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This page contains information regarding the Sucky Game combinations in Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory.

Sucky Games

Game Negative Effect Genre Chip (Yellow) System Chip (Blue) Other Chip (Red)
Phantasy Star Universe Physical Damage Taken Increase Lv.3 MO Lv.3 Sci-Fi -
Forty-Eight (Provisonal) SP Deduction Every Turn Lv.2 Novel Lv.5 Horror Lv.4 Famous Creator
Inner Palace Symbol Magical Damage Taken Increase Lv.1 RPG Lv.5 Seamless Lv.1 Famous Voice
Rogue Galaxy Taking Critical Hit +LV3 Lv.1 Adventure Lv.2 Hover Moment Lv.2 History
Last Rebellion EXP Down Lv.1 RPG Lv.4 All Attacks Lv.5 Worldwide
Game of Life Stat Debuff Lv.5 Party Lv.4 Life Game Lv.5 Wide Market
Sengoku Hime EXE Attack Damage Reduction Lv.1 Simulation Lv.4 Moe Burnin' Lv.2 History
Pro Golfer Monkey Taking Critical Hit +LV3 Lv.2 Golf Lv.4 Anime Lv.4 True Story, Bro
MAJOR HP Deduction Every Turn Lv.5 Baseball Lv.4 Anime Lv.4 True Story, Bro

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