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Dogoo Man is one of S-Sha's friends along with Dogoo Lady.


Dogoo Man is an extremely fast counter, as he was able to count 999,999 ran-pigs in a very short period of time.


Dogoo Man has a muscular build. As his name suggests, Dogoo Man's head is literally a Dogoo with masculine eyes, brown eyes and a small brown tail.


Like Dogoo Lady, Dogoo Man is friends with S-Sha. He complies with her orders and goes along with her. Dogoo Man is proud of his body; when Vert returned to Leanbox, he presumed that they came to "look at his neck muscles".


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Megadimension Neptunia VII

Hyper Dimension Neptunia G: The Golden Leaders, Reconstructors of Gamindustri


While Vert is walking around town, Dogoo Man runs into her. After talking about how citizens always stare at Dogoo Man, Vert asks about why S-Sha has no interest in ruling Leanbox. Dogoo Man is unable to explain, as the matter is a politician's scandal. When Vert comments on this, Dogoo Man gets nervous and runs off, briefly mentioning the fact that Vert is a CPU.

After Vert and Nepgear defeat and capture the "Demon King", Dogoo Man arrives to tell S-Sha that the "Demon King" is already dead, and that it was simply an ordinary monster.

When S-Sha takes 1,000,000 ran-pigs to the Golden Summit, Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady accompany her. Dogoo Lady gets concerned about S-Sha, and confirms if she wants to follow through with her plan to use the ran-pigs to make a new body for her soul. When S-Sha asks if they want to continue following her, they both ensure her that they will. The two then begin to corral the ran-pigs into cages.

Once the two finish corralling all of the ran-pigs, S-Sha orders them to stall Vert and Nepgear while S-Sha completes the ritual. After being defeated, they explain how they love E-Sha and S-Sha, and want to live together as a family with them. Vert questions the discovery of E-Sha's corroding body and methods of transferring souls. When Dogoo Lady tells her that Arfoire had come up with the idea, Vert realizes that S-Sha had been tricked.

The four rush up to stop S-Sha from performing the ritual. S-Sha tried to perform the ritual, but it fails to start. S-Sha asks Dogoo Man to count the ran-pigs, to which they find one missing.


When Neptune, IF, and Compa arrive in Leanbox to reunite with Vert, they meet Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady. Dogoo Man assumes that they traveled to see his neck muscles, and invites them to take a look, which frightens Compa. Dogoo Lady tells Dogoo Man that he's coming on too strong, and that they'd rather look at her own body, which frightens Compa further.

Vert arrives with Nepgear and begins to argue with Neptune on who Nepgear's sister is. Dogoo Man breaks up the argument by turning their attention to his deltoids, but Dogoo Lady suggests her waist instead.

Later, when the CPUs leave to defeat AffimaX, Gold Third get worried for their chances of success. S-Sha summons Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady to grab B-Sha's Gold Crystal from the Gold Summit.

Heart Dimension Neptunia H: Trilogy Finale: Into Legend

Dogoo Man, Dogoo Lady and S-Sha hears the news from Nepgear that Vert and the CPUs have been captured. Dogoo Man finds the news even more horrible than having pectoral muscles tendonitis. Nepgear was able to recruit S-Sha into her rescue mission team.

Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady appear where the party is trying to stop Dark Black. Uni is about to activate the Sharing Field with a Share Crystal. Dogoo Man tells her not so fast. Dogoo Man and Dogoo Lady steal the crystal and gives it to E-Sha who activates the Sharing Field.

Steamax, Dogoo Man, Dogoo Lady sneak into the location of where the Swirl Console is being kept. Kurome Ankokuboshi has taken it. Steamax sneaks up while Kurome is listening to Uni's defiant speech and steals the Swirl Console. Kurome is surprised.

Dogoo Man crouches down and approaches Kurome at a blinding speed to deliver a good one punch on her. Kurome screams in pain as she is knocked back. Steamax praises Uni and Dogoo Man for the assistance and announces that the console is safe in his possession. Dogoo Lady says it is expected for the one with the name of "Justice Train", "Dog", "One Punch", "Gooman" to have such a nice punch.

Kurome admits that they got her good and is surprised the first person to hit her was a Dogoo. Dogoo Man says it is no exaggeration that he trained his biceps for this day.

Kurome gets angry and is filled with bloodlust. She wants her console back and tells them they will not be leaving alive. Nepgear says Kurome feels completely different from before. The party gets nervous from feeling her strength. Dogoo Man admits that his pectoral muscles are shaking despite the fact he trained them to his utmost limits. Kurome then screams in pain and wonders why her Negative Energy is suddenly being neutralized. She remembers the feeling and says it must be Share Energy. Kurome wonders where they can get such concentrated Share Energy and wonders if they are using that.

Nepgear says her soul is infused with the Heart Dimension so this must be the work of their sisters. Kurome will not allow her dregs and juniors do this to her and flees.

Revival Ending
Dogoo Man joins all of Gamindustri in the fight against the monster horde. Before he fights them, he heads over to the Planeptune Basilicom so that he could provide an update on the situation to Neptune when Histoire calls her. Dogoo Man reports that his clan is helping out. Dogoo Man has trained his muscles for this. Older Neptune asks if that means there are more Dogoo Man.

Eventually the military force of all of Gamindustri defeat the monster horde and few months have passed. C-Sha, S-Sha and her Dogoo servants are traveling. C-Sha has finished her roast and allows Dogoo Man to try it. He tries it and loves it. He asks S-Sha to try it. She is not interested and wants to focus on the their objective. C-Sha tells her the town where alchemy is popular is one day of traveling away. S-Sha understands and apologizes for asking her to be the guide. Dogoo Lady apologizes to C-Sha on behalf of S-Sha because S-Sha has a tendency to believe shady Feng Shui users. This is why she is moving away from Shinjuuk town to the alchemy town. E-Sha expresses her desire to eat C-Sha's roast. S-Sha tells Dogoo Lady and E-Sha to quiet down. C-Sha remarks that S-Sha has never changed and tells that the Hunter Industry has a lot of down time so it is easy for her to guide her.

Sub Events
The Legend of Gold Third
In Leanbox's Basilicom, Nepgear asks S-Sha more about the Gold Third. S-Sha is not interested. Nepgear tries to reason with her as this is about herself. Dogoo Man helps Nepgear and tells S-Sha she will not lose anything by telling Nepgear. After all, having a generous heart is an ability of a king. S-Sha has no interest in that ability.

However, S-Sha is willing to kill time so she does tell Nepgear the history and reason that the Gold Third was formed.


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