. He has his eye on the 31st Black Knight Group Leader. Demon King Jester disguises himself as Nameless Knight and joins the Black Knight Guild. He challenges the Black Knight Group Leader to a spar. Black Knight Group Leader tells the nameless knight he is cocky. Does he wish to have his spirit broken so easily? The Nameless Knight believes that in order to learn, it is important for him to come face to face with walls he cannot overcome. Black Knight Group Leader scoffs and tells him not to speak as if he has experience in these matters. He will spar with him however, as he has quite a bit of stress built up.

The Nameless Knight thanks him. The two spar and the Nameless Knight is victorious. Black Knight Group Leader is upset. Black Knight A cannot believe his eyes. He never saw the leader lose. Nameless Knight thanks him and feels like he understands what he lacks. He praises Black Knight Group Leader for being strong and being a very good leader. Black Knight Group Leader is livid and asks if he intends to mock him.

Nameless Knight assures him he would never dream of it. He totally respects him. Black Knight Group Leader damns the result. He was just in a bad condition today. He tells the Nameless Knight not to feel superior just because he won in a 1/10 fluke. Nameless Knight understands and asks him to spar with him then leaves. Black Knight Group Leader is upset. Nameless Knight's movements were completely different when he joined them. He was like a different person.

Elsewhere, in a village. Villager A asks the villagers if they heard that one of the Black Knights defeated the boss of the orcs. Villager B is surprised. The orcs have been running rampant and causing all sorts of trouble lately. This was such a huge help. Villager C alerts everyone to their hero returning. Nameless Knight appears and laughs. He tells the villagers not to praise him as this was just a coincidence. The only reason he was able to do anything is because of his leader.

Villager B scoffs as his leader isn't even here. Whatever the case, Villager B invites Nameless Knight to have a feast with them to celebrate. Nameless Knight thinks he will take them up on their- Black Knight Group Leader appears and asks him why he is in such high spirits. He should boast over victories especially those as simple as orc extermination. Nameless Knight apologizes. Black Knight Group Leader orders him to return to his training. Nameless Knight agrees. The pair leave the villagers.

Villager A wonders what is up with Black Knight Group Leader. It's not like he did anything. Villager B agrees and the new recruit seems more competent anyway. Black Knight Group Leader hears this and asks the miscreants if they were gossiping about him. Villager A doesn't care if he is. It is not gossip if it is the truth. Villager B claims Black Knight Group Leader is doing nothing for the people. He is just upset that he does not have a victory worth boasting about.

Nameless Knight tells everyone to stop. What a terrible thing to say to the Black Knight Guild who is devoting itself to the people... Black Knight Group Leader feels his head ringing. Nameless Knight suggests to his leader that the citizens are in the wrong. Don't they deserve to be cut down? They need to pay for their arrogance and what they said about him. He tells his leader to go ahead and do it.

Black Knight Group Leader quite approaches Villager A and cuts him down. He screams in pain and dies. Villager B screams in fear. Black Knight Group Leader is upset that Villager A dirtied his new sword. Villager B wonders how he could do such a thing. The Goddesses will punish him for doing this. Black Knight Group Leader cuts him down as well. Nameless Knight is glad that his leader is doing the right thing.

Black Knight Group Leader tells the peasantry to listen closely. He will not forgive anyone who opposes the Black Knight Guild. He made an example of the dissenters. Black Knight Group Leader warns the villagers that he will reward anyone who causes disorder with a purge of blood. The villagers murmur in fear.

Later Black Knight A asks the leader if he is alright. Black Knight Group Leader asks him what is talking about? Black Knight A tells him not to play the fool. The Black Knight Guild heard all about him taking the life of that innocent villager. Black Knight Group Leader wonders what he means by that. The villager was an insect. Black Knight A cannot believe what he is hearing. The villagers raise their crops and pay taxes that allow them to do their jobs of maintaining the peace.

Black Knight Group Leader asks him why he speaks the obvious. It is an obligation for them to pay taxes since the Black Knight Guild is protecting these brainless folks. Black Knight A does not agree with that ideology and announces his resignation from the Black Knight Guild. Black Knight Group Leader calls him spineless and no longer has any business with him. He tells him to leave. Black Knight A leaves.

3 days later, Black Knight A is reflecting on his decision leave. Nameless Knight appears and tells him he was ordered by the leader to find him. Black Knight A is surprised to see him but he tells him he will not be returning to the leader. He does not care what he is offering. Nameless Knight corrects him as he is here to purge those who cause disorder. In fact, they have already taken out every last member of his family including his dog. Black Knight A cannot believe his buddy is gone.

Nameless Knight tells him it is because he went against the leader and laughs. Black Knight A says nothing and leaves. Nameless Knight asks where he is going. Is he going to offer his head to the leader? That is quite admirable of him. Black Knight A swears he will never forgive him and suddenly gets cut down. Black Knight Group Leader thanks him for guiding him to his home. He is glad that he followed Black Knight A. Black Knight A calls him a bastard before dying.

Black Knight B along with 3 other knights arrive and note they are too late. Black Knight C tells the leader he is not leaving here and he should prepare himself. Black Knight Group Leader finds this rebellion amusing as they really think they can be his opponent. Black Knight D rally the knights up for a charge. Black Knight Group Leader cuts the three of them down. Black Knight B and D screams in pain and Black Knight C finds him too strong. Black Knight Group Leader wonders who is next.

Black Knight E flees calling him a monster. Black Knight Group Leader cannot believe after all that boasting, he is trying to flee. He calls him a spineless weakling before executing him for it. Nameless Knight laughs and praises his leader. His soul is now completely covered in darkness. He has fully met his expectations. Black Knight Group Leader wonders what his he? Nameless Knight reveals himself to be the Demon King Jester.

He praises Black Knight Group Leader again for his marvelous and excellent skills. Even he felt chills from him. Now he invites the Black Knight to come with him. However, that name no longer suits him so he should be known as Dark Knight. He orders Dark Knight to erase any and all garbage that stands in his way.

The next being, Demon King Jester sought was a powerful being in the forest, Minotauros. This creature was gentle and meant no harm. In order to seduce him into to darkness, the Demon King Jester created illusions of the villagers that the Minotauros helps. The illusions were hostile to Minotauros and brought him into a deep despair.

That was the Demon King Jester's chance and he appeared in front of the creature. He happily greets Minotauros and wonders why he has looks so sad. Minotauros grunts in surprise. Who is this figure? The figure explains that he is the Demon King Jester. He explains that his consciousness was led here by Minotauros's dark despair. He tempts Minotauros to take over this forest given his strength. It is a joke to see Minotauros cry about his situation. Minotauros grunts angrily and tells him to leave now. He has nothing to say to him.

Demon King Jester asks him if he remembers the mistreatment he had to endure and the anger he held. Who will answer for his pain? Minotauros has no response. The Demon King Jester refuses to let Minotauros rot away in a dump like this. He asks Minotauros to join him in his castle and they will accept him. He will have a place where he belongs. Minotauros grunts and asks if he really will be welcome. Demon King Jester guarantees it. He tells him to hurry and fall into darkness.

Due to the accursed Goddesses, he can't appear yet but it will be a little while before his vessel is ready. The Demon King Jester needs Minotauros's help with that. He tells Minotauros he does not need to hesitate. Together, they will take back this world for the denizens of darkness. Minotauros joins the Demon King Jester. He then tells Minotauros for starters, he should tear apart the humans that bullied him. He wants Minotauros to shred them into pieces like the big brute he is. Minotauros says nothing.

The Demon King Jester tells Minotauros he will be relying on him and laughs. The Demon King Jester supposes that Minotauros doesn't really need to destroy the horrible villagers as they were just illusions that he created. Oh well.

The Chosen Ones and the Goddesses arrive in Atlio City Ruins. They purify the barrier and make it to the gate to the Demon World. The Demon King attacks the Chosen Ones. The Goddesses quickly defend them. Demon King Jester finds it interesting that these are the Chosen Ones. He laughs and concludes that Dark Knight and Minotauros have died. He calls them feeble weaklings. Demon King Jester explains his true joy is to destroy and conquer. He asks CPU to allow him to decimate them to the point where there is nothing left to revive.

Demon King Jester begins to glow a dark color. Purple Heart groans and feels this wave of darkness. Green Heart notices her strength fading away. Demon King Jester sarcastically thinks it is strange that they are all to tuckered out before fighting. He asks if they are okay and how they are feeling before laughing. Vert realizes all their stats are dropping lower and lower. At this rate, they won't be able to fight properly. Noire knows this isn't good. They have to do something about his special move and fast!

Demon King is upset Noire would call it a "special move". It isn't something so tacky. It is a curse, a curtain of darkness. Curses are his specialty, after all. Black Heart cannot believe it as curses are dangerous spells that could completely erase its user if not used properly. He is using some powerful magic. White Heart tells CPU they will try to hold it back but in the meantime...

Lean Crystal may be able to stop my curtain of darkness but...

Purple Heart requests that the Chosen Ones hold aloft the Lean Crystal. With its holy light, they can strip away the curtain of darkness that covers the Demon King Jester. Blanc remembers that gimmick item, they got from Bouquet and now is the time to use it. Noire thinks Neptune should take the spotlight as this is a request from Purple Heart. Neptune tells them to leave it to her. She raises the Lean Crystal and it dispels the curse.

Demon King Jester shows his surprise followed by praise. The curse should have been impenetrable so he commends them for being able to break it. However, he asks if they thought he could only use it once. He laughs and recast the curse. White Heart damns his ability ability to cover them with the curtain of darkness like nothing. Neptune says they can just dispel it with the Lean Crystal. She looks for it but the item is gone.

Vert remembers that Bouquet said it would break after one use. She wonders if this is the end and if there is no other way they can win? Minotauros suddenly appears and grunts a warcry before tackling the Demon King. Demon King Jester screams in pain. Uni is surprised to see Minotauros and notes he must have switched sides after the Goddesses purified him. Green Heart realizes her strength is returning. The curtain of the darkness was released when Demon King Jester was knocked of balance.

Neptune is impressed and cheers Minotauros on. Demon King Jester is absolutely livid at the beast's betrayal. He calls him idiot and can't believe that this is happening to him. Minotauros grunts and continues to fight the Demon King. Demon King Jester tells Minotauros he has lost his mind and downs the beast with a fierce lightning bolt. Minotauros grunts as he falls. Neptune is devastated by Minotauros' death.

Demon King Jester pants before breaking into a laugh. This is Minotauros' punishment for doubling crossing him. Ram is saddened by this. She asks where Minotauros has gone and notes how awful this is. Rom sobs for the fact this happened after Minotauros turned good again. Nepgear praises the twins for being so kind to Minotauros despite being afraid of him at first. Neptune jokes that their affection points for the old villain is going up but she admits she is feeling sad about his death.

Noire tells them to save their tears for later. Many NPCs helped them to get to this point and they cannot let it go to waste. Green Heart notices their chance now, not only did the Demon King Jester cast his curse twice, but his battle with Minotauros has weakened him. Purple Heart agrees and the Demon King should no longer be able to activate his curtain of darkness. Black Heart asks Demon King Jester if he is still willing to battle eve now. White Heart declares they will bust his face in and he just has to grin and bear it.

Demon King Jester laughs and notes that all they have done is beat the curtain. They have not won yet. He will crush them to the pits of despair and releases his power. Purple Heart notes that he has gathered a fair bit of power while sealed in the Demon World. Nepgear worries and asks her sister if they can really win this? Maybe they should have spent more time increasing their levels. Neptune assures Nepgear they are fine as they have the Goddesses helping them. It is too early to get fainthearted.

Noire notes Neptune is too blindly positive but worrying won't change anything anyways. Uni agrees and with Noire and Black Heart, they will whittle down the Demon King. Rom grits and prepares to go further in the front lines than usual. Ram will be in the "vanguard" with everyone else as well. Blanc assures her sisters can fight knowing that they won't have to worry about their back. However, it is the final boss though so Blanc hopes it is fine for her to get some punches. Vert asks if they can still rely on Blanc for healing. Vert wishes she could say that this is the moment where she will take the leading role but the finale is supposed to show off everyone.

Demon King Jester laughs and tells them to struggle as he will completely, utterly, savagely crush all their hope and light. Purple Heart tells Demon King Jester to prepare himself. She leads the charge of the Goddesses who follow. Demon King Jester declares that it's show time! After a fierce battle, CPU and the Goddesses are victorious.

Demon King Jester screams as he won't accept this. Purple Heart declares victory. She asks if the Demon King is prepared to meet his fate. Demon King Jester tells her they are just going to shut him out of this world again. He laughs as that means he will be back again and again. Black Heart tells him they will not do it alone this time. They will end him thoroughly so that he will never awaken again. White Heart tells Demon King Jester he will be sleeping with the fishes when she is done with him. Green Heart declares they will purify a great evil such as him. Purple Heart asks the Chosen Ones to lend them their strength as well. With that they purify Demon King Jester who screams as he fades away.

Later, Neptune clears her throat and welcomes the player to the customary "Thank You for Playing" Corner. The Chosen Ones and their friends, Mine, Cheetah and the Goddesses say a few words.

Demon King Jester appears and announces that he's checking in. He is tired from that curse bargain sale. He hopes he can come visit Earth again soon and laughs. The other bosses, Kiria and †Black Cat Princess† then say a few words as well.

After that, Blanc thinks that should be everyone. Vert notes that if they were going to include everyone, they will have to bring out minor characters and the eggplant lady. They would not finish until sunset. Neptune agrees and they are just in time for pudding so she wants to end it here. Neptune concludes the Thank You Corner and tells the player to do their best and take of them from now on.



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  • The villagers that appear in Minotauros' flashback are confirmed illusions created by the Demon King Jester. However the same villagers also appear in Dark Knight's flashback were slain and therefore not illusions. This would imply that the Demon King Jester first tempted the Dark Knight first then Minotauros.



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