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Chrono Wasteland is unlocked at guild rank 6 after the player figures out who the mastermind is.


The following items can be found in the dungeon. Items in the treasure chest can only be obtained once.

Note 1: The number beside the treasure items on the table indicate the point on the map where they can be obtained.

Treasure Gathering Points
1) Paladin's Plate [x1] (Neptune's Armor) Metal Ring
2) Black Knight's Leather [x1] (Noire's Armor) Unusual Ore
3) Priest's Inner [x1] (Blanc's Armor) Unusual Timber
4) Enchanter's Leotard [x1] (Vert's Armor) -
5) Treasure Conscious (White) [x1] (Uni's Costume) -
6) Fruit of Respite [x2] -
7) Elder Tree Sap [x2] -
8) Fruit of Light [x1] -
9) Alph Wild Grass [x3] -
10) Crystalline Water [x1] -
11) Goddess Drop [x2] -
12) Witch Dress (Light Blue) [x1] (Nepgear's Costume) -
13) Magical Elixir [x1] -
14) Fruit of Beginnings [x1] -


  • Enemies in bold are considered Boss Monsters.
  • Cheetah is available as a Story Boss when first entering the dungeon
  • Minotauros is available as a Story Boss after taking the Warrior of Adversity quest and continuously without a quest, once the player has cleared the main story, which means defeating the Demon King Jester
  • Shutolmate appears after defeating Minotauros in the Warrior of Adversity quest but before the player defeats the Demon King Jester
  • Holy War Minotauros appears when the player takes the Searching for Love quest
  • War God Minotauros appears when the player takes The Wasteland Echoes quest
Name Drop
Baby Treant Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Exploding Grass
Knock Tortoise Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Light Shell
Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Squishy Membrane
Big Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Fruit of Beginnings, Spongey Membrane
Chaos Dino Monster Claw, Monster Armor, Cursed Fang
Ulgadeus Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Crystalline Water, Cursed Shell
Demon's Root Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Exploding Grass
Unigrand Monster Equipment, Monster Fluid, Fruit of Respite, Mysterious Horn
Big Metal Dogoo Monster Fluid, Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Seed of Leanverde, Spongey Membrane
Lilac Tyranno Monster Claw, Monster Hide, Cursed Fang
Balecifer Monster Hide, Raw Monster Fluid, Magical Elixir, Cursed Shell
Unicornia Monster Equipment, Monster Fluid, Fruit of Light, Mysterious Horn
Cheetah -
Shutolmate Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Hard Helmet Fragment, Alph Wild Grass, Fiyar Ore, Hestie Fire Rock, Oneiro Demon Book, Tetyu Holy Water
Minotauros Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Runaway Cow Hoof, Alph Wild Grass, Fiyar Ore, Hestie Fire Rock, Oneiro Demon Book, Tetyu Holy Water
Holy War Minotauros Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Runaway Cow Hoof, Alph Wild Grass, Fiyar Ore, Hestie Fire Rock, Oneiro Demon Book, Tetyu Holy Water
War God Minotauros Monster Armor, Monster Equipment, Raw Monster Fluid, Runaway Cow Hoof, Alph Wild Grass, Fiyar Ore, Hestie Fire Rock, Oneiro Demon Book, Tetyu Holy Water


In Chrono Wasteland, Rom fidgets as this place feels really weird. Uni asks if it is just her or is her screen fritzing out. It is making her screen crawl. Ram tells Uni it is not just her as they experienced this before. Neptune can see it too so that must mean Cheetah is nearby. Nepgear reports that so far, Cheetah has absorbed data from Kiria, †Black Cat Princess†, and various places around this world. Uni adds that he is also out of control. They should assume that he has no exploitable weaknesses.

Later, monsters are heard. Blanc wonders if they are Cheetah's underlings. Noire suggests they knock them out and keep moving. They cannot get held back here. Vert thinks they are the perfect warm up. Rom is determined to beat them with her sword. Ram finds her sister so cool. She will be the best ninja as well. Blanc tells her sisters that they have gotten used to their classes. She tells the twins to go for it as she has their back.

Deeper in the dungeon, Neptune is surprised that the monsters are reviving. Blanc does not think they are invincible but wonders how many do they have to defeat before they disappear. Noire finds this annoying as they don't have time for this. Blood arrives and tells CPU to leave this to the Jet-Black Fallen Angels. Vert is glad to see them. Eve tells CPU that they are the strongest group and they have the best chances of winning the battle against Cheetah. Noire decides to trust the monsters to them. Blood tells them not to worry as the Jet-Black Fallen Angels can handle it. He rallies his group to attack the monsters.

At the end of the dungeon, CPU finds Cheetah. Neptune notes that he seems to be in pain. Cheetah is angry about what happened to Master Mine. Neptune tries to explain that this is all a misunderstanding. The GM caught her and they were the ones who... Neptune notices that Cheetah won't listen. Cheetah will not forgive CPU and announces that they will die along with the rest of the world.

Noire observes that he has powered up. Blanc tells Cheetah to bring it on as they just need to end this already. They should just crush him. Vert agrees as there is no need to think about this any longer. Neptune doesn't care who the enemy is as the Goddesses will always win. She leads CPU to attack Cheetah. Nepgear notices they are not damaging him at all. Uni guesses they could expect that from a cheetah and a cheater. He is both, of course.

Cheetah finds them weak. He thought he would enjoy this a little bit but this is disappointing. Neptune notes that Cheetah really is a cheat class. She wonders how they are going to defeat him. Bouquet arrives and asks if everyone is alright. Vert is surprised to see her. Bouquet explains that she will now assemble the anti-virus data, she received from the GM. She asks CPU to hold back Cheetah in the mean time. Vert agrees and tells Bouquet that they are counting on her.

Neptune leads CPU. She tells them to keep fighting until Bouquet is ready with their secret weapon. Cheetah finds them a disgrace to the warrior's name for relying on an item to defeat him. CPU is able to make Cheetah lose his balance. Noire alerts Bouquet to this. Bouquet has finished assembling and tells Cheetah his rampage is finished. Cheetah screams in pain and wonders what is that light. Bouquet explains that they are both created by Weiss Labs and even if he is altered, they are still related. They share the same weakness. Cheetah figures out what Bouquet and gets angry at her.

Bouquet tells Cheetah it is too late. It is unforgivable for an AI to bring harm to their owner. Cheetah has been bad and as the older sister, it is her responsibility. Bouquet invites Cheetah to go on together and apologizes to Lady Vert for not being able to give her a proper response to their date. Vert tells Bouquet that she is not being fair. Cheetah begs Bouquet to stop this as he still has a mission. Bouquet and Cheetah glow in a white light. Cheetah fades away with his last words being "Master Mine". Vert calls out to Bouquet and wants her to open her eyes.

Bouquet wakes up and calls out to Vert. Vert gets confused. Bouquet notes that she hasn't disappeared yet. GM arrives and is glad she was just in time. She applied a patch to Bouquet just now. Vert thinks it is not okay as she was so worried. Bouquet assures Vert that she is fine but tired. Neptune thinks that is reasonable and leads everyone back to Wishuel.

After CPU accepts the quest to defeat Minotauros, they head over to Chrono Wasteland. Neptune remembers this place and guesses they got a sneak peak at the story dungeon. Purple Heart tells CPU that one of the Paramount Pair should be waiting for their arrival. Black Heart assures that the Goddesses will be with them. They will destroy the Paramount Pair together. Noire really thinks Black Heart sounds just like her. She is glad she is reliable.

At the end of the dungeon, CPU has found one of the Paramount Pair. Green Heart tells him to awaken so he may meet his fate. The monster awakens with a roar. Blanc finally gets to see one of the Paramount Pair. Judging by his appearance, she believes this is Minotauros. Vert thinks his appearance is terrifying. Neptune is not scared. She thinks he is probably one of those meat-head characters who are all brawn but no brains. Noire agrees and will attack him with her spear. Ram will blow him with fire using ninjitsu. Rom shwings her sword and shyly joins in the taunts.

Minotauros roars again. This shocks CPU. Purple Heart detects that Minotauros seems to be afraid of humans. She senses a powerful sadness. Black Heart believes the power of darkness must have manipulated whatever negative emotions he harbored inside. White Heart tells the Goddesses not to hold back now and purify the hell out of him. CPU is able to defeat Minotauros.

Green Heart tells Minotauros this is not the place he belongs and asks him to return back to the light. Minotauros roars softly as he fades into the light. Blanc sees that Minotauros' evil aura has been purified. The power of the Demon King has disappeared. White Heart explains that even if Minotauros is a monster, he wasn't originally the type to threaten other creatures. Nepgear notes that there is only one obstacle left until they can take down the barrier. Vert laughs as the Demon King must be shivering in his throne at this very moment. Neptune is sure the Demon King knows that they are not the kind that would lose at this point. Neptune wants to head to where the other enemy captain is.