This page contains information regarding the Sucky Game combinations in Hyperdevotion Noire: Goddess Black Heart.

Sucky Games

Game Negative Effect Genre Chip (Yellow) System Chip (Blue) Other Chip (Red)
Phantasy Star Universe Physical Defense -30% Lv.5 MO Lv.3 Sci-Fi -
Forty-Eight (Provisonal) EXP -30% Lv.2 Novel Lv.5 Horror Lv.4 Famous Creator
Inner Palace Symbol Critical Rate -25% Lv.1 RPG Lv.5 Seamless Lv.1 Famous Voice
Rogue Galaxy Magic Defense -30% Lv.1 Adventure Lv.2 Hover Movement Lv.2 History
Last Rebellion Null Stat Boosts Lv.1 RPG Lv.4 Just Spam Attack Lv.5 Worldwide
Game of Life SP Damage -25% Lv.1 Party Lv.4 Life  Lv.2 Local
Sengoku Hime SP Cost +25% Lv.4 Simulation Lv.4 Moe Lv.2 History
Pro Golfer Monkey Enemy Critical Rate +25% Lv.2 Golf Lv.4 Anime Lv.4 Based On Original
MAJOR Credit Gained -30% Lv.5 Baseball Lv.4 Anime Lv.4 Based On Original

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