Atlio City Ruins is a dungeon unlocked after getting the Lean Crystal from Bouquet.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.

Treasure Gathering Points
1) Evil Sword Caliburn [x1] (Neptune's Weapon) Metal Ring
2) Dark Persephone [x1] (Vert's Weapon) Unusual Timber
3) Dark Spear Rune [x1] (Noire's Weapon) Unusual Ore
4) Diabolical Caduceus [x1] (Blanc's Armor) -
5) Bad Witch Staff [x1] (Nepgear's Weapon) -
6) Demon [Tsukuyomi] [x1] (Rom's Weapon) -
7) Abyss Gun Bahamut [x1] (Uni's Weapon) -
8) Yomimaru [x1] (Ram's Weapon) -
9) Fruit of Beginnings [x1] -
10) Potion of Protection [x2] -
11) Source of Life [x1] -
12) Magical Elixir [x1] -
13) Seed of Leanverde [x2] -


  • Demon King Jester is available as a Story Boss after taking the Looking for Peace quest and appears afterwards as a normal boss without quests when you defeat him
  • He only drops items when you are fighting him normally and not in the Looking for Peace quest
  • Otherwise, without the Looking for Peace quest nor defeating him the first time, this dungeon has no boss
  • Demon General Jester appears as a boss after taking the Solitary Demon King quest
  • Extreme Demon King Jester appears as a boss after taking the Origin of Evil quest
Name Drop
Lilac Tyranno Monster Armor, Monster Claw, Cursed Fang, Fruit of Respite
Balecifer Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Cursed Shell, Crystalline Water
Hell Salamander Monster Armor, Monster Claw, Cursed Fang, Fruit of Light
Grimondross Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Cursed Shell, Magical Elixir
Knock Tortoise Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Light Shell
Gremlin Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Sharp Stone Blade
Unicornia Monster Equipment, Monster Fluid, Fruit of Light, Mysterious Horn
Demon's Root Monster Claw, Monster Equipment, Exploding Grass
Poison Fungus Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Poison Spore
Big Metal Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Source of Life, Spongey Membrane
Blue Sun Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Large Bud
Demon King Jester Alph Wild Grass, Hestie Fire Rock, Tetyu Holy Water, Oneiro Demon Book, Fiyar Ore
Demon General Jester Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Curse Jewel Piece, Alph Wild Grass, Hestie Fire Rock, Tetyu Holy Water, Oneiro Demon Book, Fiyar Ore
Extreme Demon King Jester Monster Armor, Monster Fluid, Raw Monster Fluid, Curse Jewel Piece, Alph Wild Grass, Hestie Fire Rock, Tetyu Holy Water, Oneiro Demon Book, Fiyar Ore


CPU arrives in Atlio City Ruins. Neptune quietly tells everyone good morning. She announces that they are now in front of the Demon King's headquarters. Now Neptune raises her voice as she wonders what kind of sleepy face he will have when he wakes. Neptune sees something dark in the distance. It is the barrier and she asks the Goddesses to give it the ol' ding dong ditch. Noire gets angry and tells Neptune they are not ditching this place until the Demon King is defeated.

Purple Heart announces that the four of them will now begin to dismantle the barrier. She asks everyone to lend them their strength. They should focus their hearts towards the Goddesses. The Four Goddesses dismantle the barrier and Vert congratulates them. Purple Heart says all that is left is to defeat the Demon King. They should proceed with caution. Green Heart notes that since the Paramount Pair have fallen. The Demon King must be preparing for their inevitable battle. Black Heart announces that the Demon King will receive a battle. They will come in fighting and they shall be victorious. White Heart asks CPU with their hearts united to go with them to the Demon King. CPU agrees.

In the middle of the dungeon, Nepgear remembers that they have defeated Cheetah so this feels like a hidden boss rather than a final one. Neptune agrees that Cheetah was a tough boss and hopes that the GM did not tone up the boss just to make it harder for them. Noire believes either way the boss won't be easy. Uni would rather fight a strong enemy anyway. She loves a good challenge. Blanc is sure they will see how strong he is soon enough. Rom admits she is starting to get nervous, her hand is shaking. Ram tells Rom it is okay. She is a Samurai so her hand is shaking because of excitement. Vert agrees that it must be excitement she is feeling. They should take on this challenge with courage in their hearts.

At the end of the dungeon, Purple Heart notices from the miasma that this must be the gate to the Demon World. Noire deduces that this gate is similar to the altar that connects to the Divine Realm. Green Heart tells Noire she is correct and the Demon King will appear here in this world. Nepgear deduces that the Goddesses and the Demon King have been battling over Alsgard while both being from another world. Neptune thinks that accessing this world while being from another world is like playing an online game. She finds this interesting.

Suddenly the Demon King attacks CPU. The Goddesses quickly defend them. Demon King Jester finds it interesting that these are the Chosen Ones. He laughs and concludes that Dark Knight and Minotauros have died. He calls them feeble weaklings. Demon King Jester explains his true joy is to destroy and conquer. He asks CPU to allow him to decimate them to the point where there is nothing left to revive.

Demon King Jester begins to glow a dark color. Purple Heart groans and feels this wave of darkness. Green Heart notices her strength fading away. Demon King Jester sarcastically thinks it is strange that they are all to tuckered out before fighting. He asks if they are okay and how they are feeling before laughing. Vert realizes all their stats are dropping lower and lower. At this rate, they won't be able to fight properly. Noire knows this isn't good. They have to do something about his special move and fast!

Demon King is upset Noire would call it a "special move". It isn't something so tacky. It is a curse, a curtain of darkness. Curses are his specialty, after all. Black Heart cannot believe it as curses are dangerous spells that could completely erase its user if not used properly. He is using some powerful magic. White Heart tells CPU they will try to hold it back but in the meantime...

Lean Crystal

Purple Heart requests that the Chosen Ones hold aloft the Lean Crystal. With its holy light, they can strip away the curtain of darkness that covers the Demon King Jester. Blanc remembers that gimmick item, they got from Bouquet and now is the time to use it. Noire thinks Neptune should take the spotlight as this is a request from Purple Heart. Neptune tells them to leave it to her. She raises the Lean Crystal and it dispels the curse.

Demon King Jester shows his surprise followed by praise. The curse should have been impenetrable so he commends them for being able to break it. However, he asks if they thought he could only use it once. He laughs and recast the curse. White Heart damns his ability ability to cover them with the curtain of darkness like nothing. Neptune says they can just dispel it with the Lean Crystal. She looks for it but the item is gone.

Vert remembers that Bouquet said it would break after one use. She wonders if this is the end and if there is no other way they can win? Minotauros suddenly appears and grunts a warcry before tackling the Demon King. Demon King Jester screams in pain. Uni is surprised to see Minotauros and notes he must have switched sides after the Goddesses purified him. Green Heart realizes her strength is returning. The curtain of the darkness was released when Demon King Jester was knocked of balance.

Neptune is impressed and cheers Minotauros on. Demon King Jester is absolutely livid at the beast's betrayal. He calls him idiot and can't believe that this is happening to him. Minotauros grunts and continues to fight the Demon King. Demon King Jester tells Minotauros he has lost his mind and downs the beast with a fierce lightning bolt. Minotauros grunts as he falls. Neptune is devastated by Minotauros' death.

Demon King Jester pants before breaking into a laugh. This is Minotauros' punishment for doubling crossing him. Ram is saddened by this. She asks where Minotauros has gone and notes how awful this is. Rom sobs for the fact this happened after Minotauros turned good again. Nepgear praises the twins for being so kind to Minotauros despite being afraid of him at first. Neptune jokes that their affection points for the old villain is going up but she admits she is feeling sad about his death.

Noire tells them to save their tears for later. Many NPCs helped them to get to this point and they cannot let it go to waste. Green Heart notices their chance now, not only did the Demon King Jester cast his curse twice, but his battle with Minotauros has weakened him. Purple Heart agrees and the Demon King should no longer be able to activate his curtain of darkness. Black Heart asks Demon King Jester if he is still willing to battle eve now. White Heart declares they will bust his face in and he just has to grin and bear it.

Demon King Jester laughs and notes that all they have done is beat the curtain. They have not won yet. He will crush them to the pits of despair and releases his power. Purple Heart notes that he has gathered a fair bit of power while sealed in the Demon World. Nepgear worries and asks her sister if they can really win this? Maybe they should have spent more time increasing their levels. Neptune assures Nepgear they are fine as they have the Goddesses helping them. It is too early to get fainthearted.

Noire notes Neptune is too blindly positive but worrying won't change anything anyways. Uni agrees and with Noire and Black Heart, they will whittle down the Demon King. Rom grits and prepares to go further in the front lines than usual. Ram will be in the "vanguard" with everyone else as well. Blanc assures her sisters can fight knowing that they won't have to worry about their back. However, it is the final boss though so Blanc hopes it is fine for her to get some punches. Vert asks if they can still rely on Blanc for healing. Vert wishes she could say that this is the moment where she will take the leading role but the finale is supposed to show off everyone.

Demon King Jester laughs and tells them to struggle as he will completely, utterly, savagely crush all their hope and light. Purple Heart tells Demon King Jester to prepare himself. She leads the charge of the Goddesses who follow. Demon King Jester declares that it's show time! After a fierce battle, CPU and the Goddesses are victorious.

Demon King Jester screams as he won't accept this. Purple Heart declares victory. She asks if the Demon King is prepared to meet his fate. Demon King Jester tells her they are just going to shut hum out of this world again. He laughs as that means he will be back again and again. Black Heart tells him they will not do it alone this time. They will end him thoroughly so that he will never awaken again. White Heart tells Demon King Jester he will be sleeping with the fishes when she is done with him. Green Heart declares they will purify a great evil such as him.

Purple Heart asks the Chosen Ones to lend them their strength as well. With that they purify Demon King Jester who screams as he fades away. Vert reports that Demon King Jester and his gate is gone. With that, everything is over. Purple Heart thanks the Chosen Ones as it is thanks to their help that they were able to repel this evil. Black Heart declares that they will continue to give this world their protection from now on. When the day comes true danger arrives, they will lend their power. White Heart notes that since CPU went through the effort of dragging them here, she guesses they will destroy the rest of the monsters living in darkness. Green Heart agrees as the Divine Realm is fine for now. They will stay behind in this land a little longer.

Bouquet narrates that thanks to the efforts of the Chosen Ones, the danger to Alsgard was no more. Although, what occurred may only bring temporary peace and that they gained a brief silence from the swords of battle. Even so, everyone now believed that even if time passed and that they themselves returned to Earth and a new danger were to return, the "Chosen Ones" would join hands with the Goddesses to protect this world. For even if there is an end to life, there is no end to bonds, souls and hopes.

After the credits roll for 4 Goddesses Online, Neptune cheers as CPU has cleared the main 4 Goddesses Online Story. Purple Heart agrees that they have done well. On behalf of the 4 Goddesses, she offers their warmest thanks for their assistance. Black Heart thinks if someone is to give thanks on behalf of the 4 CPUs, it should be her. In any case, she thanks CPU. White Heart wonders what the heck are they talking about. If anyone gonna be their representative, it gotta be her. They all did a great job. Green Heart tries to conclude with an encouragement to continue to protect this world together.

Uni feels like this is deja vu. Nepgear laughs and notes that they really feel like the Goddesses were modeled after their sisters. Rom nods and Ram thinks they have to hurry and return to Bouquet to tell her that they defeated the Demon King. Vert agrees and encourages everyone to make their triumphant return.


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