Doomkale is a large green armoured robot with a red hammer, and is first found in the 3* multiplayer mission "Jade Hammer". Defeating him can get you the Doom Parts


Doomkale is a slow, defensive boss, so you will likely be able to rack up a lot of attacks quickly, but he will also output large amounts of damage with his hammer. He will either swing it low, around his body, or slam it into the ground to crush you. He will also try to step on you. Laying an EXE Drive on him is pretty easy, as he doesn't move around a whole lot. Attacking his legs will stun him, so you can get a lot of attacks in. Doomkale is weak to Pierce attacks, so using Prick Patches are helpful


Blanc Neptune vs Doomkale

Blanc Neptune vs Doomkale

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