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This page contains information regarding Sucky Game combinations in Megadimension Neptunia VII.

Sucky Games

Game Added Effect Genre Chip (Yellow) System Character Chip (Blue) Other Chip (Red)
Final Rebellion
(Last Rebellion)
Don't Get Sick Lv. 5 RPG Lv. 4 All Attacks Lv. 4 Worldwide
(Phantasy Star Universe)
Fake Courage Lv. 3 MO Lv. 2 Sci-Fi -
Orc Space Element Barrier (Weak) Lv. 5 RPG Lv. 3 Seamless Lv. 1 Famous Voice
4800 Yen
Element Barrier (Weak) Lv. 5 Novel Lv. 1 Horror Lv. 3 Famous Creator
Your Life is a Game
(Game of Life)
I Don't Need Help! Lv. 2 Party Lv. 4 Life Game Lv. 3 Wide Market
Sengoku Queen
(Sengoku Hime)
Don't Sweat Details Lv. 3 Simulation Lv. 4 Love Lv. 2 Moe Burnin'
Pro Golfing Boar
(Pro Golfer Monkey)
Deal With It Lv. 1 Golf Lv. 5 Anime Lv. 5 That's A Good Look
No Good...
HP Convert Lv. 4 Baseball Lv. 5 Anime Lv. 5 That's A Good Look
Kooku-san Physical Guard Focus Lv. 5 Adventure Lv. 3 History Lv. 3 Hover Movement
Clan of Warriors Heart Over Might Lv. 4 Fighting Lv. 3 History Lv. 1 Character Creation
Lethargy! School Detective Club Endurance Lv. 5 Adventure Lv. 1 School Life Lv. 4 Crazy Difficult
Aim For That Summer Ballpark! Risky Tactics Lv. 4 Baseball Lv. 1 School Life Lv. 3 Port
Together with Hell Cat! Full Power! Lv. 4 Board Games Lv. 5 Animal Lv. 4 Crazy Difficult
Fighting with Cee-lo! Too Fired Up Lv. 4 Board Games Lv. 1 Versus Lv. 5 Low Price
Neighborhood Rumors Prepared To Run Lv. 5 Adventure Lv. 1 Combo Focus Lv. 2 All Luck
Gergalion Rhythm 3rd Full Power! Lv. 3 Rhythm Action Lv. 5 Anime Lv. 5 Mediamix Strategy
Heavy Bullets: A Fan is Stan

(Heavy Fire: Afghanistan)

Hang In There Lv. 5 Shmup Lv. 5 Motion Controller Lv. 3 War
Dom Bomben Eternal
(Duke Nukem Forever)
Too Calm Lv. 1 FPS Lv. 2 Stupid Game Lv. 4 Refer the Internet
Hey! Welcome! 4 Sick Precaution Lv. 3 Simulation Lv. 3 Kinda Pervy Lv. 3 Port

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